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  1. $10.00

    Sidebar discord server

    We have released a skin to match this beauty, check it out right here
    This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your discord server.
    The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme.
    And it's built to fit prefectly with our sidebar steam group widget! Check it out

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  2. $10.00

    Sidebar steam group

    We have released a skin to match this beauty, check it out right here
    This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your steam group.
    The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme.
    It also has some toggle options to hide/show the group description or members of the steam group.

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  3. $12.00

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget is a simple nice sidebar widget that shows a list of upcoming events in a sliding effect...
    The plugin includes the following widget settings:
    Calendar to pull events from Automatically hide block Number of days to show Number of events to show And plugin settings:
    Sliding Mode (Vertical/Horizontal/Fade) Transition Speed Required Ticker Mode Pager Pager Type (Full/Short) Slide Controls Auto Start Mode Hover Stop Reviews, Comments & Suggestions all are truly required.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  4. $9.99

    Topics With No Replies Sidebar Widget

    This plugin will display topics with no replies in a sidebar widget with the following settings:
    Number of topics Groups Permissions Forums to pull topics from Topics ordering (Desc, Asc, Random). The ability to exclude topics created before certain day. Retention period for topics inside the widget. This plugin supports all IPS 4 versions (IPS 4.1, IPS 4.2 & Invision Community 4.3)

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  5. Free

    Database Tickets

    Tickets is a simple Pages database that emulates a ticket system.
    In a few steps you can have your own  ticket system installed and ready to interact with your members, without cost.

    Each member will see their own tickets, so you must be logged in to view your content.
    User: Test
    Password: test
    Hope you like ?


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  6. Free

    TDB Posts

    Powerful and versatile 'Topic Feed Block' with loads of options to display Topics/Posts the way you want.
    I was looking for a block that would fit my needs regarding displaying new posts and I found the default Topics and Posts block lacking.
    This hook is based around (but not exactly like) Headstands ‘Recent Posts’ Sidebar block for v3.14.
    I developed this for my own community. So, in the spirit of open source, I decided to release this hook/widget to spare other's looking for something similar and be charged a small fortune at the same time.
    This hook is for displaying a block of the latest (last) posts posted on your forum. Very much like the IPB community Topic block, but instead of showing the topic originator, the last poster information is shown instead.
    This block comes with the following abilities:
    Custom block Title: I hate having to go into the language files just to edit a title. Probably won’t help with translations, but that could be changed later. Selectable forums: Select which forum’s you wish to display posts from. Your members will only see the posts that they have permission to view. Number of Posts: Select how many posts you wish to display to your members. Member Avatar: Select whether to display member avatar or not. Topic Post Count: Select whether to display a post topic count next to the title. Post Comment: You can display a post teaser in the same way as the IPB Post widget and control how many lines of the post comment you wish to display. And loads more options (Please read the release notice for more information). If you have any questions, issues or bugs. Feel free to leave a message on the IPB community board.


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  7. $10.00

    (DP43) Posts Members I Follow

    With this widget you may display all posts added by the following members only.
    NOTE: you may also use it in the other place - skin or Pages blocks/templates also by using special template bit. More info you would find in the readme txt file after purchase.
    It's initial release - if you need more options please send me your suggestions or request after purchase.

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  8. $12.00

    Final Countdown

    This application will allow you to create countdowns and place them anywhere on your site.
    You can display multiple countdowns in one widget and you can add multiple widgets (with different countdowns) in different places if you'd like
    Thanks to @JustHatched for sponsoring it to the marketplace

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  9. $7.50

    (NB40) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    This plugin will show the widget with recent forum images (attachments)
    Support topic

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  10. $17.00

    (BIM43) Status Updates Widget

    This is a plugin to add a new widget for Status Updates with essential enhancements.
    Reactions. Upload attachments. Toggle between rich text & plain text. Toggle on/off member photos. Ajax pagination. Ajax for edit/delete/hide/unhide/lock/unlock options. Ajax for new status, reply. View all replies in popup. Option to set how many status updates should be loaded per page. Option to set widget's title. Option to truncate lines. Demo:

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  11. Free

    Rocket.Chat Online Users

    Small Widget to show a list of online users on a Rocket.Chat server.
    Intended to be used along with the OAuth Server application that allows to login in a Rocket.Chat server using the forum credentials.
    download the .tar file upload into the Applications in your AdminCP use the block edit mode to add the new widget, use the edit button to add the rocket.chat server url (no / at the end!) and a user that can access the RESPT API The Widget was tested on 
    Rocket.Chat: 0.56.0 to 0.66.x IPB: to 4.3.x PHP: 7.0.18+ (should work with older versions as well, no fancy stuff used) OAuth2: 1.2.4 
    The rocket.chat username in this scenario will match the member name in the forum, so some nice profile links are possible.
    The widget is refreshed every 60 seconds.


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  12. $12.50

    (BIM43) Video Slider Widget

    Video Slider Widget is a plugin that allows you make responsive video galleries to your website without coding knowledge. By adding video url, it will generate the title, thumbnail and credits automatically.

    Supported videos from:
    Youtube Vimeo Wistia Dailymotion Other supported videos: .mp4, .ogv, .webm Options:
    Layouts: vertical and horizontal Themes: dark and light Play button styles: square, flat circle, plain arrow, youtube style, bordered arrow Demo:

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  13. $7.50

    Most Liked Posts For the Day/Week/Month/Year[Sidebar Widget]

    This widget will display the most liked posts at your forum for the day/week/month/year or whatever time frame in days that you like. By default it will display the most liked posts for the month. Permissions are being preserved intact. i.e. users will see only posts in the forums where they are allowed to do so. Below is a detailed overview of the widget settings. 
    Widget Title:
    You can enter the title of the widget. Liked Posts Time Frame:
    Here you can select the time frame in days of the liked posts. By default it is set to show the most liked posts for the month. Total Posts:
    Here you can decide how many posts to display. Post Content Length:
    This setting controls the lines of post content that you want to show. By default it will display 4 lines. Viewing Groups:
    Select the group(s) that you want to view the widget.

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  14. Free

    Latest Updated Files

    This plugin (hook) will add a new block on Downloads portal, below Most Downloaded files, to list the latest updated files.
    Downloads app Note:
    Releasing again as mine because the other dev abandoned the plugin for old versions.


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  15. $15.00

    Random Content

    This widget will display random content from all contents available on your board, like Forums topics, Gallery images, Downloads files, Blog entries, Calendar events and Pages records. It also will display records from any 3rd party app that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, such as Tutorials, Videos System, VideoBox, Raffles, Quizzes, Crowdfunding, etc.
    Widget configurations:
    It has same configurations from a feed widget, such as: Status Pinned Featured Visibility Author Items from the last X days Number of items to show Groups to display the block. Notes:
    SOURCE ITEMS: it will vary according to the applications you have installed in your board and if they meet the requirement for IPS4 Content Item. TEMPLATES: it uses, if available, templates from the feed widgets of each app. If it isn't available, then a basic list template will displayed instead. PERMISSIONS: users will view only items that he has permission to view. CATEGORIES SELECTION: NOT present currently. It MAY be in a future version; no ETA. DO NOT BUY the resource if you think/wait I will do that. It MAY be there someday.

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  16. $15.00

    Enhanced Widgets

    Download Enhanced Widgets and liven up your board with some tasty looking widgets including 3D pie charts filled with stats
    Features nice new design instead of the default IPS widgets, Shows the prefix of the topics if one is set with a nice coloured box around the prefix, Select what forums to show the results from, Select the limit of results to show on each widget, You can also pick the topic prefix colours on each widget, This currently has 12 widgets but more will be coming ( Let me know what sort of ones you would like )
    Recent posts ( Shows a list of the recent posts ) Recent posts with replies ( Shows a list of the recent posts showing 3 lines of their post ) Recent posts dual column ( Shows a dual column list of the recent posts not suitable for the sidebar ) Recent topics ( Shows a list of the recent topics ) Recent topics dual column ( Shows a dual column list of the recent topics not suitable for the sidebar ) Trending topics ( Hot Topics ) ( Shows a list of the hot topics ) Lounge ( Shows a list of the topics from your chosen forum ) Members per group ( Shows a 3D pie chart of the member count per group ) Posts per forum ( Shows a 3D pie chart of the post count per forum ) Members per club ( Shows a 3D pie chart showing how many members are in each club ) Topics per forum ( Shows a 3D pie chart showing how many topics are in each forum ) Reactions per reaction ( Shows 3D pie chart showing how many reactions have been awarded per reaction ) All widgets have their own settings and can be changed in the widget edit settings

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  17. $15.00

    Topics By Tags

    This plugin will add a new block in index to display latest topic or latest replies and topics using specific tags. You can add any tag you want to be listed, which will be ajaxed loaded.
    Listing will have only topics that the user has permission to see.
    First Tab Content Latest Topics Latest Replies Show Prefix/Tags in topic listing? Use group prefix/suffix formatting in member links Display topic author photo Include topics from Clubs  Forums where to pull topics from Made by request: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441050-paid-request-new-posts-based-on-tagsforums/

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  18. $15.00

    (DP43) Fluid Forums Widget

    This mod will display widget with a fluid topics list from a selected forums. It works only on standard forum view (Table: A traditional forum index table view). It's disabled when user switch to fluid type of view (Fluid: A simpler dynamic listing topics with a forum filter box).

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  19. $10.00

    Enhanced Profile Blocks

    Enhance the information blocks on the members profiles with this easy to use plugin
    About User Block
    Enhance the about user block with more detailed member information of the member each with its own font-awesome icon Choose the font-awesome icon of each section from a predefined list of 600 icons (just start typing) Show/Hide the members user group Show/Hide the members rank Show/Hide the members id Show/Hide the members post count Show/Hide the members post ratio per day Show/Hide the members total reputation Show/Hide the members member of the days won Show/Hide the members joined date Show/Hide the amount of days the member has been registered Show/Hide the members last activity Show/Hide the members current location (on your site) Show/Hide the members age User Group Block
    Display the users group and secondary group images in a separate block Choose to display it above or below the about user block Choose to display the images in a list (above each other) or in a inline-block (left to right) Clubs Block
    Display the users clubs as icons (The club name will show on hover) Choose to display it above or below the about user block 3rd Party
    There is a setting for if you have (DF42) Members Social Info installed to show the block There is a setting for if you have (DF42) Profile Video installed to show the video in the block If you have member map installed then there is a setting to show the block

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  20. $10.00

    jQuery Recent Topics Ticker

    Displays recent topics in board index with nice jQuery effect. The widget has the following features:

       - Add Block Title
       - Select user groups that can view recent topics.
       - Select number of topics to tick.
       - which forums to pull data from.
    This is an initial release, it's supposed to have more enhancements depending on your feedback and suggestions.
    3.4 free release here

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  21. $5.00

    Dynamic Dropdown Contents

    This allows you to make a simply drop down status menu widget.
    You can set titles for sections, and toggle the status of that section to be on/off or even not have a status.
    You can change the pictures that are used within the status as well.
    Users can collapse a section if they do not want to see the information.
    Maximum Drop Downs: 20
    Maximum Sections In Each Drop Down: 30

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  22. Free

    Store Products Widget

    This plugin will display products from your Store on a widget in two ways: New Products or Featured Products.
    Plugin settings:
    Type of products to display: new or featured products Groups allowed to view the block Commerce related setting:
    New Products: Show up to X products added to the store within the last X days Requirement:
    Commerce application Notes:
    The carousel will not turn on unless you have more products than will fit inside the widget. It also will not magically turn on if you shrink your browser width. The carousel determines itself whether to enable or not when the page is first loaded.
    Version 3 probably works with 4.2 but if it doesn't just use an older version. Version 3 is the only version that works with 4.3.


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  23. $4.50

    Client Testimonial Slider Widget

    Client Testimonial Slider Widget
    Set 6 Testimonial

    Title Widget
    Client Image Link

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  24. $8.00

    Twitch Streams Widget

    This widget allows you to display Twitch Streams on your forum!
    Works with Twitch Login Method Tabbed Interface - Can turn other tabs on or off at will! Custom adding of other Streams Streams update without page refresh (AJAX) Members can watch streams right on your board!  Permissions - Select which groups the widget is visible to Due to changes in the Twitch API, everyone that wants to use the API is now required to include a Twitch Client ID. There is a new setting for this in the widget settings. 
    If you have any issues feel free to PM me.

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  25. $2.00

    Typewriter Widget

    Show the most important news with the most beautiful plugins on your site  
    Enable/Disable Typewriter
    ُSet 4 Different Typewriter
    Set Background
    Set color

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