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(NE) Translate 1.4.1

$50 · Renewal Term: $20/year

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A launch price of $25 ($10 yearly renewal) is in effect, which is 50% off the price of the planned price of the application. This special price offer will end on 31st January 2022, at which point the price will revert to $50 ($20 yearly renewal)

  1. Here's what it does do...
    • Shows a 'Translate' link/menu below the content in Forum/Calendar/Pages* (support for other applications may be added depending on popularity of this application)
      • * "Pages" will require a manual action by the admin to add something to the 'Display' template(s) for their database.
    • Uses Google's Cloud Translation REST API (Basic) or DeepL's Translator API (before purchasing this application, please ensure that you are aware that there are potential further costs involved in the use of these APIs - https://cloud.google.com/translate/pricing & https://www.deepl.com/pro/change-plan?cta=header-prices/#developer are the specific links to refer to on this)
    • You, the Admin, can choose from the list of the API's supported languages and make those available to the user for use (would be a good idea - Google supports approximately 100 target languages while DeepL currently supports 28 target languages
      • If you choose to display one language for use, then a single link is available to the user
      • But if you choose more than one language then a menu will appear listing the configured available languages.
    • You can also choose who can see the translate option.
    • When a language is selected, the content will be sent to the configured API using REST, translated and returned.
    • The returned translation will be processed and the content will be replaced.
      • Additionally, each translation is stored in the database so that further translation requests for the same content are pulled from there instead of being translated via the API.
        • If the original content is edited then any translations stored in the database will be discarded, ensuring that any further translation requests do not provide an out-of-date translation, and always translate the current content.
      • Functionality exists to allow you to view the translations in the ACP and refine the translation if you so wish.
      • Translations can be 'protected' so that the editing action above doesn't discard the translation - useful if you have refined the translation and wish to retain that refinement
        • In this case, if an edit is performed then a clear indication will be displayed in the ACP advising that the translation is out-of-date due to the original content being edited.
    • The user can revert to the original content at any time by clicking a link to do so.
    • Usage logs are available in the ACP for each translation request, so you can see basic information about requests made from your site out to the APIs (both of which have their own console available which provides detailed usage information), along with requests made to content saved in the database.
  2. Here's what it doesn't do...
    • It does not translate your entire site at the flick of a switch.
    • Translation of content at the time of display, as opposed to a user choice
      • Why? Translation is performed via a REST API request - each item of content in a topic, for example, would need to be sent to the API. In a topic with multiple posts then this will mean up to 25 REST API requests being performed to display each page of the topic. That is going to result in a performance hit, and is not something I am willing to put in place at this time.
      • Will it be a future feature? Maybe, but no promises.

The application's settings contain instructions on how to do the following:

  • Configure a Google Cloud API key
  • Configure a DeepL Translator API key
  • Manually add the application's HTML template to your database's 'Display' templates


Edited by Nathan Explosion
Sale price no longer valid

What's New in Version 1.3.2   See changelog


    • fixed issue (by workaround) where hyphens in link text may cause DeepL to detect the source language incorrectly (hyphens in link text are converted to underscores to work around this)
    • fixed issue with title translation, where pinned/featured icons in the title would display the translated title too.
    • ACP Settings: the 'Your DeepL plan' setting no longer appears when API is set to Google.
    • ACP Translations: fixed issue with javascript not loading on the page.
    • ACP Translations: fixed issue with 'Prune Settings' form not displaying.
    • Modified the 'Translate this topic' functionality to ensure that the option no longer disappears on Phone if the viewer doesn't have permissions to post in the forum containing the topic being viewed.
  • NEW
    • None

Support is provided via the following topic - please use it as first point of contact (PMs will likely be ignored):


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Its a shame we can only use 5 stars as this application deserves more!!! Im so happy that after years of asking and digging I finally found this application that made my forum, any forum more accessible by worldwide traffic.

Thank you @Nathan Explosion for your patience with all the request that was resolved straight away. I know as well that I was delay this review but only because as a first person ( definitely not last) who bought it I want to make sure that most of the bugs are gone before I will describe this application. Great job and great support!!

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