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(NE) Box of Tricks 1.4.0

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With the recent announcement of plugins being deprecated in Invision Community v5, plugins must be converted to applications in the 4.x code line otherwise settings/data of plugins will be lost when the v5 upgrade is performed. As such, I've taken the decision to merge some free plugins into a single application, as building an application for each of them might be a bit overkill as some of them are "simple"

It's like Kitchen Sink, but it's my Box of Tricks

Which plugins have been moved over this application?

Please see the "Additional information" tab for more details of what each of the above provides.

What will happen when this application is installed, but I don't have any of the above installed?

You'll have an application with all the above features disabled by default, and you can turn them on/off individually if you wish.

What will happen when this application is installed, but I have one (or more) of those plugins already installed?

  • If there are any settings in the plugin version, then they will be migrated to the application.
  • If the plugin is enabled, then the functionality will be automatically enabled.
  • If the plugin is disabled, then the functionality will remain off by default.
  • The plugin version will then be uninstalled via the background tasks queue.

Will any other free plugins be added?

At this time, I believe I have now run out of previous freebies that I created - if I see something posted on here that is quick and easy to create then it may end up in this resource.

Edited by Nathan Explosion
Add v1.4.0 stuff

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog



  • Added this and named it "Main site elsewhere" effect on header


  • a little grouping juggle of the display of the 'Available tricks' tab in settings

Support topic


Available features include:

Click to view password

Adds an 'eye' to the password field in certain areas, allowing the user to click it to view the password which they have typed in.

Areas covered are:

Unread icon for forum categories

Displays an unread icon alongside a category title if the category is collapsed and there are unread items in the forums within that category.

I can haz profile photo, not hamburger

A simple hook which implements the theme template edit I suggested here.

USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS reminder (available to self-hosted installs only)

  1. Are you somebody who makes use of the USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS constant?
  2. Do you sometimes forget that you have it enabled on a DEV or TEST installation, or even your PRODUCTION/LIVE site?
  3. Would you like a little reminder that it is enabled, to avoid accidentally updating to an ALPHA or BETA version of the IPS Community Suite?
  4. Well, here you go...a reminder displayed on the 'Support' page

Override 'All Activity' as default stream

When visiting /discover on your site, the stream displayed is always "All Activity". Using this functionality, you can set any other stream as the default one displayed.

Manage 'Create New Stream' permissions

All members with access to view activity streams will have access to create new streams of their own choosing - with this functionality you can enable/disable this on a per-group basis

Language usage counter

Simple - in the Languages listing in the ACP, adds an indicator showing how many users are using a specific language.

Order database in "Create" menu

By default, the "Create" menu will display Pages database entries based on the ascending order of the database ID. This functionality will allow you to drag/drop the order of those entries. 

See here for background.

Member deletion content default

By default, when you delete a member a dialog asks what you wish to do with their content. That defaults to 'Delete' - this allows you to change that default.

Change 'Code' default language

Allows you to change the default language displayed when someone creates a code box in the Editor (it defaults to HTML)

Change 'Code' default language

Allows you to change the default language displayed when someone creates a code box in the Editor (it defaults to HTML)

(NE) Hide advertisements from search engines

Simple - enable this and ads will be hidden when a search engine 'views' the site. Please refer to this article to understand the potential implications of enabling this setting.

(NE) Additional Pages media types

On the ACP -> Pages -> Media page, it allows you to add additional file types to the safe list provided by Invision when you wish to upload files.

(NE) Remove 'Newsletter' from notification settings

Simple - removes 'Newsletter' as an option when viewing notification settings.

"Main site elsewhere" effect on header

A little hook that will change the anchor in the site logo/title to point to the URL you may have chosen to use in an Invision setting called "Mail site elsewhere"



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