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Midwinter 1.1.9

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Midwinter 4.7
by Invisionary.tech

🎄 🌲

(Updated screenshots for latest version to follow)

is a premium quality, modern and fully responsive theme in winter season, earthy tones. Available now for IPS Invision Community 4.7

Midwinter is also perfect for cold climate or off-grid communities, winter sports, woodland outdoors, arts, crafts, nature, bushcraft and wildlife based sites!

Fast and lightweight, fully customisable, it uses modern techniques and supports WebP images.

Features of Midwinter include full size or full width hero header modes, custom upload your own hero header images, pre-supplied royalty free header images and much more.

This theme comes integrated with optional Invisionary Midwinter FX featuring:

  • a fully customisable live countdown,
  • beautiful animated drifting particle snow,
  • snow accumulations,
  • frosty hover transition effects,
  • color gradient ready SEO friendly text site title and optional strapline,
  • smooth scroll back to top/down to content UI buttons with selectable colours, Font Awesome icons and animation.

All customisable, all easy to toggle on or off so the theme can be used all year round. Learn more below...

LIVE DEMO with several example variations of this theme available at https://invisionary.tech/
Optional copyright removal options also available.

Also known as Christmas Midwinter during the Christmas holiday season, a nice change from the more traditional colors.



Midwinter - Featured Highlights
🌲 Hero Header Modes

Midwinter comes with a pre-supplied selection of royalty free seasonal header backgrounds, which you can also replace easily by uploading your own stunning photo.

The theme will cover the chosen header area with the selected image. A 1920px or wider image is recommended. You can also tweak the minimum height of the image and positioning of the site title and optional strapline.

You can toggle on a full viewport (width and height) for your default app's main/home index page (forum, gallery etc), or a larger full width header for your homepage and smaller size hero headers throughout your site.




🌲Upload custom or use pre-supplied Hero Background Image

Midwinter comes with a pre-supplied selection of royalty free seasonal header backgrounds, which you can replace easily by uploading your own stunning photo.

The theme will cover the chosen header area with the selected image. A 1920px or wider image is recommended. You can also tweak the height of the image and positioning of the site title and optional strapline.

The screenshots below show how easy it is to change the hero background...


Screen shot below showing a custom header image, remember you can upload any image you like:



🌲 Color gradient Site Titles

Easily create or change optional HTML-based, SEO friendly, Retina friendly text based logo and optional strap lines, without the need to edit .psd Photoshop logo files. Or turn off and use a logo image and keep the strap line greeting.


Red and green, blue to white or perhaps white to gold gradient text, you can choose your own colors that compliment either the pre-supplied winter pine forest (royalty free image) background or your own custom uploaded image.

Color gradient text is optional and easily changeable, with linear or radial gradients, text outline stroke, optional text tilt/skew and opacity settings.


(Above) Linear white top to blue bottom gradient text, with optional particle snow and a Christmas font enabled


(Above) Radial white to blue gradient text, again with the optional Christmas font and snow enabled

🌲 Smooth Scroll 'Back to Top' and 'Scroll Down To Content'  UI Buttons



Scroll to Top and similar Scroll Down UI buttons, each with smooth scroll on most devices and browsers.
Ideal for mobile devices or when using large or full viewport hero headers.

These Scroll buttons are designed to honour any Operating System reduced movement sensitivity and accessibility preferences that your user may have set.



(above) Scroll to Top feature Settings



(above) The Scroll Down feature settings

You can easily change the Font Awesome icon styling, color and size options, via the Theme Settings panel.
Scroll Down now has an optional icon animations to attract awareness!


🌲Midwinter FX - Let it Snow, Countdown

Bring your site to life with Midwinter's special FX! Add optional falling particle snow flakes, clumps of accumulated snow and configure a fully customisable Christmas or New Year Countdown - all optional.

Screenshots from the Midwinter FX settings tab, where you can enable or disable or tweak the snow effects, countdown etc.


You can easily set or change the optional countdown time and date, the name of the countdown, the animated message and emoji that show when it reaches the time.



You can change the font, font size and colour styling settings of the Countdown from within your AdminCP too.




 🌲 Moono Lisa Editor Theme

This theme includes Moono Lisa, a theme for the CKEditor, pre-installed and ready to use. You can still use the default editor theme or other IPS compatible CKEditor theme. Moono Lisa has a modern, flat design and supports simple UIColor/Chameleon mode theming, which means it can be blend in via the theme's new UI Editor color selector in the AdminCP:




 🌲Compatibility. Simplicity.

Midwinter supports the full Invision community suite including Forums, Commerce, Calendar, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, Clubs and Pages. This theme does not override IPS layouts or responsive design, making it easier to update whilst maintaining compatibility with your favourite third party plugins Chatbox, Supergrid etc.

Supergrid compatible for attractive Pages articles and database records:


Chatbox (the hugely popular free add-on shown below within the Midwinter theme:




 🌲Midwinter Advanced Settings

Midwinter provides several advanced performance related settings for those who like to dabble with the dark arts. DNS Preloads for Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager/GA4, Universal Analytics, Stripe and your CDN/S3 bucket.  Also CSS asynchronous preloads. Mileage may vary!


 🌲 Some Example Views


Midwinter - Tablet view in portrait mode, with optional snow, optional countdown and optional Christmas font (above)


Midwinter - User Profile top of page with optional snow and countdown enabled  (above)



Midwinter - User Profile Achievements view (above)



Midwinter - Gallery portrait tablet view, with optional snow and countdown enabled (shown above)



Midwinter -
Blog view, with demo and images content (above)



Midwinter - Easily changeable optional Christmas themed message, optional snow and Candy Cane inspired progress bars (above)

Edited by The Old Man
End of sale

What's New in Version 1.1.8   See changelog


v1.1.8 106150 (IPS 4.7.5) DEC 22 2023 

  - Chatbox optional CSS overides added - for real this time!
  - 2 missing langugage strings for some reason not exported now corrected  
  - New settings: Candy Cane Progress Bars - Adjust the alternating colors
  - New settings: Drop Shadow option for Header
  - If enabled, restrict Stripe DNS Prefetches to Commerce app pages only.  
  - Added a description to Advanced Async Preloads explaining what it does and how it works.
  - Default Countdown color is now red instead if blue.
  - Warmed up the body (was #f0f8ff if you prefer), widget and box background colors (were #ffffff) to make theme a little less stark and cold. Brrr.
  - New setting: Supergrid Article BG Color.
    Using the Supergrid plug-in for Pages? You can quickly overide the normally sitewide, single color of your Supergrid article records, making them a unique color seperate for this theme.
 Fixed in unreleased 1.1.7:
  - Remove unsupprted flex value for site title and strapline from mobile and tablet align-self.
  - Improved Google Font handling logic to fix Inter font (this theme's default body text font) not being applied by CSS if not preloaded.
    and also to avoid loading Inter twice if Admin has preload Inter enabled and has also selected Inter instead of default in the normal Body Font selection setting.
  - Ensure profile photos don't have a colored background
  - Improve appearence and performance of Commerce widget product imgs  
  - Minor typos and template bugs.

Support, live demos, client discounts and more available at Invisionary Themes & Design.
Exclusive client discounts. (You can register at Invisionary.tech and drop me a PM if you have purchased an active Invisionary theme here.)

Support also available by PM via the IPS website.

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