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[HQ4] Badges 4.1.0


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------   READY FOR IPB 4.5 ------

This application will allow admin to setup a badge for any user in topic view with a large customization options.

  • Admin can set up Application on/off.
  • Admin can set up which groups or which members have a Badge in topic view (secondary group support!).
  • Admin can set up which forums show the single badge
  • Badge "Link To" feature 
  • Custom Style (you can "move" your badge anywhere in the topic view) 
  • This app now support CSS BADGES
  • responsive badges placement 

Staff Badges are tested on:

  • default IPB4.1 skin
  • default IPB4.2 skin 
  • default IPB4.3 skin 
  • default IPB4.4 skin 
  • default IPB4.5 skin 

for custom skin I provide a full support for free!!!

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What's New in Version 3.1.2   See changelog


Fixed RC4 compatibility

Support topic / PM



User Feedback

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Richard Davey

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Despite some negative reviews I risked it, and bought and installed Badges 3.3.3. I created 5 badges in Photoshop, using the provided PSD template, uploaded them to the admin area, and assigned them to over 100 members. As far as I can tell, it has all worked great so far.


  • PSD template is easy to use and edit (I guess also a Con if you don't own Photoshop)
  • Seems to just work. Badges appear for the right users, in the right place.
  • Admin set-up is easy to use and logical.


  • Bug: You cannot edit the badge of an existing Member (pressing 'Save' makes no difference), and once returned to the Member list all of their edit icons are screwed up. You end-up having to delete the user, and re-add them.
  • Bug: Deleting a user hangs on a 'Loading' spinner. They are actually deleted, but you need to refresh to see the change.
  • There is no way to mass assign badges to members. I had over 100 to add, and I had to do them one by one, manually. A real pain.
  • Badges don't appear anywhere in the User Profile, only on posts. Which is a shame.
  • No way to automatically assign badges to Members, only to Groups (using Group rules)

So on the whole 4/5 stars, because it definitely works, and is exactly what I wanted. It just needs fixing-up in a few places.

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Added this a little bit ago, seems to work well on 4.3.6

Looks good and I like the ability to just change the color and text on the default badge.

Even though it is built to work on IPS theme (as is most everything in the marketplace), I am using Gradient by @TAMAN and badge works just fine with it


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Brainy S.

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These really look sheik, the old IPBoard 3.x I used had these badges, but were so flat and these are just so much nicer, and 3D textured looking, and the end result was just stunning. Used on 4.3.4 and on a non-default theme and it was beautiful. The configuration interface is nice as well. I have to give it 4 stars (for now) instead of 5 though. Why?

I can see literally no excuse why more badge graphics files were not included. What you get is ONE badge file graphic as a 100x100 PSD file with a transparent background with the red badge that says "STAFF". Not even a blank as well?

How about adding the following: a blank (red), a blank (blue) and red ones for Moderator, Admin, Owner, and VIP. Having to take the 100x100 picture, rotate it -45 degrees, spend time airbushing out the "STAFF" notation to finally make my own "blank" which should have been included... then typing in my own text then rotating it back +45 degrees...seems annoying. Fortunately with PhotoShop  or gimp that's no big deal, but you'll need something along those lines...and then saving the copy as a PNG so IPBoard would actually use it feels like I am doing work that should have been included for free. Regardless, I still love it.

Response from the author:

Thanks for the 4stars.

The only included psd file is intended to give an input to user on how to create his own file.
Too many needs and different themes to create files that suits everyone.

Among other things, the trend of this app is to use more and more the CSS badge version to the detriment of the PNG/JPG image version.

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Really great I'm loving this.  Its very easy with the CSS badges ... all I had to do was choose a colour and give it a name assigned to either a group or a member.


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Gabe Powless

   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Great Application! Developer is easy to approach and provides personal support as well advice to noobs like me!!

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Has anyone had any luck with getting this to work with the most current version of IPB?  4.3.4

Response from the author:

Instead rating my app 1 star why you not try to ask for support?

Badge works without issue in 4.3.x.

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James W


Author fixed any issues I ran into. While it may not have been quick (he didn't see my PM) he was able to fix it the moment he read my PM. Wonderful APP, I use it on my forum to distinguish my administrative team from other posts, and it just looks absolutely awesome. 

Thanks for the cool app.

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Am running suite and installed version 3.3.2 and not working .. (Badge not showing in forums) 
Tried image and css .... i downgraded to 3.3.0 and now its working . so something not work proper on 3.3.2

This is a great app , used it before on 3.4. Just wanted you to know ...

Cheers ^_^.   

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very good addon although there's sadly a badges limit when assigning the badges to groups/members i have 10 and it wont let me go past that shame it can't be unlimited for big communites  or businesses  other then that i recommended this addon to anyone who's looking for a good badge addon it's certainly worth its money as its impressive  

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mac Spaulding


works good but only lets me do two max for for members, i have 3 owners and wont let me do a custon one for the 3rd owner so he is with a group staff. if i do a group for owners it takes away the custom badge for the other two owners. i have sent a support email and asked question how to fix but no answer back yet. i dont think its worth 10.00 if you cant offer support

Response from the author:

This is something related to early version of this app, now you can assign how many members / groups, no limit.

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This is a great product, it looks nice, and seamlessly fits in the site with the new install, thanks guys! One suggestion though, allow the badge to not go dark when someone is not moussing on the post, it should stay lit up


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