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Featured Content Pro 1.2.1

$15.00 · Renewal Term: $7.00/6 months

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Beautiful responsive Sliders or Gridview for IPS

  • Fully responsive - will adapt to any device.
  • Flexible customization for sliders: horizontal/vertical random mode, autoplay, speed, duration, button,...
  • Gridview *New*
  • Auto gets contents from IPS applications: Pages, Forums, Gallery, Downloads, Clubs.
  • Auto gets contents from Videobox.
  • Auto gets contents from RSS URL.
  • Add custom contents manually, easy manage them, drag & drop to sort the contents, click to edit the title, upload image, link,
  • Auto creates and saves cache for thumbnails.
  • Support widgets, easy to drag and place them to your site.
  • Lazyload (IPS 4.4+) *New*
  • Viewing content in a popup (supports Forums, Downloads, Pages, Videobox) *New*

Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com/featuredcontent.html/

If you need more features for professional sliders, take a look Slider Maker


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What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog



  • Errors on PHP 8.
  • Can not manage custom sliders.

Support: via Private Message

Settings: Admin CP -> Customization -> Featured Content > Settings

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This app along with a few others i have from @onlyME works perfectly, support questions are answered very quickly.👍

Apps from this dev will not disappoint.😁

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One of the best support there is. Almost instant response.
Good product and usefull, very comfortable to work with.
@onlyME is a really good developer, his support is excellent.

Today contacted him and he already found a bug and fixed it. in just an hour of contacting him.

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****** I just gave this guy a 6, but he even deserves more, why becasue he is a prime example how do you run your support. Sometimes I feel sorry for him as he is well known guy but he never refuse to help, no matter how much you f*** up, like I did few times. He would always jump in and fix things and for that I am forever loyal customer and supporter. I just wish I have more $ so I can simply give it to him. 

But not only his support is great, his plugins are pure awesomnes especially in conbination. Amazing fella, amaizing creator and I wish all the best to him in future. RESPECT

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Great plugin, but have some problems with sorting. When i change slides order at Customisation page using drag n drop, plugin doesn't show the latest slides in the slider.

And yes, i tried different settings in admin cp.

Regards, Maks

Response from the author:

I can not reproduce this problem. Please pm me and give me some screenshots.

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Very happy with this plug-in and my users like it too.

I would like to see an option to have the pictures maintain their aspect ratio. 

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Urban Legend


I would like to share my expreience with @onlyME. I purchased this application after playing with the demo for a day while at the same time corresponding through PM's. After I purchased it, I had some configuration issues with my server that onlyMe was happy to help with. A few PM's later and I am up and running. Not only is the support for this app excellent, but the app itself has so much flexability and customization that it should cost way more. And I for one would be happy to pay it. If you are thinking about purchasing the Featured Content app, do it. You will be glad you did.

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Very glad of this plugin / app which easily allows to create sliders.

Before purchasing Featured Content, I worked on an specific homepage with a custom slider (bootstrap) but it forced me to edit its code. With FC, I can create a new slider and add it on a page featuring a database and keeping it on specific pages (for instance, the slider will appear on the "homepage" and not on categories and articles).

Also, I prefered to show one single slide at a time so I set it this way very easily and create my slides consequently. Moreover, you can upload them by FTP and keep them in a specific folder - which is useful if you use generic slides from time to times - or directly upload them from front end without any FTP access. This is very useful for me : before, I used a custom slider with HTML and so you add to modify a specific block or file and upload the images by FTP... so you needed admin and FTP access. Now, I can let more people create slides without compromising about security.

The only improvements I could see:

  • Maybe add a crop fonction for mobile (in my case, showing one panoramic slide will make it very thin on mobile)... But FC is designed to show several slides (which solves this issue on mobile).
  • I missed play/pause fonctions... and it appeared in the new version. It is just sad that it cannot be implemented over the slides and just show Play or Pause - not both as actually. Also, I would add a "timer" around the pause button or at its left - giving an impression of showing time remaining. (I used Orbit Slider a few years back and I loved this feature.)
  • Since I'm talking about personnalisation, I would love to have more flexibility within captions => center/middle ? titles ? Currently, I do it as I want with Photoshop and keep actual captions to add a bit of text.
  • Since Play/Pause could be in the corner (top right) of the slides, I may add an option to show pagination on the slides. For instance, we could image a kind of "tab" using the background color of the page or any desired with/without transparency and choose its position.

That being said, FC is an awesome plugin and allows me to very simply manage beautiful sliders where needed : on the homepage (big news, contests...) and at our tutorials' root (new ones, informations...). It's efficient and classy ! :-)

I would totally recommand this plugin and thank its maker for his great work !!!

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Love this on my website.  It's very easy to use, and extremely flexible.  Excellent!!!

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I love the options and flexibility that this holds, its a must have add if you like displaying content in this manner.

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This application is exactly what I was after! 

Previously I had been using a javascript/jquery slider which was tedious to add new content to as I would have to login to the FTP and manually edit code each time. This App gives all users the ability to add content (if permissions are granted in AdminCP) regardless of their skill level. Everything is integrated seamlessly within AdminCP and even has functionality for users to add content if they do not have AdminCP access.

Also @onlyME is a fantastic developer and responds within minutes of any quesions I have, and is more than willing to login to AdminCP on my website to diagnose any issues.

Definitely purchase this if you are looking for increasing content in a functional and fool-proof way!

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Absolutely Fantastic!

I love this mod, creator has been a major help. Very friendly and patient, answered all my questions and offered support. Very very quick responses!

Thank you very much!

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Top rating to @onlyME  for this application. After using this featured content in 6 month I must say I can´t live without It. And the support is one of the best and fastest here at Marketplace. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Rob Pearson

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Amazing product, 10/10 support. Really please with this product and would fully recommend this to those who want a easy to use slider.

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is the best of the best developers here. Really top star support service and great programming skills. onlyme goes beyond any expectations to make sure help is provided when needed. Lightning fast replies.

This mod is super flexible, and fast. It will allow you to greatly expand what gets featured on your site. This is money very well spent, you will not be let down. I consider this a must have plugin and certainly one of the best in the marketplace.

Great mod, Great developer... stop waiting. BUY THIS !!

Thank you!!

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Спасибо большое за обновление!



Thank you very much for the update!


Moderator Edit (AndyF) , translation added

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This is exactly what our community was missing. I was originally worried that it might be a pain to manage but it turned out to be a breeze. The author is really helpful and is quick to answer any support queries you might have. Highly recommended! 

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