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E-commerce and money related extensions.

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  1. Free

    Interkassa Payment Gateway

    Interkassa is an online payment method aggregator for online businesses:
    over 5,000 active clients; over 3,000,000 transactions per month; 70+ payment methods; 99% of withdrawal operations take from 2 minutes to 1 day, depending on the withdrawal method; integration with 19 popular CMS and website designers; almost 10 years on the Ukrainian market, more than 90 employees, representative offices in the CIS and Europe.


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  2. Free

    WalletOne Payment Gateway

    WalletOne is a payment service that has many payment methods, low commissions and a convenient merchant's office.


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  3. Free

    Uniteller Payment Gateway

    Uniteller Payment Gateway for Invision Community


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  4. Free

    PayOnline Payment Gateway

    By connecting to PayOnline, you can accept payments on your site using popular means of payment.


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  5. Free

    Otkritie bank Payment Gateway

    Payment for goods and services in Invision Community using the Internet acquiring of Otkritie Bank. Bank rate - 2.5% of turnover. Having connected, you get a personal account, statistics and analytics, branding of the payment page and other opportunities.


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  6. Free

    Modulbank Payment Gateway

    Accepting payments in Invision Community using Internet-acquiring of Modulbank Bank. The bank does not charge a service fee, the commission is only from purchases. If there are no purchases, internet-acquiring is free. The buyer enters the card data on the site, and the purchase is displayed in your personal account.


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  7. Free

    Robokassa Payment Gateway

    Robokassa Payment Gateway for Invision Community.


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  8. $15

    Customer Rewards

    Give out member group upgrades based on the total spending in the Commerce upgrade. Give out different upgrades based on different spending ranges and modify either the primary or secondary groups.   Features
    Setup multiple spending ranges you can give out member group upgrades on. Modify either the primary or secondary groups. Support for both add and removal of secondary group. Primary group exclusion for protected groups excluded from upgrades. Requirements: IPS Commerce app
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  9. $15

    Expired Purchase Followup

    Send followup personal messages after a Commerce purchase has expired. Send up to 5 followups with options for which day to send, pm author, title and message with quick tag support.   Features Send up to 5 followup personal messages have a members purchase has expired. Set which days after a purchase expired to send followups. Set different pm author, title and message for each followup. Quick tag support for data such as purchase name, purchase link, purchase owner, purchased expired etc... Requirements: Commerce Application
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  10. $10

    Purchase Notifications

    Send inline notifications to members for some purchase actions in the Commerce application. For example if a new purchase is generated or if a purchase has expired.   Features Send inline notifications to supported Commerce purchase actions. (Email notifications are NOT supported.) Set which products will be excluded from receiving notifications. Supported currently are "New Purchase Generated", "Purchase Renewed", "Purchase Transferred" and "Purchase Expired" purchase actions. Requirements: Commerce Application
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    15 purchases   29 downloads

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  11. $10

    Top Customers

    Sidebar widget to display top spending customers in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list and calculate from a selected date. Features
    Sidebar widget to display Commerce top spending customers. Set a limit on the number of customers to show and from which date to to calculate from. Integration with "Recent Purchases" plugin to enable anonymous purchases or anonymous amounts. Commerce application required. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  12. Free

    YooMoney Payments / Content rewards

    Your users will be able to reward the content of other users by paying an arbitrary amount to the YooMoney user's account. In addition, the application adds a payment gateway for paying for products and subscriptions in Commerce.
    Post Rewards
    Integration with YooMoney allows you to set up a simple and fast payment for posts, thus users can thank each other by paying for useful posts.
    Below the buttons for managing the post, a list with users who thanked for the post, their amount and the reason for gratitude will be displayed.
    Rewards Leaders
    The application adds a separate page with popular users who thanked the posts of other users the most, whose posts received the most thanks and popular posts that received the most thanks.
    Operations history
    In the YooMoney settings, the user can view the history of transactions in the wallet, as well as information about the status and type of his account. You can activate the setting for displaying the wallet number and its balance in the information about the author in posts.
    Every time a post receives a reward, its author is notified about it.
    You can place on any page of your site a block with the top users who thanked the most for the posts.
    You can control which groups can reward, whose posts can receive a reward, oblige to fill in the reason for the reward, and much more.


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  13. $12.50

    Recent Purchases

    Sidebar widget to display recent purchases in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list, from which date and allow members to make either their purchase or amount anonymous.
    Sidebar widget to display Commerce recent purchases. Set a limit on the number of purchases and from which date to show from. Account settings to allow member to make purchase or amount anonymous. Profile hook to display purchase totals in profile page. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  14. $5

    Hide Product Categories

    Hide Commerce product categories and associated products from the store homepage, making it only accessible with a direct link.
    Features Select which products categories and therefore associated products will be hidden from the store homepage and widgets. Set which members groups are excluded and will see the store as normal. Product category and associated products are still accessible with a direct link. Requirements: Commerce Application
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


    11 purchases   34 downloads

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  15. $50


    Help fund your forum with donations, setup goals and track member donations. Offer rewards for members donating.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    NEW Support for custom fields with donations. NEW UI tab and widget improvements and enhancements. Option to automatically demote a member back to his original member group x days after there donation. Option to mark goals as achieved and remove them from listing after they have reached 100% donations. Option to create goals that are continuous and have no set end date. RSS feeds for latest donations and latest goals listings. Ability to track the individual status of each goal as members choose to donate to there preferred goals. Setup fixed donation amounts a member can donate or let the member choose the amount. This includes a minimum donation amount allowed. Group permissions for who can view the donation tracker, view goals, view donations and for who can donate. All payment data is logged including successful and unsuccessful attempts on the payment function. New discussion topic created for each new successful donation. Ability to track the top donors in the view top donors page. Payment gateways included are: Paypal, Skrill, Payza (Alert Pay), Offline Payments and Paymentwall. View more screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/smtF3wH

    362 purchases   1,374 downloads

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  16. Free

    QIWI Wallet Payment Gateway

    QIWI Wallet Payment Gateway for Commerce in Invision Community. Allows you to set up payment acceptance using the QIWI wallet.


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  17. Free

    PayMaster Payment Gateway

    PayMaster allows you to connect any payment system for your online store based on Invision Community.


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  18. Free

    BTCPay Gateway

    This is gateway plugin for BTCPay Server payments processor. Works for IPS 4.4, was not tested on previous versions.
    Free and open source. GitHub: https://github.com/RangeMachine/BTCPayGateway


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  19. $15

    Purchase Goal

    Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce application against a purchase goal. Set a base as well as flex goals, summary of recent purchases and reset progress from selected date. Features
    Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce top against a purchase goal. Display summary of recent purchases within widget. Optional flex goals to appear when base goal has been met. Optional condensed view for quick overview of goal progress. Link contribute button to custom url or to the Commerce Store homepage. Reset progress bar from selected date manually or set date for task to run automatically. Integration with "Recent Purchases" plugin to enable anonymous purchases or anonymous amounts. Requirements: IPS Commerce app
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  20. Free

    Donate Sidebar

    Simple to configure plugin that adds a Paypal donation form to your sidebar. With the option to enter your own custom html donate code. Also includes group permissions as well as a percentage status bar of your donations based on an entered goal amount. For more features and the ability to track donations, you can find the Donations app here.
    More information on copyright removal here.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  21. $10

    Deal Topics

    Allow members to share deals/bargains using topics. Set a normal/msrp price, deal price and a link where to purchase.
    Displays deal bar at the top of the first topic with deal price and buy button. Display optional deal bar in forum view. Select which forums can support deal topics. Select which forums require deal details be filled out. Select which deal fields are required. Select which member groups can view and add deal topics. Set a custom currency symbol. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    5 purchases   15 downloads

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  22. $28

    Paid Listings

    This app adds two new product types to your IPS Commerce Store: Featured Item and Pinned Item. From now, you can sell featuring and pinning of any content in your community.
    Content to feature:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Calendar Event Downloads File Gallery Image Gallery Album Club Pages Article Any record from Pages database Any 3rd party item if it is featurable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) Content to pin:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Downloads File Gallery Image Pages Article Any record from Pages databases Any 3rd party item if it is pinnable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) While creating a Commerce product you can select either one content type, e.g. Forum Topic or combine different content types like Gallery Image and Article in one. You can create different product categories. It’s up to you how you structure your sale offer.
    Note: this app requires IPS Commerce. Due to the numerous Commerce settings, you can define:
    one-time price free trials discounts renewals every X days/months etc. groups that are allowed to feature/pin content available payment methods moving users into another group after purchase and more IPS Block Manager allows you to create blocks with featured items only. You can place them in any area of your community to promote paid listings.

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  23. $25

    PayOp Payment Gateway

    This application adds the support for PayOp. It uses the hosted payment page provided by PayOp.
    Start accept 300+ payment methods ranging from local payment service to international cards.
    Application features
    Lets you accept all payments through the hosted payment page by PayOp.
    Put an additional fee (precentage or amount) on top of the invoice amount on the checkout. Requires a verified project on PayOp.

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  24. $100

    YooKassa Payment Gateway

    This application adds a YooKassa payment method, allowing your customers to pay for products, services and files in your community using payment methods supported by YooKassa. Application supports several payment scenarios, automatic refunds and integration with online sales register in order to comply with Federal Law No. 54 of the Russian Federation.
    YooKassa is intended for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. For personal use please check out YooMoney (formerly known as Yandex.Money).
    What is YooKassa
    YooKassa is a popular payment aggregator in Russia, previously known as Yandex.Checkout (Yandex.Kassa). It allows you to accept payments using bank cards, e-money, online banking, and even cash at payment terminals.
    Application features
    Payments. Application allows you to accept payments in the following ways (check the actual list at https://yookassa.ru/payments or contact your manager): 
    Bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Mir, and JCB. Apple Pay and Google Play (only via YooKassa website). Electronic money: UMoney, WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet. Online banks: Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, Tinkoff. Mobile phone balance: Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, Tele2. Cash at terminals or payment points. Refunds. Application allows you to make refunds. When a transaction is refunded in Invision Community, the funds are automatically refunded to the buyer via YooKassa. Conversely, when refunded via YooKassa, the transaction is automatically refunded in Invision Community.
    Federal Law No. 54. Application supports sending data to generate a receipt for each payment, as well as a receipt for each refund. In this way, you can comply with Federal Law No. 54 of the Russian Federation, which obliges you to generate receipts in an online sales register and send them to the Federal Taxation Service of Russia.
    Two payment scenarios. Application implements two payment scenarios: smart payment and manual payment method selection. Depending on the scenario, the behavior on the Checkout step on your site differs.
    Smart payment is the simplest scenario. It redirects a user to the YooKassa website, where all available payment methods are listed. They can choose a convenient method, pay the bill, and then return to the site. Manual payment method selection is a more seamless scenario. The user selects a payment method on your site, and then goes to the site of the payment method. This can be YooMoney, Sberbank Online, Qiwi Wallet, and so on. Upon completion of the payment, the user returns to the site. The scenario selection is available in the payment method settings, so you can change it to the one that suits you best at any time.
    Changing the invoice status. For some people this point raises questions, so I think it is necessary to mention it separately. After payment on the YooKassa website is made, invoice in the Invision Community is marked as paid automatically (or marks for approval, if you set it up in the AdminCP).
    Other information
    You can find installation instructions on my website.
    This application works only with Russian rubles. There is no automatic conversion at the exchange rate. When placing an order in a different currency, the payment method becomes unavailable for selection.
    In order to use this application, as well as for the ability to sell files in the Downloads application, you must have an official Commerce application.

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  25. $15

    Advanced Referrals

    This plugin will allow your members to enter their own links to use as their referral codes for your website
    Main Features
    Adds a setting button to the users referral links page in their client area Allow members to generate referral links for Forum Topics Start typing the topic title to bring up a list of topics matching the query Referral link will redirect to said topic Download Files Start typing the files name to bring up a list of files matching the query Referral link will redirect to said file Calendar Events Start typing the event name to bring up a list of events matching the query Referral link will redirect to said event Gallery Image Start typing the image name to bring up a list of images matching the query Referral link will redirect to said image Members Profile Start typing the members name to bring up a list matching the query Referral link will redirect to said members profile Custom URL Add their own URL Referral link will redirect to said URL This only works with internal URL's if they enter say https://google.com it will just redirect them to the sites homepage The settings use Ajax and j-query so changing the values will update all referral codes and it WILL NOT reload the page  Required Application
    Nexus / Commerce How To Install
    Go to your ACP and plugins Install the downloaded .xml file That's it all done, visit the referrals page and start generating your own referral links

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