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Group Collaboration - FULL 1.4.9

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Group Collaboration

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A perfect solution for gaming clans, development teams, social groups, client collaboration projects, school clubs, faith groups, or any other type of application where you want to delegate specific features of your IPS Community Suite to individual groups in a controlled manner.

gc-logo-blank-medium.pngWith group collaboration, members of your community are able to form their own groups, ranks, memberships and micro communities within the fold of your whole community.

Any group can collaborate to create, maintain, and manage its own content based on what you allow as the site administrator. Out of the box, you can allow groups to manage their own forums, galleries, calendars, blogs, downloads, databases, and more. You control all the permissions and limits.

Features Overview

  • Create any number of categories and subcategories for groups to operate in, and set permissions and limits for groups on a per category basis.
  • Move groups in and out of different categories at any time.
  • Customize what groups are called on a per category basis.
  • Set permissions for each category to determine which content types the group can use, how much they can use, what moderation permissions they are allowed within their group, who can view, create, and join groups in the category and more.
  • Group leaders can create their own roles within the group, assign any of the permissions they’ve been allowed to those roles, and assign roles to other group members.
  • Group leaders can set permissions on the content within their group based on the roles that they have created. All permissions for the content type are available.
  • Group leaders can decide how they want to manage memberships to their group. Groups can be set to automatically accept new members, queue members for approval, be invitation only, or closed altogether.
  • You can configure how many members a group can have total on a per category basis.
  • You can configure how many groups an individual member can create or be a member in on a per category basis.
  • You can configure how many groups members can own and be a part of on a sitewide level on a per member group basis.
  • Group members have their own member titles, ranks, and post counts within each group which can be customized by group leaders.
  • You can decide if post counts are added to the whole site post count or kept separate for the group on a per category basis.
  • You can create “group models” in each category which act as a base layout and content structure for new groups.
  • Group models can be used automatically, or you can give new group owners the choice as to which model they want to use.

Features Added in 1.1

  • Added built in import utility for rsyvarth social groups 2.x
  • Content feeds (widgets, etc) on collab pages will now only show content from that collab
  • Content feeds on non-collab pages will only show non-collab content and content the user has access to see in collabs
  • Added new private listing mode for collab categories
  • Added ability to move/copy non-collab content into collabs
  • Added ability to extract content from collabs into main site
  • Added featured/latest collabs widgets
  • Added autofill of member name when inviting to collab
  • Added support for disabling "view other members topics" inside collabs
  • Collab title in the group header now links to the collab homepage
  • Collabs now inherit join mode of models
  • Collabs now inherit default member title of models
  • Collab stats can be added to collab header via Automation Rules
  • Added collab menu manager
  • Collabs and collab categories can now be shown on forums index
  • New widget to show collabs for the currently logged in member

Features Added in 1.2

  • Performance options are now available for unread content calculation inside of collaborations
  • Events can now be created in collabs directly from the calendar
  • Import from social groups has improved accuracy


Group Collaboration Expansions


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What's New in Version 1.4.9   See changelog



  • Fixed incompatibility with guest post registration on IPS 4.4+

For IPS versions lower than 4.3, use Group Collaboration 1.4.4



For technical support with the product, use the support link.


User Feedback

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This product is simply outstanding. It truly offers a "community inside a community" experience. The amount of control it gives and features it offers are just too many to outline. Just so you know: each collab has its own roles and permissions system!...

It is great... however DO NOT buy it. Unfortunately the author is no longer offering support, and the app will not be updated. It "may" get updated by a third-party developer; or you can get "your hands dirty" in trying to make it work for the latest version (which is fairly easy to do). But do not expect much from it.

It's quite sad, but this is how it is. Maybe someone in the future will see this app and try to replicate it, or who knows, maybe even IPB can take some ideas from Collab and apply them to Clubs. But for now: RIP Group Collabs.

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Ryan Thomas

   15 of 16 members found this review helpful 15 / 16 members

Why is this not an official app for IP Suite 4.0?   This is an incredible addition to my website and the moment I installed it, my community was jumping up and down for joy!  I have yet to find one bug on this new app and Kevin (the programmer behind this masterpiece) is very easy to get in touch with.  5/5 hands down!  Great work!

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· Edited by MysticStyle

   10 of 11 members found this review helpful 10 / 11 members

Support is awful. I've sent him a message on April 24 regarding an issue with the plugin, he saw it, didn't bother to respond, he could say I won't help you and I would be fine with it, outright ignoring is not fun for anyone. Adding late updates and a very high price. You judge for yourself if it's worth buying or not. Since 0 stars is not possible, I've given him 1. And that's as high as he will get.


Go to his "support" website. look how long it takes him to reply, it's a joke right? And then look at the price you are paying for updates and support. A backup for your site is a must if you want to use this "app"

Response from the author:

Support is handled via the support forum at https://ipsguru.net/collab/support

Please request support there. Thanks.

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Wayne B

   13 of 15 members found this review helpful 13 / 15 members

I have now deployed this application to my live community and we are just carrying out the final checks to ensure everything is just as we want it. In terms of a review I am completely lost as to where to start. This application is so comprehensive and customisable. It effectively gives you as many new forum suite's as you want. It truly is fantastic. The depth of this is mind blowing and it is so configurable. This is by far one of the most powerful applications for IPS4 and worth every penny.

As with any application many people will want different things from it and essentially I think you must remember what the application is there to do, that is build collaborations within your overall community. This is catered for perfectly, in fact it's exceptional.

Of course for me the key thing with any application is support and that really is where @Kevin Carwile absolutely excels himself. To date I have approached him with a significant number of feature requests to enhance this application and make it even more flexible than it already was. He has implemented EVERY single request and in record time. The release rate of the developments is unbelievable and when you link this application with his Rules application the power of this really starts to come to life. When I have been stuck with anything he has helped out and even provided me with rules that will do what I want to achieve within collaborations.

WOW just WOW and I have nothing but praise to offer Kevin. A truly talented developer with a keen focus on customer service and exceptional support.

Thank You

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   7 of 9 members found this review helpful 7 / 9 members

After testing Collabs for a couple of days, I am really impressed with the breadth and scope of this app.  Mind you, I'm still testing and figuring out what I can and can't do (specifically with reference to the relation between the Collab and the main site with the various apps).  But once you get your Collabs (or Domains in my case) up and running, you can really get a sense of what you can do in terms of the granular permissions available for each domain.  Sure, there are things I'd like to see which aren't there, and a few minor cosmetic issues, but that's why there are updates.  Reading the support section, it's great to see someone so open to feedback from his clients as well.

I was going to give Collabs 4 stars for one reason: the lack of documentation.  This is an app that could really benefit from some clear, straightforward documentation, even if it's just to explain the concepts behind it, e.g., the relationship of container categories to other containers and domains, the process of extracting content back to the main site, etc (especially where Pages is concerned).  However, what bumped it back up to 5 stars was @Kevin Carwile's unflinching dedication to answering the questions his clients ask of him.  Truly impressive, especially with a n00b like me who has lots of questions which likely have already been dealt with!

There are a lot of larger companies and corporations which could seriously take a page from Kevin's book re:  the dedication to customer support and knowledge in the replies I get.  I'm happy to support this product as Invision moves into 4.2 and beyond!

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· Edited by wohali

   7 of 9 members found this review helpful 7 / 9 members

We were a Social Groups user in IPB 3.4.x. This app is a massive rework of the concept, is implemented in a more more stable fashion, and provides better control than Social Groups ever did.

For our gaming community, we leverage Collaborations to give autonomy of board subsections to different community members who lead activities in different games. This gives us as administrators peace of mind -- users do not have ACP access, but still can create all the forum boards, pages, database entries that they want. They can further delegate that authority to people within their own collaborations, and can set a custom photo that helps build brand identity for their unique activities.

The app does have a bit of a learning curve. You need to know that collab categories, set up in the ACP, determine the base permissions for collabs within them. There is also the ability to designate one or more created collabs as a "model," which will be cloned (partially or fully, merging with others if more than one collab is selected) when setting up new collabs within that category. Finally, there are moderator permissions to allow site Admins the ability to edit any collab without actually having to be an admin in that collab, which is just how we like our permission definitions (global admins should be able to do everything!)

We are thrilled to use this application on our website, and look forward to launching the 4.x version very shortly. We've used Kevin's built-in support for migrating from Social Groups and it worked very well, with only a few minor permission changes required to match our old configuration.

As others have mentioned, I've received excellent support from @Kevin Carwile, both on the support topic and via PM. He added one feature we desperately wanted to see, that of displaying collab forum boards on the main forum index as well as within the collab section. And he remains open to improving the application in other ways.

I liked the application so much, I developed an add-on for it that displays per-collab badges on forum posts/replies. Check it out!

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   7 of 9 members found this review helpful 7 / 9 members

An exceptional application. Great support. What else is there to say?

The depth, and scale of this application far surpasses of that of what any competitor could do - and in doing so it delivers an exceptionally stable product, in the Release Preview stages of IPB4. With that, the integration with the other IPS products: Pages, Calendar, etc. really provides a great number of features and customisation I can provide to my community, whilst it still being under Admin control, and without having to provide odd permissions, as I would have to in IPB3.

Well worth the cost in my honest opinion.

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   4 of 6 members found this review helpful 4 / 6 members

The first thing I want to compliment is the wonderful support that this app gets. Kevin responds quickly to any issue and if it is something important, gets a updated release out immediately.  There has been a nice flow of updates and the app just works wonderful.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  We only have a few groups right now, but the members are liking that the groups add to the site and do not distract what is going on in the main forum.  It is a great compliment to the system.  I highly recommend this app and it is worth every penny.  :thumbsup:

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Adam S

   4 of 6 members found this review helpful 4 / 6 members

This app is what my community has been needing, it's a must have app.

Support is great, only found 1 bug, once I contacted the developer about it, it was fixed shortly after (w00t)

Keep up the great work! Thank you!

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

This app is absolutely amazing! A flawless install without a single hitch, and it is up an running within 5 minutes.  This is exactly what I'm in need of for my gaming community, and I couldn't be happier!  I having nothing but admiration for Kevin and his ability to create such a wonderful application, and I'm still floored by how easy it was to install.

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Ocean West

   5 of 8 members found this review helpful 5 / 8 members

Pulled the trigger - your first patron :)  

It will be a few weeks before I can deploy. I am confident in the quality of workmanship and customer service and want to support great talent!

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Michael Leahy_511557

   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members

Awesome add-on so far. Just getting my community's group leaders to set up their own groups on our site. But so far, I'm really loving this app. It's like building fully functioning communities within our larger community.

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   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members

Finally a well implemented group tool from a dedicated dev.
My community will go nuts, once we can move away from the old addon.


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Elision Magazine

   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

Absolutely perfect, the only thing missing is a rosters bracket section within the collabs. This would attract be the 5star addition.

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Love the app! And the absolute awesome Kevin behind it. Thank you so much for your support!

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

It's an amazing app, you can customize the app as you like and it has a lot of things you can do it. Thanks for that

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