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Bridges and Integration

Bridges and other plugins to integrate with other platforms.

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  1. $12.95

    ThreadStarter: Music

    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about artists and music and fill them with content automatically.
    Users can add artists or albums to topics. After attaching content, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about it above the post. The topic will display YouTube videos, photos, description text, track list and various other information about the artist or album. Discussed artists can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting artists and albums can be restricted to certain forums. Music forums can show music content with photos above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post artists and albums. Posting content can also be allowed in clubs. API support to search, add and remove content programmatically
      How to Install
    Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file. ThreadStarter: Core has to be installed for the ThreadStarter plugin to work! Note: TheAudioDB is a online database run by volunteers. Small actors or albums might not have been added by anyone yet. Most of the time they can be easily imported from other sources if needed. You just have to register at TheAudioDB.com and import the artist using the 'Add' button. Afterwards it will be also available in the ThreadStarter plugin.
    Compatible with other ThreadStarter plugins

    Other plugins

    This product uses the TheAudioDB.com API.

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  2. $12.95

    ThreadStarter: Steam

    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about steam games and fill them with content automatically.
    Users can add steam games to topics. After attaching a game, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about it above the post. The topic will display logo, screenshots, description text and various other information about the game. Discussed steam games can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting games can be restricted to certain forums. Game forums can show steam content with the game logo above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post games. Posting content can also be allowed in clubs. Only works for games on steam. For all other games check out ThreadStarter: Games API support to search, add and remove content programmatically  
    How to Install
    Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file. ThreadStarter: Core has to be installed for the ThreadStarter plugin to work! After installation the plugin will pull a full list of steam games in the background which will be updated once per day. This games can be attached to topics as shown in the screenshots.  
    Compatible with other ThreadStarter plugins

    Other plugins

    This plugin is in not affiliated with or endorsed by Steam or Valve Software.

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  3. $11.95

    ThreadStarter: Comics

    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about comics and fill them with content automatically.
    Requires a free ComicVine API key which can be obtained here.
    Users can add comic issues to topics. After attaching the comic, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about the chosen comic above the post. The topic will show the comic art, characters, tagline and much more. Discussed comics can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random order, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting content can be restricted to certain forums. Comic boards can show comic content with the posters above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post content. Posting content can also be allowed in clubs. API support to search, add and remove content programmatically
      How to Install
    Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file. ThreadStarter: Core has to be installed for the ThreadStarter plugin to work! After installation a free ComicVine API key has to be added in the settings. The API key can be obtained here.  
    Compatible with other ThreadStarter plugins

    Other plugins

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  4. $35.00

    Brilliant Discord Integration

    Unbelievably Brilliant Discord Integration for every community
    Brilliant Discord Integration was designed to work efficiently with every size of the community. This App doesn’t set any limits of community users number to support it brilliantly, therefore it’s ideal for small, medium-sized, and even for really huge forums.
    Our Brilliant App redefines integration standards
    Forget the usual problems with:
    App configuration Role synchronization Adding users into the server and enjoy rethought functionalities offered by our Brilliant Discord Integration App.
    Our experience allowed us to offer most awaited features:
    Brilliant transparency in every configuration step
    We worked with many people to make the configuration possibly simple. And we achieved it! The only thing you have to do is to run the configuration wizard. It contains very helpful field descriptions, and just two text inputs.
    Perfect synchronization of roles and nicknames
    Our Application automatically synchronizes roles and nicknames of your community members. This feature allows them to easily identify each other on your Discord server. And gives you possibility to easily manage their permissions.
    Roles and nicknames are synchronized from your site to Discord server and not the other way around.
    Innovative notifications solution
    Brilliant Discord Integration can send notifications about all content on your site to the Discord server. You can select from 25* different types of content + all content from Pages databases, including comments and reviews. You can configure to send notifications only about content from specified categories, only authored by specified members or comment/reviews only for specified content items. To improve notifications' look, you can use configurable Discord's Rich Embeds.
    *With all official IPS applications (Blogs, Calendar, Commerce, Core, Downloads, Forums, Gallery) installed.
    Original Magic Invites system 
    Magic Invites allows you to manage who can join your Discord server. You can create invites in ACP, and setup group specific permissions for them. If you have enabled Friendly URLs on your site, you can also use a friendly URL for your invites (example.com/invite/invite_key or example.com/discord/invite/invite_key).
    Please note that the whole application (including Magic Invites system) works perfect when there are no basic Discord invites on your Discord server.
    Server security with brilliant Approval Queue
    Using Magic Invites system, you can force your community members (or just specific groups) to send approval request before they join your Discord server. After administrator accepts a member for just one-time or forever, he is immediately added to your Discord server.
    Server promotion with Discord Widget
    Our widget is the best way to promote your Discord server among your community members. Currently it supports 4 official looks from Discord. It may also be a link to a Magic Invite. Note that it only works if you have enabled Server Widget in your Discord server settings.
    Logging in and registration using Discord
    Logging in with Discord is automatically enabled when you finish Brilliant Discord Integration's configuration. Moreover, to enable registration using Discord or edit settings of the login method, go to the Login & Registration page in ACP.

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  5. $15.00

    OG Image for Forum Topics

    When you share forum topics or forum posts on social media sites like Facebook, the site’s default sharer image will currently be used, which doesn’t work well as representation of specific forum discussions. This plugin will use the first image uploaded as attachment in a topic and set it as as Open Graph image (“og:image”), so social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and more) can use it as thumbnail image to represent the link. The process is fully automatic. There are no settings and no image needs to be picked manually. 
    What’s needed: 
    Forums application   Note: 
    This plugin only adds the attachment image to the source code, so Facebook and other social media services can pick it up. There is no guarantee, that the image will be used instantly and that later changes to the forum images will be used by social media services. Facebook caches the images and loads them asynchronously. So when you share an URL for the first time, the image might not show instantly.  If you want to test what Facebook is picking up, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/
    If you don’t see an image for your topic URL or it is an outdated one, click “Scrape again” until the correct image is loaded.

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  6. $17.99

    WebAuthn 2FA: Yubikey, Solo Keys, Android Fingerprint

    This application adds support for the W3C Specification Web Authentication (WebAuthn) for Two Factor Authentication in Invision Community.
    With this application, users with a security key that supports the standard (like Yubikey, Solo Key, or a a compatible Android device with a fingerprint reader) will be able to register that key and use it for Two Factor Authentication. These keys can be built-in, or connected by USB, NFC, Bluetooth, etc (whatever is supported by the key). Some keys provide fingerprint sensors and other additional security.
    Supported Browsers:
    Desktop: An up-to-date version of any major browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) iOS: version 13.3+ Android: An up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Android Browser Examples of supported security keys:
    Yubico Solo Google Titan Feitan eWBM Egis OneSpan HyperFIDO Note: Only authenticators which are signed with a X.509 certificate are supported. ECDAA and self attestation is not supported.

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  7. $10.00

    hCaptcha Integration

    Not a fan of Google? Would you like to start earning money for every CAPTCHA challenge completed on your site? Well take a look at hCaptcha.
    hCaptcha is a drop in replacement for Google's reCAPTCHA project with a few notable differences.
    hCaptcha boasts stronger user privacy policies. hCaptcha pays you when captcha challenges are successfully completed. There's really not much more to say but let me know if you have any questions about how it works.
    After installing this application you'll simply need to go to your CAPTCHA configuration (in the AdminCP this can be found under Settings > Spam Prevention > CAPTCHA tab), choose hCaptcha as the CAPTCHA method, and then input the site key and site secret you generate on hCaptcha's site. That's it! Start earning money on your community immediately.

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  8. $20.00

    Downloads FTP Mirror

    Have download records mirrored in the background on another ftp server. Set a limit on the size or age of a file that will be mirrored and allow remote files to be downloaded through your server.

    Features Background task to mirror both existing and new file records. Set an optional size limit for mirrored files. Set an optional age limit for mirrored files. Allow ftp files to be downloaded through your server rather then redirecting to the ftp url. Supports single, multiple and file versions. Requires Downloads Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  9. Free

    VK.com Login Handler

    If you want to add ability to authorize on your community using VKontakte, then this application is for you.
    This application allows you to quickly log in using the VKontakte social network, as well as to synchronize the user name, profile photo and wall posts from VKontakte to the user status updates on the site. This application does not require a long setup, is fully compatible with 4.3.* versions, and is constantly supported.
    Application Functionality
    Registering and logging in using your VKontakte account without having to enter your email address. Linking an existing account on the site to your VKontakte account. Automatically change your username when it has been changed in VKontakte. Automatically change your profile photo when it has been changed in VKontakte. Automatically publish wall posts from your VKontakte account to the status updates. System Requirements
    The application works only in Invision Community version 4.3 or higher.


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  10. Free

    Spotify Login Handler

    This resource will connect Spotify account to IPS4 account. It will allow you to Sign up and Sign in using the Spotify account, as well as to synchronize the user name and/or profile photo.
    You are required to register your application on https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard/login to obtain:
    Client ID Client Secret You also need to inform your board URL and the Redirect URI.


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  11. $24.95

    Patreon Integration

    With this plugin site owners can connect a Patreon campaign to their forum allowing members to link their Patreon accounts. Connected members can gain access rights and be shown in top lists helping the monetization of your site.
    Requires a free Patreon API key / Client which can be obtained here.
    All campaign data will be pulled automatically - The ACP allows easily to assign Patreon tiers to user groups. The campaign image, description text and join button can be shown in a widget. Members can link and unlink their accounts to Patreon form the user menu Settings > Connect Patreon Account. Linked members can be assigned to user groups according to their pledge tier. If a member changes their pledge or unlinks their account the user group assignments can be removed automatically. Widgets for current goal, top patrons and new patrons. Widgets show join campaign link for members that are not already a patron. Pledges, goals and campaign information will be automatically updated in the background to stay up to date. How to Install
    Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file After installation a free Patreon Client ID and Refresh Token have to be added in the settings. The Client can be created here. Notes
    The patreon API is currently not maintained by patreon but still working fine. Only $ based goals are supported.  
    Other plugins

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  12. $25.00

    (NE) browser-update.org integration

    "(NE) browser-update.org integration" will provide you with the ability to present a notification to users of "out of date", insecure and/or unsupported web browsers, providing those users with guidance on how to update their browser.
    Notification functionality is provided by https://browser-update.org/, based on the configuration elements enabled in the settings of the plugin or application.
    Unlike the free plugin version, the configuration for the notification is all performed within the settings of the application and removes the need for you to create a manual string to configure the script.

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  13. Free

    (NE) browser-update.org integration (FREE)

    A free plugin which will allow you to utilise the functionality provided by https://browser-update.org/


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  14. Free

    [IPS 4.3] Discord Login Handler

    Discord is a free voice and text chat for gamers, and it's now integrated with Invision Community with the Discord Login Handler by @Fosters!  This login handler connects your Invision Community with the Discord app, and allows your members to login using their Discord account.  
    This app is currently under development with more features to come later.  "Follow" to not miss out on future releases.  
    Allows registration/login on your IPS 4.3 community through Discord OAuth2 INSTALL VIDEO
    Thank you to @Josiah Wallingford for posting an install video.  Full installation instructions are included in the README.  


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  15. Free

    WhatsApp Share Service

    Adds a new Button to the Share Bar for WhatsApp


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  16. $10.00

    Slack Notifications

    Connect your IPS community with Slack, a community chat tool with native apps for desktop, iOS, and Android.  Bring the power of Slack notifications to your IPS community by bridging the two softwares together and creating notifications in Slack when important events happen so you're always in the loop.  Use the same chat service that IPS developers use in private!
    What is Slack?
    Slack is a powerful real-time messaging application with advanced features like feature-rich messaging, file sharing, archive search, videos calls, and more.  Here are a couple of Slack's greatest features:
    Channels -- Organize your team conversations in open channels. Make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on. For sensitive information, create private channels and invite a few team members Direct Messages -- Send messages directly to another person or to a small group of people for more focused conversations.
    Calls -- Take a conversation from typing to face-to-face by starting a Slack voice or video call in any Channel or Direct Message. From there, you're one click away from sharing your screen, so everyone can follow along.
    Drag-and-drop Files -- Not just your messages, but all your files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can be dropped right into Slack and shared with anyone you want. Add comments, star for later reference, and it’s all completely searchable.  If you use any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just paste the link and that document is immediately in sync and searchable too
    Search -- Everything in Slack (messages, notifications, files, and all) s automatically indexed and archived so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want. Slack also indexes the content of every file so you can search within PDFs, Word documents, Google docs, and more. With one search box and a set of powerful search operators, you can slice and dice your way to that one message in your communication haystack.
    Slack offers free pricing for new or small teams, and paid plans for larger teams.  
    What does this app do? 
    This application connects your IPS4 installation with an existing installation of Slack, and will push notifications to Slack.  Implemented notifications:
    A new member creates an account A content item is reported An unapproved new content is created IPS\Log::log() function will send content to slack if you're in dev mode ( \IPS\IN_DEV ) This app does NOT integrate or sync your members between IPS and Slack.

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  17. $15.00

    (NE) quantcast.com integration

    Plugin allows you to integrate the "Privacy" and "Tracking" functionality provided by Quantcast.com
     - Privacy functionality is used to present a dialog box to the user to assist with GDPR requirements.
    How to configure:
    1) Sign up to https://www.quantcast.com
    2) Add your site information via the above site's dashboard
    3) Obtain your ID from the above site - this ID is displayed in the header bar of the dashboard
    4) Add it to the plugin's settings - the Privacy & Tracking tags will be generated to the format needed for the JS code provided by Quantcast
    Modifying the "Privacy" dialogs and content is achieved by creating a new theme via https://www.quantcast.com/protect/themes/new
    Important: support for the plugin does not extend to assisting you with configuring items via the Quantcast site - if you require assistance with that then utilise Quantcast's Support page at https://help.quantcast.com/hc/en-us

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  18. $11.00


    1.申请成为 QQ开发者 。
    1.Apply to become a QQ developer.

    2.After approval, create the website application.

    3.提交网站应用后也需要审核,审核通过后 论坛后台创建 QQ登录 APPID与APPKey。
    3.After submitting the website application, it also needs to be reviewed. After the approval, QQ is created in the background of the forum to log in appid and appkey.


    After saving, you can use QQ to login quickly.
    If you need help, please contact me

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  19. $29.99

    TeamSpeak Integration

    Works with select Cloud Hosting providers! 
    Integrate a TeamSpeak server with your community
    Display members TeamSpeak status on their profile. Caching available for this feature. Send global messages to TeamSpeak clients. Automatically sync TeamSpeak server groups. Supports the following: Member Groups Profile Fields (Select type only) Clubs Integrate a TSViewer as a widget. Multiple UUIDs for members. TeamSpeak Ban/Unban from within ACP. Edit the TeamSpeak Server information from within ACP. Manage member UUIDs from within ACP. Create and Restore (from) Server Snapshots containing current settings, groups and known client identities from within ACP. Sync forum bans with TeamSpeak bans (When a member is banned on the forums, they will be banned on the TeamSpeak as well) Option to require a TeamSpeak UUID in order to use the forum. Per group option available for this feature. Option to display a TeamSpeak UUID on the registration form. Support for Cloud instances of ICS. View a members TeamSpeak information in their ACP profile. Manually Sync a specific Member TeamSpeak Groups from the members ACP profile. Manually Sync a Group of Members TeamSpeak Groups who belong to a specific Group Association. Manually Sync ALL Members TeamSpeak Groups in the background. Automatically Sync all Members using a task at your desired interval Automatically Sync Members TeamSpeak Groups When: A Members Profile  is Edited A Group Association is Added/Removed A member or an Admin updates a Members UUIDs Feature Requests / Bug Reports
    You can create both feature requests and bug reports at the Issue Tracker Github Repository
    You can view the Project Roadmap there as well.
    Coming Soon
    The ability to link to a SQL database instead of using a query admin. This will allow people who have set their TeamSpeak server to work with
    a custom database much better performance from this application.  Integrate Reputation into the TeamSpeak Server TeamSpeak 5 Integration (once it's out) Notes
    If it is not already installed, you need to install the Socket PHP Extension to use this application. Detailed instructions on how to do so can be found here. Using with a Cloud Server It is not guaranteed that this application will work with ALL cloud service providers. Some have strict rules around firewalls.
    Your service provider must issue you a consistent public facing static IP address and have the ability to open outbound ports.
      Known Versions of Cloud Hosting that are not supported: Invision Power Services "Community in the Cloud" 
      In order to use this application with the cloud version of IPS, you need to follow these steps. Gather information: Get your forum IP address This is generally easiest by just pinging your forums (i.e. `ping myforums.com`) In some cases, pinging the servers will not work and instead you will need to get the OUTBOUND IP address for your server from your service provider as it may be different than the INBOUND IP address you will get when you ping your forums. For this example we will assume that the OUTBOUND IP of your forums is We will also assume that your teamspeak server IP is We will also assume that your teamspeak query admin port is 10011 Choose an outbound port to use (for this example we will use 9664) Contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock the following: Outbound from to Open Connection Settings in ACP and configure the following. Bind Address with the IP of your forums. Bind Port with the outbound port you have selected. You should now be able to communicate with your TeamSpeak server.
      Application Tasks It is highly recommended that under System->Settings->Advanced Configuration you enable either `Use Cron` or `Use Web Service` for the Task Method and set it up as instructed. This way, your Tasks are not relying on traffic to your site.
      Adding your TeamSpeak UUID Members can add their TeamSpeak UUIDs by going to their member menu on the top right, and clicking 'Account Settings'. Their TeamSpeak UUIDs can be found under the 'TeamSpeak Settings' tab. Alternately, you can add this to the registration form. Additional Information
    You can access the TeamSpeak Query Admin class from anywhere using the following code.
    // Connect to the TeamSpeak Server // ( // If a connection has already been established // during this PHP execution session, the current // connection will be used instead of a new one. // ) if (! \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::connectIPS()) { $tsError = \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsError; die($tsError); } // Example \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsAdmin->clientGetIds("osNiXxOSdfgl5nVJdtBipg/a+E4="); (See http://ts3admin.info/manual/classts3admin.html for documentation)
    ts3admin.class by par0noid (License) Discussion Topic:

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  20. $20.00

    SparkPost Integration

    Returns the SparkPost Email integration to IPS 4.3.
    Features include:
    Enable SparkPost for bulk mail only Enable SparkPost for all outgoing mail Integrate Bulk Mail with SparkPost campaigns SparkPost Suppression List management Search the list for individual users Add email addresses to the suppression list Delete email addresses from the suppression list Outgoing mail log Coming soon:
    Webhook integration (synch forum subscription status when a user unsubscribes via sparkpost) Note: it is strongly recommended that you use SparkPost with a dedicated IP. Shared servers very often lead to your server being classified as spam.

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  21. $45.00

    Apple News Integration

    Publish your articles to Apple News!
    Different publish settings for individual databases Can be limited to one or more categories Map database fields to Apple News Article components (e.g. title, body) Customize the appearance of your Apple News articles Apple News articles are synched automatically with your site - published articles get published to apple, hiding an article hides it on apple, etc.

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  22. Free

    Duo Authentication

    Duo Authentication lets you add Duo as another Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) option. Duo is a paid service with a limited free tier (up to 10 users) which allows centralized management of all authorized users.
    Setup Instructions
    Upload the plugin XML file to your Admin CP to install it. Sign up for an account at Duo: https://signup.duo.com/ On your Duo dashboard, create a new "Web SDK" application. See the screenshot above (with 3 arrows and numbers) for an image of how to do this. Make a note of the Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Hostname. Additionally, ensure that "Let users remove devices, add new devices, and reactivate Duo Mobile" is checked. If it is not, you will need to enroll your users yourself and they will be unable to manage their Duo account (add/remove authorized devices) from within Invision Community. If enrolling manually, ensure that the username in duo matches the "Duo identifier" setting in Invision Community. By default, this is the Member's ID number, but it can be changed to their Display Name or Email Address instead. See the screenshot above (with the 2 red boxes) for an image of where to find these settings. Copy the Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Hostname into the Duo settings in the Multi Factor Authentication area of the ACP. Toggle Duo from "Disabled" to "Enabled" -- your members can now use Duo! To manage which types of notifications are supported (push, SMS, phone call, passcode), edit the policy on the Duo dashboard. You can also enable a "remember me" checkbox on the Duo dashboard which will allow the user to bypass MFA for a set number of days on the same device.


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  23. Free

    (SD) ActiveCampaign Integration

    This integration allows you to integrate Invision Community with ActiveCampaign
    Turn on integration and after register member will be able to add to our „default list” Turn on e-commerce integration and follow transaction on ActiveCampaign (require Commerce app) If someone deletes account on our board his email will be deleted fro ActiveCampaign All these actions will be stored on member history You want to show custom form to subscribe e.g special newsletter? No problem - paste embed code in application settings and thats all  
    API version 3 Automatically added subscribtion to „default list” after register E-commerce integration Action history (per member) Allows to show custom form  
    More info on blog


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  24. $35.00

    Steam Profile Integration

    This app will obtain data from Steam for your users, and groups, and place it in your IPS Community database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam Online information, in configurable batches, every 2 minutes, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages.
    Out of the box, this app will display steam information in the following places
    Member Profile Next to Members' posts Member Hovercards (Steam Online Status only) Widget: X Random Online Steam Members displayed anywhere you can place a Widget Widget: Steam Group information More detailed information about the members Steam profile is displayed on the Members Profile page.  Including an optional list of games the member owns.  Out of the box the list of games can be shown in either an image grid layout, or list view.
    Don't want to use Sign in With Steam? No problem, this app works with a Custom Profile field also. Want to use both a custom profile field AND Sign in With Steam? Not a problem, this app seamlessly pulls information from both locations to create a single list of users to cache. 
    Valid Steam Input format for Custom Profile Field:
    Steam Name: ex. ' Aiwa ' 17 digit Steam ID: ex. 76561197964468370 Old school Steam ID: ex. STEAM_0:0:2101321 *** If there are any other places you'd like to see a users steam information displayed, submit a support request!
    Scales seamlessly to work with larger boards without impacting site / server performance.  
    IP.Board 3.4.x version available here.
    *** Supported natively on 64 bit server configurations.  For 32 bit server configurations, php-bcmath is required to decode this format. Apache / Nginx server timeout settings should be > 30 seconds.  This allows Steam Web API servers time to respond before failing gracefully.  If configured for < 30 seconds, HTTP 502 errors may occur when running large / bulk updates. If in doubt, contact your hosting provider. IPS 4.4 and above, use 2.1.11+
    IPS 4.3.x use version 2.1.11
    IPS 4.2.x use version 2.1.7, unsupported
    IPS 4.0.x & 4.1.x, use version 2.0.13, unsupported

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  25. $75.00

    WordPress SSO

    This plugin replaces the default IPS4 front-end login/registration system with WordPress.
    This plugin contains the following features
    Role syncing: The ability to move users into IPS4 groups dependant on the role assigned to them in WordPress. Account Management: Relevant account management pages are redirected to the WordPress counterparts Login/Register/Logout redirection: After clicking the login/register/logout links, the user will be directed back to the IPS4 page they were on Invision Community 4.2 compatibility Invision Community 4.3
    With the recently announced OAuth changes in Invision Community 4.3 which makes it far easier to configure an SSO solution with WordPress, what benefits does this plugin bring over the new built in functionality?
    Invision Community 4.3
    WordPress SSO
    Automatic login

    Role Syncing to Member Groups

    Important considerations
    Your WordPress and IPS4 installation MUST BE on the same domain (sub-domains are fine). - Sub domains require a modification to your WordPress configuration. This plugin completely replaces the front-end login system. If you wish to use any other SSO/Social logins, these must be configured in WordPress instead. Users must have a WordPress account to sign in, you may need to import your IPS4 users to WordPress if they do not already have an account This SSO cannot be used to log users into the AdminCP. They will need to use a password that can be set locally (by another admin, edit the user account and 'change' password) Please make sure that you understand these considerations and are happy with them before purchasing, there will be no refunds.
    This SSO should be compatible with most versions of WordPress, however it has only been tested on the later versions (4.4.x+)
    If you do have any questions, please send me a PM.

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