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  1. $12.00

    Legend Blocks

    Legend Blocks is Powerful 20+ Templates for creating Blocks and Widgets + 1 Special "Page Builder" Template. Its also come with a plugin Contain some setting to customize the view of blocks and page builder. Basically you can now create blocks with these new templates (through Pages app Block management) and then use them in all around your community (with IPS sidebar manager) customize the look of those blocks through Plugin settings, and If you want to Create an Index Page for your website, you also can use Special "Page Builder" Template for a new Index page. Special "Page Builder" Template also have it's own settings and you can use it in variety of ways.
    Demo 1 / Demo 2 ...
    Templates: Contains currently 20+ templates (Regularly updated and added more) for creating Blocks for your latest articles, news, reviews, topics, files and ... It's also includ a "Page Builder" template, that can be used for creating Index Pages and this template also have its own plugin settings.

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  2. $3.00

    TimeLine Sidebar Widget

    TimeLine Sidebar
    Despite the almost limitless variety in project management techniques, there is at least one element that appears in every project, at every company and in every industry: the project timeline.
    set background color
    set timeline color
    set year Or ...
    set description

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  3. $5.50

    Progress Bar Widget

    Progress Bar Widget
    Do you want to display the percentage of progress that projects you are doing to your site users?
    With the Progress Bar plugin, you can easily enable the progress bar on your community.
    Includes settings:
    Title Widget
    First color
    End color
    Enable&Disable progress Bars (Set 4 Progress)
    Set Title
    Set project process percentage
    Enjoy this useful plugin

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  4. $6.60

    Accordion Slider Widget

    Accordion slider with Transitions and Flexbox Widget
    accordion slider that you are able to expand the desired slide into full size on mouse hover or touch tap.
    Responsive layout based on CSS3 flexbox model
    Includes settings:
    Title Widget
    Accordion Title
    Accordion Description
    Accordion Background Link Image
    Enjoy this useful plugin


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  5. $17.00

    (BIM) Status Updates Widget

    This is a plugin to add a new widget for Status Updates with essential enhancements.
    Reactions. Upload Attachments. Toggle between rich text & plain text. Toggle on/off member photos. Ajax pagination. Ajax for edit/delete/hide/unhide/lock/unlock options. Ajax for the new status, reply. View all replies in a popup. Option to set how many status updates should be loaded per page. Option to set the widget's title. Option to truncate lines. Demo:
    Download version 2.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  6. $15.00

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget is a simple nice sidebar widget that shows a list of upcoming events in a sliding effect...
    The plugin includes the following widget settings:
    Calendar to pull events from Automatically hide block Number of days to show Number of events to show And plugin settings:
    Sliding Mode (Vertical/Horizontal/Fade) Transition Speed Required Ticker Mode Pager Pager Type (Full/Short) Slide Controls Auto Start Mode Hover Stop Reviews, Comments & Suggestions all are truly required.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  7. $18.00

    [DE / EN] Impressum / Imprint

    Nach deutschem Recht muss jede öffentliche Website im Internet ein Impressum haben. Mit dieser Anwendung erhalten Sie ein konfigurierbares Impressum, welches über einen Link in der Fußzeile erreichbar ist.
    Die folgenden Daten können geändert werden:
    - Name, Firma, Anschrift, Land
    - Telefon, Fax, E-Mail
    - USt-ID
    - Verantwortliche(r) für journalistisch-redaktionelle Inhalte
    - Bildrechte
    - Streitschlichtung (derzeit nur ohne Teilnahme)
    - Haftungsausschluss (Haftung für Inhalte, Haftung für Links, Copyright)
    Das Impressum wurde mit der Vorlage von e-recht24.de erstellt. Die englische Version wurde mit deepl.com übersetzt. Das Impressum ist standardmäßig auf englisch. Es ist aber ein deutsches Sprachpaket beigelegt welches problemlos importiert werden kann für die deutsche Version.
    Ich übernehme keine Haftung für die Rechtsgültigkeit, etwaige Fehler oder für Schäden, die sich aus der Nutzung dieser Anwendung ergeben.
    German legislation requires that every public website on the Internet must have an Imprint. With this application, you get a configurable imprint which can be reached via a link in the footer.
    The following data can be changed:
    - Name, Company, Address, Country
    - Phone, Fax, E-mail
    - VAT ID
    - Person(s) responsible for journalistic-editorial content
    - Image rights
    - Dispute resolution (currently only without participation)
    - Disclaimer (liability for content, liability for links, copyright)
    The imprint was generated with the template of e-recht24.de. The English version has been translated with deepl.com. The imprint is in English by default, but there is german language package included which can be easily imported for the German version.
    I do not assume liability for the legal validity, any errors contained or for damages arising from the use of this application.

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  8. $10.00

    Other links in account settings

    This simple plugin will allow you to add extra urls in the account settings page for users...

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  9. $12.00

    Clubs Card on Forums Index

    This widget will display clubs card on Forums index. Users will see Clubs he has permission to view.
    Number of club cards to display Sort Clubs by: Latest Activity, Most Members, Most Content, Latest Created or Name Position: Above or below Forums categories

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  10. Free

    TDB Posts

    Powerful and versatile 'Topic Feed Block' with loads of options to display Topics/Posts the way you want.
    I was looking for a block that would fit my needs regarding displaying new posts and I found the default Topics and Posts block lacking.
    This hook is based around (but not exactly like) Headstands ‘Recent Posts’ Sidebar block for v3.14.
    I developed this for my own community. So, in the spirit of open source, I decided to release this hook/widget to spare other's looking for something similar and be charged a small fortune at the same time.
    This hook is for displaying a block of the latest (last) posts posted on your forum. Very much like the IPB community Topic block, but instead of showing the topic originator, the last poster information is shown instead.
    This block comes with the following abilities:
    Custom block Title: I hate having to go into the language files just to edit a title. Probably won’t help with translations, but that could be changed later. Selectable forums: Select which forum’s you wish to display posts from. Your members will only see the posts that they have permission to view. Number of Posts: Select how many posts you wish to display to your members. Member Avatar: Select whether to display member avatar or not. Topic Post Count: Select whether to display a post topic count next to the title. Post Comment: You can display a post teaser in the same way as the IPB Post widget and control how many lines of the post comment you wish to display. And loads more options (Please read the release notice for more information). If you have any questions, issues or bugs. Feel free to leave a message on the IPB community board.


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  11. Free

    Widgets Extensions

    The widget extension allows you to easily add custom blocks and then style them using your own CSS styles and classes.
    The plugin will add three different types of custom widgets: Text, HTML and PHP.
    Allowed Block Options:
    Set the block to display on or off, Set the block to display to selected groups only, Can elect to use a block title or not. Good if you are showing adverts or not, You can use CKEditor or CodeMirror for the block content and this can be toggled via the Blocks settings. For example, HTML and PHP can use CodeMirror to make life easier if you are using HTML or PHP in your blocks. You can easily add CCS styles to the Block Title and Content using the Widget Forms rather than having to edit templates. This makes it easier to customise each block differently to have a different look and feel to match your website theme. You can add custom CSS classes via the Widget Form for quickness. Bear in mind this will add inline CSS to your theme, so it would be better to add custom CSS Classes to the Theme Custom.css instead. And yes, it's free and you're welcome 😉


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  12. Free

    Show Sidebars

    IPS decided in their wisdom to remove sidebars within some area's of the Community Suite.
    This 'Hack' will allow you to use sidebars with all applications, such as Calendar, CMS, ModCP, Contact, Members Profile, Messenger, Search etc.
    This Hack will also prevent any Layout changes that IPS forces on your Community Suite. The follow pages will have full layout: Contact, Cookies, Guidelines, LostPass, Privacy, Register, Settings, Term etc.


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  13. Free

    Member Info Block

    Add a member info widget to your board, This will show information about the logged in member
    Shows the users cover photo (If they have one) Shows the users group image (if they have one) Shows the users group Shows the users ID Shows the users rank Shows the users total reputation Shows the users member of the days won from the leader board Shows the users joined date All have a nice font-awesome icons floating to the left


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  14. $12.00

    Pages SuperList

    Pages SuperList is a Pages block template to show content in a beautiful, engaging and of course responsive column view. The data for SuperList blocks comes from Pages databases you set up just for this purpose as a source. This gives you great flexibility, since you can use the full range of Pages database fields ☞ Text, URLs, badges, YouTube videos, images, … you name it! Use SuperList to show your membergroup benefits, your team members, your sponsors … or any other content you want to highlight in a widget and that can be stored in a Pages database. As with most widgets, it works best for showing a few items, e.g. between 3 and 10. 
    If there are up to 4 entries, SuperList will display them as columns covering the available space across the entire page or the main column (if there is a sidebar). For more than 4 entries, SuperList will switch to the IPS4 carousel view. Featured entries will be highlighted and you can define the colors of the featured entries. The Pages record image is also supported and will be shown at the top of each column if available. You can add any number of custom fields and style and reorder them!
    Live Demo
    What’s needed: 
    IPS 4.2/4.3/4.4 in their most recent version with the Pages application   You should be familiar with setting up Pages databases and blocks.  Settings:
    The template come with several options you can easily adjust through the included settings plugin. You can create as many SuperList widgets as you like, but the settings will always apply to all SuperList widgets.  Show block title Feature background color Feature shadow color Feature border color More padding—Adds additional padding to your custom fields. Works best if you only use very few fields. Link records—Turns the title/images into links to the actual database records. Expert option. Only recommended for users who have fully customized their templates and don’t rely on the field display options used by SuperList. Record image scaling—contain image or fill entire space and crop

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  15. Free

    Rocket.Chat Online Users

    Small Widget to show a list of online users on a Rocket.Chat server.
    Intended to be used along with the OAuth Server application that allows to login in a Rocket.Chat server using the forum credentials.
    download the .tar file upload into the Applications in your AdminCP use the block edit mode to add the new widget, use the edit button to add the rocket.chat server url (no / at the end!) and a user that can access the RESPT API The latest version of the widget was tested with 
    Rocket.Chat: up to 0.72.x IPB: 4.3.x PHP: 7.0.18+ OAuth2: 1.2.4 
    The rocket.chat username in this scenario will match the member name in the forum, so some nice profile links are possible.
    If you configure a channel name for the widget and that channel has an announcement it will be shown in the widget too above the users list:

    The widget is refreshed every 60 seconds.


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  16. $9.50

    (NB41) Top Stories

    Plugin created by request
    Trending. Articles created X (configurable setting) hours(days) (configurable setting) ago sorted by views
    Most Read. Articles created X (configurable setting) hours(days) (configurable setting) ago sorted by views
    Most Recent. Articles created X (configurable setting) hours(days) (configurable setting) ago sorted by comments
    Image. Article image or first attached image
    Pages Support topic

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  17. $10.00

    (NB41) Recent Posts With Youtube Videos

    This plugin will show the block (widget) with posts that have youtube videos.
    Support topic

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  18. $12.00

    Simple Topic

    Adds a simple topic submission form using the Invision Block Manager.
    Works with Post Before Register for the most seamless posting experience possible.
    You can use multiple blocks and each instance can be configured individually to customise the text and the forum where the topic will be created. 
    Reduces the steps needed to start posting a topic down to a single title.

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  19. $15.00

    Topics By Tags

    This plugin will add a new block in index to display latest topic or latest replies and topics using specific tags. You can add any tag you want to be listed, which will be ajaxed loaded.
    Listing will have only topics that the user has permission to see.
    First Tab Content Latest Topics Latest Replies Show Prefix/Tags in topic listing? Use group prefix/suffix formatting in member links Display topic author photo Include topics from Clubs  Forums where to pull topics from Made by request: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441050-paid-request-new-posts-based-on-tagsforums/

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  20. $11.00

    (NB41) Recent Images In This Topic

    This plugin will show the block with Recent Attached Images In This Topic.
    Support topic

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  21. $6.50

    (NB40) Most Liked Posts To This Topic

    This plugin will show the block (widget) with Most Liked Posts of topic.
    Support topic

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  22. $4.99

    (GS) Chatbox Stats

    Simple plugin that show member stats from Chatbox application.
    Shows the total number of entries posted by all members Shows the total number of entries posted by a specific member Shows the total number of entries posted 'today' Top X shouters in a separate window, and 'mini' Top X shouters Online / offline member status The ability to set how many members to display in both tops The ability to set which groups can display statistics The ability to set which groups will be excluded in the stats

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  23. $10.00

    Bug Tracker and Suggestions Tracker

    Do you need a place for report bugs and suggestions from your users? Use the dedicated subpage and simplify the life for yourself and your users.
    *IPS Pages Required
    Bug Tracker
    Suggestions Tracker

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  24. Free

    Discord Native Widget

    Discord Native Widget
    This is a simple application that adds support for the Discord native widget to IPS.
    This is the same iframe based widget that you can access from your servers settings screen,

    Plug-and-play, just drag the widget to your sidebar and enter in your Server ID Supports both dark and light themes Unofficial Rich Discord Integration support (can provide a link prompting users to link their accounts below the widget) ☕ Found this useful? Want to support further development? Show your support by buying me a coffee!
    - https://ko-fi.com/makoto_dev


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  25. $12.00

    (NB41) Who To Follow

    This plugin will display the block with X random users
    This plugin also:
    - display following counter and followers counter on hover card
    - display the block "Following X members" in user profile
    - display the page "Members %user% is Following"
    If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic.
    Support topic

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