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Post Anonymously in Forums 1.2.1


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This plugin allows your members to post their forum posts and topics as an anonymous user. Meaning the post will not be posted under their regular user account they are logged in with.

You will be able to check the true identity behind posts in the Moderator Control Panel. Posts posted will have a generated identifier code in them, to be able to tell multiple members posting anonymously within the same discussion apart for regular members. Please read further information on this in the setting descriptions.

This is developed and used with the thought of letting members be able to share or ask about sensitive / personal topics in specific forums. The users will not need to be logged out to ask as a guest and you will not have to enable guest posting.

If "Notify me of new replies" is checked when the member reply anonymously to the topic, and they don't already follow the topic, then the follow preference will be set as following the topic anonymously.

This plugin is only made for the Forums-application. There are no immediate plans to make it work for other applications.


  • Can post anonymously (Groups)
  • Can post anonymously in (Forums)
  • Posts appear as posted by (Blank for guest with identifer code as guest name or member account)
  • Can check original author (Groups)
  • Generate md5-hash from (Multiple select: Topic ID, Forum ID, Member ID of original author, Email of original author, Joined time of original author, Unique Board Anonymous Key, Community Install Date)
  • Unique board anonymous key
  • Log to the moderator log whenever someone checks the real user behind a post (Yes/No)
  • Force anonymous posting in (Forums)
  • Groups that are not forced (Groups)
  • Turn off 'Post Before Register' in forums where anonymous posting is enforced (Yes/No)
  • Delete original author link after (number of days or never)


What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


1.2.1 - Only for Invision Community version 4.4 and later

  • New Behaviour: "Mark As Spammer" will now also hide/delete posts posted anonymously, if applicable. 
    This depends on your settings on the "Mark As Spammer"-tab in the Spam Prevention section of your Admin Control Panel.
    • New Setting: "Hide/delete their anonymous posts when member is marked as spammer" - (Default is ON)
      Please note: Changing the setting will not affect already queued background tasks to hide/delete a member content. 
  • New Behaviour: Anonymous posting will now count towards the members limit of posts per day and the flood control
    For example: If the Flood Control setting is set to 10 seconds, then a single member can't post a second post before it's been 10 seconds since their previous post. Previously the time value was not updated for the real author when they posted anonymously, meaning they could circumvent this flood control. This new behavior fixes this issue.
    • New setting: "Count anonymous posts against the real authors group settings for flood and posts per day control" - (Default is ON)
  • Fixed issue with the "All"-checkbox not working for the setting "Who can post anonymously"
  • Installing the plugin will now generate a value for the setting "Unique board anonymous key" (Not done on upgrade)
  • Removed hook on \IPS\Http\Url\Friendly, it was no longer needed after moving the function to check who posted anonymously
  • Removed some previous versions. The upgrade files for these versions didn't do anything and was therefor a waste of space.
  • Removed form field for post id on the "Check original author"-page

Support topichttps://community.invisionpower.com/topic/423461-post-anonymously-in-forums/

Please note: I do not provide immediate/critical support, but any question or issue can be expected to receive a reply within two weeks, but usually no more than 48 hours. 

If the plugin causes any breaking issues for you, then please disable or uninstall the plugin, until further assistance can be given. 


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One of the most popular plugins on our board for a long time. Glad to see it with 4.X.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Nice plugin that I was waiting for. It gives your users/staff more privacy and prevents your forum of being turned into a hugbox where nobody dares to disagree in fear of having their reputation ruined. And if someone abuses this feature you as the owner can check who said it. 

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Great Add-on. Works smooth and did boost posting on my forum.

Thank you for this.

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James W


Thanks again for updating this *extremely useful* plugin. We've been avid users of it since it's inception and will continue to be; it's imperative that this feature is available to us. We've gotten to the point where we won't update our board without ensuring this is updated along with it! 🙂

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This plugin is a favorite for my users! But can you make it so that Anonymous can be activated by default for each post, instead of de-activated by default? This is my only wish!

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