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  1. Free

    Store Stuff Products Widget

    This plugin will display products in carousel fashion in a widget from your Store in two ways: New Products or Featured Products.
    Plugin settings:
    Type of products to display: new or featured products Groups allowed to view the block Commerce related setting:
    New Products: Show up to X products added to the store within the last X days Featured: When you edit a product, go to the store settings tab. The toggle to feature the item on the store index page is the one you want. This widget pulls from that. Requirement:
    Invision Community Commerce obviously. Notes:
    The carousel will not turn on unless you have more products than will fit inside the widget. It also will not magically turn on if you shrink your browser width. The carousel determines itself whether to enable or not when the page is first loaded.
    Version 6 works with Invision Community 4.5 and up (probably 4.4 as well and maybe lower)
    Version 5 works with Invision Community 4.4 and 99.999% sure 4.3
    Version 3 and 4 work with Invision Community 4.3 and probably 4.4


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  2. Free

    Advanced Custom Widgets

    Create sticky or normal widgets with custom contents or blocks from Pages application. sticky widgets are position fixed to the page sides you choose in the widget configuration. 
    You can select Pages blocks to show in the custom widgets instead of custom contents. Custom Title and Content fields are translatable. Widgets can be added to default widget areas but becomes position fixed if the widget is sticky and shows on the page area you choose. You can change sticky widget width and height. customize widget text color widget colors like backgrounds and text colors.  


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  3. Free

    News Ticker

    News Ticker
    Add horizontal news ticker widgets fully customizable in colors including options for sticky news ticker widgets as well as ability to show IPS Pages blocks in the widgets for example recent articles, topic feed...etc). you can also enable custom news ticker in plugin settings, then copy/paste the template tag anywhere you want.
    Clean design and smooth 😛


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  4. $15

    Followed Content

    This widget will display followed content from all contents available on your board, like Forums topics, Gallery images, Downloads files, Blog entries, Calendar events and Pages records, order by last post, so you can get fast access to your followed items when they got a new reply/comment. It also will display records from any 3rd party app that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, such as Tutorials, Videos System, VideoBox, Raffles, Quizzes, Crowdfunding, etc.
    Widget configurations:
    It has same configurations from a feed widget, such as: Status Pinned Featured Visibility Author Items from the last X days Number of items to show Groups to display the block. Notes:
    SOURCE ITEMS: it will vary according to the applications you have installed in your board and if they meet the requirement for IPS4 Content Item. TEMPLATES: it uses, if available, templates from the feed widgets of each app. If it isn't available, then a basic list template will displayed instead. PERMISSIONS: users will view only items that he has permission to view.  
    Made by request.

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  5. $15

    (DP45) Topic Attachments

    With this widget block you can display all image types attachments from topic in one place. Order them from oldest to newest.

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  6. $20

    Recent Topics Ticker

    Displays recent topics in board index with nice jQuery effect. The widget has the following features:
       - Select user groups that can view recent topics.
       - Select number of topics to tick.
       - Which forums to pull data from.
       - Set transition speed.
       - Set transition delay.
       - Set transition effect.
       - Select ordering method (Start date or last post).
       - Show/hide last post date in case topic has more than 1 post.
       - Set Block Title (Optional)

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  7. $15

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget is a simple nice sidebar widget that shows a list of upcoming events in a sliding effect...
    The plugin includes the following widget settings:
    Calendar to pull events from Automatically hide block Number of days to show Number of events to show And plugin settings:
    Sliding Mode (Vertical/Horizontal/Fade) Transition Speed Required Ticker Mode Pager Pager Type (Full/Short) Slide Controls Auto Start Mode Hover Stop Reviews, Comments & Suggestions all are truly required.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  8. $12

    Today In History

    This widget will display records from Wikipedia (Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_25)
    ONLY ENGLISH IS SUPPORTED IN THIS WIDGET Support will be provided while the API is available and functional, otherwise the resource will be dropped from Marketplace. Purchase this resource only if you agree with both notes above.
    Widget Configurations:
    Type of records to show Births Events Deaths Sorting records Newest records first Oldest records first Display links to wikipedia.org in the records Number of records to show You can use more than one instance of the widget per page.

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  9. $12

    Topics With No Reply Widget

    This plugin will display topics with no replies in a sidebar widget with the following settings:
    Number of topics Groups Permissions Forums to pull topics from Topics ordering (Desc, Asc, Random). The ability to exclude topics created before certain day. Retention period for topics inside the widget.

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  10. $10

    Other links in account settings

    This simple plugin will allow you to add extra urls in the account settings page for users...

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  11. $10

    Video Widget

    Quickly add video widgets with embed support, description and link to a topic for discussion. Supports internal IP.Board oEmbed video sites.
    Responsive video widget that supports both sidebar and horizontal widgets and mobile friendly. Support for internal IP.Board oEmbed video sites such as Youtube & Vimeo. Optional description field to describe video. Optional linking to a forum topic to discuss video. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  12. $14

    Enhanced Member Widgets

    This plugin adds two widgets to your website, which improve the core widgets “Who is online” and “Recently Browsing” through a new design. The members are not only shown with their username, but also with their avatar. 
    Available global settings:
    Widget background: normal or light Maximum number of avatar images to show Notes:
    Works with any installation of the Invision Community as it is based on core widgets. Access permissions are respected. If member profiles cannot be accessed by guests for example, the profile links will also be suppressed for the avatars. Caching works just as with the original core widgets. With longer caching times for blocks, the Recently Browsing widget might not work well, as it will not show the data in real time. 

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  13. $14

    Enhanced Similar Content Widget

    Tags and IPS’ Similar Content widget are a powerful way to provide helpful additional content on a page and to increase the page view count, since there are always more related entries suggested. Unfortunately, the stock version of the Similar Content widget is rather dull. This plugin takes the Similar Content widget to a new level. It retrieves images from the entries (where available) and it also shows the entry’s container name so your users understand where they will be taken before clicking on the entry. Additional settings (listed below) give admins more control over the content of the widget. 
    Directly Supported Content Types:
    Pages records Forum topics Download files Gallery images Calendar events  Settings:
    Show/Hide entry author  Show/Hide text preview Show/Hide forum images Show/Hide calendar images Widget background: “Area Background” or “Area Background Light” Notes:
    The plugin only changes the look of the entries. It doesn’t influence which entries are shown or how they are ordered. 

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  14. $25

    Pages SuperBlocks

    Create the community frontpage you always wanted just with drag&drop! This plugin & template set let’s you create a beautiful frontpage in the style of magazine or newspaper websites. You can display content from all your IPS apps: Core (Clubs, Calendar), Forums, Pages, Gallery, Downloads, Blogs. That’s 9 block types in total! But there is more: You choose the look of each block from 6 different layouts! Mix and match however you like! Feature a single article, show your recent clubs, albums, blog entries … It’s totally up to you. And instead of the dull stock block listings, SuperBlocks are appealing and engaging by showing images and teaser texts from the items of your feeds. 
    Live Demo
    What’s needed: 
    Pages application You should be familiar with setting up Pages blocks How does it work:
    The SuperBlocks plugin provides templates for regular Pages custom feed blocks. So you get the full power of Pages custom blocks with all their settings and filters. And you use the blocks like any Pages block. You just assign a SuperBlocks template at the end to create a more stylish look for the block. 
    The SuperBlocks templates can be used in the main content area of any community page, which supports drag&drop slots. It doesn’t work in the sidebar and is not meant for pages with multiple content columns (e.g. a 3-column Pages page). You can create entire Page Builder pages with SuperBlocks or place individual blocks anywhere on your site. SuperBlocks in the main content area work with or without a sidebar next to them. 
    The layouts are chosen through the number of items you pick (or have) in your feed block. A value of “1” creates one big featured entry. “2” puts two entries next to each other with the first highlighed. “3“ puts three entries in a row. “4” features the first entry and shows the other three entries as a list. “5” uses a two by three grid. “6” features one entry, shows images for two more entries and shows the rest as text only in another row. Higher values than six will be ignored. On mobile the number of entries is reduced to save bandwidth and screen space. 
    SuperBlocks are of course responsive and by default the templates will try to balance the use of hi-res and low-res images. You can fine-tune this in the plugin settings in accordance with your app image settings and the pages you are creating using SuperBlocks. The templates with more entries are also automatically reduced to fewer entries on mobile devices. 
    What’s included: 
    Pages block templates in 6 different styles for each of the following feed types: Pages: Record Feed  Forum: Topic Feed Post Feed Calendar: Upcoming Events Clubs: Club Feed Download: Files Feed Blog: Entry Feed Gallery:  Image Feed Album Feed A settings plugin with these features Show block titles on desktop Show block titles on tablets Show block titles on phones Key color Secondary color Badge overlay color Image settings per app to influence quality and page loading

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  15. Free

    Pages feeds offset configuration

    The plugin adds a new setting to the configuration of the record feeds from the database, allowing you to specify the offset when fetching data.


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  16. Free

    Leaderboard: Past Leaders

    Shows which members have won as the most reputation or likes across the last days.
    Block settings:
    Number of leaders to show The block will appear if:
    Reputation is enabled Leaderboard is enabled Member who's browsing has permisison in the leaderboard module


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  17. Free

    Random Files in Downloads File Feed

    This plugin will add the ability to randomly sort files in Files feed widget.


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  18. Free

    Latest Updated Files

    This plugin (hook) will add a new block on Downloads portal, below Most Downloaded files, to list the latest updated files.


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  19. $10

    Tabs Widget

    Easily create and manage tabs
    Very useful for your site
    If you’re looking to add custom tabs into your design this Plugin will help.
    It’s one design trend I always recommend to people who want to create multi-tabbed widgets.


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  20. Free

    (db) Contact with Administration

    This is an easy to use application that allows you to display your contact information simply and neatly! All data is added in the ACP.


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  21. Free

    Rocket.Chat Online Users

    Small Widget to show a list of online users on a Rocket.Chat server.
    Intended to be used along with the OAuth capabilities (like the one integrated or the OAuth Server application) that allows to login in a Rocket.Chat server using the forum credentials. This way the member-names can be matched and the widget can show member details from the forum.
    Note: please have a look at the Support-Topic. We are looking for someone to continue to develop this widget, as we have switched to another chat solution and cannot properly do this anymore.
    as of IPB 4.5 use the marketplace integration to install the application  or download the .tar file and upload into the Applications in your AdminCP use the block edit mode to add the new widget, use the edit button to add the rocket.chat server url (no / at the end!) and a user that can access the REST API The latest version of the widget was tested with 
    Rocket.Chat up to 3.18.1 (not tested with 4.x) IPB 4.5.x & IPB 4.6.x PHP 7.3.x for IPB 4.5.x & PHP 7.4 for IPB 4.6.x
    The rocket.chat username in this scenario will match the member name in the forum, so some nice profile links are possible.
    If you configure a channel name for the widget and that channel has an announcement it will be shown in the widget too above the users list:

    The widget is refreshed every 60 seconds.


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  22. Free

    Matrix.org Chat Online Users

    This adds a widget to show online users in a chat room on a matrix.org server (tested with Synapse).
    For more details or to submit issues please follow this link to github.
    The widget is very similar to the one for Rocket.Chat - just displaying the same information for Matrix.org rooms.
    Some instructions on how to setup a matrix (synapse) server and connect it to your IPB can be found in the Setup & Guidance section: 


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  23. $18

    Smart Recommended Topic

    This app allows you to suggest lists of related topics from user visits (all previously visited topics or the latest topic). The suggested list could be from forums, authors, and tags. You can also create more advanced lists using the AND & OR operators.

    Features :
    Multilanguage  Suggest from forums, authors, tags AND & OR operator to better suggestions Use cookie for guests Import cookie after logging in [Enable | Disable] and more  

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  24. $10

    Bouncy Navigation

    Bouncy Navigation Plugin
    A full-screen navigation, with floating menu items.
    There are cases when you want to present the user with a choice, with the focus of the web page being the different options. Whether it is a modal navigation, or a list of categories, todays nugget gets you covered!
    We used CSS animations and a pinch of jQuery to animate navigation items, and let them bounce in and out the screen.
    Icons are from our fontawesome set.
    This resource was inspired by Tumblr iOS application.

    1- After installing the plugin, first complete its configuration and save it
    2- (Cache sidebar) It is recommended to disable and re-enable the plugin after saving the settings

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  25. $11

    Sale Banner With Countdown Widget

    Sale Banner With Countdown - Widget
    Increase sales of products

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