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Theme and design based extensions that adjust the look of your community.

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  1. Free

    Colorize Report Icons

    Are you tired of the dark and monotone icons of the report panel? Do you want to live a more colorful life? Fear no more, the solution is here!
    This simple and completely free plugin makes it almost too easy to change the colors of the report icons, regardless of where they appear. Set your own custom colors from the settings page, and the new colorized report icons will fill your live with joy.
    Just like the rest of my files, this plugin is and will always be completely free. All I ask in return is that you leave a review below if you find this plugin useful.
    Known issues
    As of version 1.1.0, the following issue is known and will be fixed shortly.
    It might be necessary to perform a force reload of your community in your browser, or clear your browser cache, after setting or changing the custom colors. It might also be necessary to turn the plugin off and on after updating.


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  2. $22.00

    Pages SuperGallery

    By default, Pages databases work best for articles. This template sets puts the Record Image field front and center. As a result, Pages categories can now be turned into beautiful & minimalistic galleries, where each record represents one image (with a title and description). All Pages functionalities like comments, ratings, reviews and custom fields are also available. 
    The original idea was to create a template set for online art exhibitions, but the template set has a wide range of possible uses. Any kind of content centered around images can be improved by this plugin: How-to guides using images. A travel blog. A designer’s portfolio …  
    This product is not meant to replace the Gallery app. It’s a way to create galleries as part of the editorial content on your website. 
    The record display view has 3 possible layouts which can be applied automatically: portrait image, landscape image and “no image”. The latter creates a center column with content from the editor field, which can be used for an introduction, chapter dividers and so on. 
    A bonus feature is limiting the number entries guests can view (starting from the first record in a category). This can be used to encourage guests to register. 
    What’s required: 
    The Pages app  What’s included:
    A category index template (with support for Pages Category Image) A listing template A record display template A plugin with settings (see below) Detailed feature description:
    Global settings: Item background: dark or IPS default box Limit number of entries guests can see. Yes/No Number of entries a guest can see Listing settings: Thumbnail fill type: contain or enlarge to fill Use black&white effect Display settings: Image column aspect ratio: portrait only, landscape only, dynamic (based on the image) Allow Lightbox Yes/No Show creator on record view Show creation time on record view Use image effects (shadow/rounded corners) Notes: 
    The templates can be used for multiple Pages databases, but the plugin settings will apply to all databases at once.  The ordering comes from the Pages database ordering settings, as with any Pages database. There is no drag-and-drop ordering of the images. For ordering, a stock field like record ID or title can be used or a custom ordering field can be created. However, the ordering field needs to contain unique values. Fields like “rating” or “views” cannot be used.   

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  3. $18.00

    Enhanced User Info Panel

    Enhance your user info panel with this powerful fully customizable applicaiton for the forum topic posts. You do not need to show all the information; you can choose to show or hide any one of them or just choose to hide them on mobile viewing. You can also choose what user groups can see each information.
    User Info Panel
    Edit the width of the user info panel between 200px - 350px Profile Info
    Show/Hide the users group with color formatting Show/Hide secondary group images Show/Hide the users clubs as icons (if they are members of one) Show/Hide the users ID Content
    Show/Hide the users post count Show/Hide the users post per day ratio Show/Hide the users reputation Show/Hide the users amount of leader board member of the days won Choose to use a gold font for the member of the day Show/Hide the users topic count Show/Hide the users topic per day ratio Personal Info
    Show/Hide the users birthday Change the birthday view to the show the members age instead Show/Hide the users joined date Change the joined date to one saying "With Us For X Days" Show/Hide the users online status Show/Hide the users last activity Show/Hide the users timezone Show/Hide the users follower count Show/Hide the users connected device Clubs
    Show/Hide the users clubs as icons at the bottom of the user info panel (The club name will appear on hover) Change the size of the clubs icons 3rd Party Apps & Plugins
    (DF42) Members Social Info iAwards Member Away Trophys & Medals Members Shop Other
    Show/Hide each section for mobile browsing Select what user groups can see what on the info panel Display custom profile fields on mobile devices  

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  4. Free

    Login Page Message

    This plugin will let you add a message, including an optional title, to the login page. The message will appear over the login form, and you can easily change the text being shown as well as the font sizes for both the title and message text. You can style the different message elements using CSS, giving you complete control over the visual aspects. For more information about this, see the Additional information tab.
    Just like the rest of my files, this plugin is and will always be completely free. All I ask in return is that you leave a review below if you find this plugin useful.
    Known issues
    As of version 1.0.0, there are no known issues.


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  5. $25.00

    (NE) Hide content

    Version 1.x and up Plugin which allows administrators to control the display of topic replies to guest viewers, showing a custom editable message to guests. Guests must register & sign-in to be able to view the replies. Can be set on all or specific forums. Topic exceptions can be made using a comma-separated listing of the topic IDs which will not be affected. Version 2.0 and up Ability to hide content in the first post in a topic, and not just replies to that topic. Ability to exclude topics from being affected by the plugin. Ability to exclude search engines from being treated as guests Tom Iron's 'Cloak' functionality has been incorporated, now allow hiding of the following:  All content  Links (including/excluding mentions)  Linked images (including/excluding emoticons)  Attachments  Code  Quotes  Spoilers Each of the above will have their own replacement message displayed. Allows the ability to merge multiple instances of the same replacement message, thus only displaying one replacement message in the event that someone has multiple items in the content. The 'Cloak' functionality now uses DOM instead of Regex to locate items in the content, and is thus more reliable. Version 2.1 and up modified the 'Apply to forum(s)' setting functionality original behaviour: admin chose which forums would be affected by the plugin ('All forums' or select forums from list - therefore inclusive) new behaviour: An include or exclude option is now available. 'Include' is the default, and behaves as above. 'Exclude', when choosing, will allow an admin to select which forums won't be affected by the plugin. this feature will be useful to those who have a large number of forums and want to apply the plugin to a large percentage of those forums. Example: 100 forums total, but apply plugin to 97 of those. So instead of selecting the 97 forums to include, it's easier/quicker to just select the 3 forums to exclude. added ability to hide content from member groups, instead of just guests. Please review your replacement content to ensure that it is relevant to this new functionality. For example - the default value for this used to indicate "You must be signed in.....", which will no longer be correct if you use the member group functionality. fixed issue with non-image attachments not being affected by the 'Hide attachments' functionality. name change to '(NE) Hide post content'

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  6. $10.00

    Clubs Menu Tab

    Create a powerful Menu Tab listing all your clubs ( with permission check) in seconds by installing the Clubs Menu by @Fosters!  This application will auto-list all clubs in your Clubs navigation tab, and include a button to go to the Club Overview Page.  

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  7. $10.00

    Extended Forum Menu

    Create a powerful Forum Menu in seconds by installing the Extended Forum Menu by @Fosters!  This application will auto-list all categories in your Forums navigation tab, and include a button to go to the Forums application.  The menu will create menus and nested sub-menus depending upon the level of your categories.  

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  8. $5.00

    Extended Downloads Menu

    Create a powerful Downloads Menu in seconds by installing the Extended Downloads Menu by @Fosters!  This application will auto-list all categories in your Downloads navigation tab, and include a button to go to the Downloads application.  The menu will create menus and nested sub-menus depending upon the level of your categories.  

    There are no settings.  This file is plug-and-play.

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  9. $10.00

    Sticky Mobile Header/Menu + Auto hide

    This simple plugin makes the header bar sticky across all your community. In addition, it hides the mobile breadcrumb bar when you scroll down and shows it back when you scroll up.
    The breadcrumbs slides up and down depending the scroll direction.
    The stick header is only enabled in mobile and starts in resolutions lower than 500px wide.
    You can see a demo in action here.

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  10. $15.00


    SuperTimeline is a carefully crafted listing template for Pages databases. As the name suggests, it allows you to show Pages records as a timeline. The template is fully responsive, supports left-to-right or right-to-left websites and comes with lots of options for granular control of what is shown in the listing template. 
    Live demo link
    The template has 3 modes:
    Mode 1 will show the database order field next to the entry. Perfect for entries representing events that happened on a specific day.  Mode 2 shows the database order field above the entry and it will group multiple entries with the same value. (For example: you can group entries which belong to a certain year or month.) Mode 3 hides the order field. What’s required:
    Invision Community 4.5 with the Pages application List of Features:
    Set Mode Feature Single Entries Group Entries No highlighting Render time/dates If your order field is a timestamp, you need to turn this on to show it as a date. Alternatively, you can also use other custom fields as order fields, e.g. a number field for years, months or combinations of the two .  Record image size small, medium or large RTL mode What to show in each card Show record creator Show creation time Show comment count Show view count Show rating/review stars Show truncated content field Show meta fields inline or on one line each Override theme colors? Grouping badge background (mode 2) Grouping badge text color (mode 2) Timeline color Entry dot color Feature text (mode 1)

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  11. $25.00

    Tabbed Forums Index

    This resource will display categories/forums as tabs in Forums index.
    Create Your Own Tabs:
    You can create how many tabs you want. There are 4 types of tabs:
    All Root Categories: will add one tab for each root category Specific Root Categories: you can choose how many root categories you want to display per tab Specific Forums: you can choose how many forums you want to display per tab Clubs Specific Forums: you can choose which club forums you want to display per tab Multi Language Support:
    You can give tabs different titles according to the languages you have installed in your board Per Tab Permisison:
    You can also choose which user groups can view each tab. Per Tab Style:
    Table view Grid view Notes:
    It will add a new display option in the index if you allow members to choose forum view type A second line of tabs will show up if you have many root categories. The less the better. Upgrade from Plugin to the Application:
    Simply install the application. It will add a tab automatically (All Root Categories) and will uninstall the plugin  

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  12. $20.00

    Highlight Topic Author

    Highlight Topic Author adds a badge and a border above posts and from the author of topics and questions. It will help your commentators to differentiate between other posters and posts from the original author.
    Requires practically no configuration. Works in topics and question topics. Easily change the colour of the badge & border. Enable/Disable the badge or border. Set icons for both topics and QA topics. Set custom classes for the badge and border for your own setup. Set badge text for standard topics and text for question topics. Compatibility
    IPS 4.0, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x
    Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via 

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  13. $12.00

    Dropdown Navigation menu

    Dropdown Navigation menu is a simple plugin to turn the Default IPS Theme navigation menu, into a styled and customizable dropdown menu. Plugin works perfectly for "IPS Default Theme".


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  14. $15.00

    Legend Styler - Hover Cards

    Legend Styler - Hover Cards is a powerful plugin, designed to give so many options and design choice when it's come to hovering on user name in Invision Community websites.
    Plugin came with initial of 6 different theme/style for user hover cards including IPS default theme and IPS 4 old user hover card theme. almost every part of these template can be modify by plugin side options. along with normal data in hover cards like statistics, user groups etc... Legend Styler - Hover Cards adds many more feature to it as well.

    Some of the additional info that Legend Styler - Hover Cards can add to user hover cards:
    8 different Theme/Style including IPS 4 default for user hover cards Full support of Social media links for users (based on custom profile fields), display user's social media links in their user hover cards Display secondary groups in user hover cards Follow user button in user hover cards Full support of profile fields that can be filled by individual: Targeted Custom fields for specific Personal information like Age, Location and Occupation in user hover cards Display full list of custom fields line by line in user hover cards Ability to display "About Me" section in user hover cards New statistic user data like number of followers, number of solutions by user and can be show/hide in user hover cards  
    Style 1 > IPS 4.6 default user hover card theme:

    Style 2 > IPS 4 old user hover card theme:

    Style 3 > Custom theme 1:

    Style 4 > Custom theme 2:

    Style 5 > Custom theme 3:

    Style 6 > Custom theme 4:

    Style 7 > Custom theme 5:

    Style 8 > Custom theme 6:

    Demo on hovering user names/images (with style 8 - custom theme 6)

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  15. $16.00

    Legend Styler - Posts

    Legend Styler - Posts, is a plugin that can be use to give a lot of styles and parts rearrangements to Posts section in Forums topics/questions. with dozens of variable and settings, admin can modify and rearrange almost every part in posts area, in verities of ways to give a unique look, style and color to posts. in general, there are two different ways of display user info panel in this plugin (Vertical or Horizontal) and each one have sets of their own settings and variables.
    Display author info in Posts as default vertical or horizontal Social media link support based on custom profile fields in posts, display user social media links in their posts Change background color or text color of author info in Posts Remove background color of author info in Posts, floating style for author info in Posts Change the width size of author info in Posts Sticky effect for author info in Posts Re-arrange position of User name and User group Display Secondary groups Display Secondary groups icons Change the size of User image (avatar) Change style of User image to show as fully rounded, mild rounded or square Display/Remove user statistics Change style of user statistics to small grid, large grid or list Display/Remove Custom profile fields Display/Remove User badges Change how to display user statistics: normal/default as raw data, condensed or display when hover on posts Ability to restore "Member Title" which replaced with Member Ranks after IPS 4.6 Demo (this demo uses Horizontal UIP settings)
    Require IPS 4.6 (Forums app) Plugin tested only with IPS default theme, and it may or may not work with custom third party themes.

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  16. $15.00

    Legend Styler - Topic Listing

    Legend Styler - Topic Listing, is a powerful plugin that can be use to give a lot of style and customization in Forums Topic/Question listing pages. there are many options with many variable in this plugin, so admin can use them in combination to give Topic/Question listing pages a unique look. parts by parts of these listings can be modify so with every combination of settings, there will be new style for Topic/Question listing pages.
    Dozens of variables and settings so admin can modify each part of lists in Topic/Question listing pages. Add special indicator for Pinned Topics, so these topics looks separated from the rest of topics in the Topic/Question listing pages. Add special indicator for Featured Topics as background color. Add new way of viewing Topic/Question listing pages as "Grid" with it's own templates for both Topics and Question listings.  
    Demo Topic listing (note: this demo only shows just one combination of styles that can be done with this plugin)
    Demo Question listing (note: this demo only shows just one combination of styles that can be done with this plugin)
    Requirements: IPS Forums 4.5 Plugin works with every theme compatible with IPS 4.5 (IPS default theme and custom themes)  

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  17. $15.00

    Navigation Toolkit

    Navigation Toolkit is a plugin to add some useful feature and buttons in your community:
    Progress page bar when scrolling the page. with plugin side setting it's possible to give different color for this progress bar. Dark Mode/Light Mode button. smoothly change theme color from light to dark or dark to light mode. (Note: only tested on IPS default theme) Font resize button. with plugin side setting, it's possible to give user two choice for font size: default size or large font size. Theme selector. ability to change community's theme Language selector. Ability t change community's language Refresh page button Go to top button Go to bottom button Show/Hide Global sidebar Sticky effect for Global sidebar Setting for fixed Navigation bar Group permission setting for access each button separately (New) Position setting, now possible to display buttons at top user navigation area (default) or vertical side menu in left or right of the page (New) Demo



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  18. $23.00

    Menu PLUS

    This app allows you to change the IPS Default Menu to Advanced Dropdown Menu using tons of customization options.

    Features :
    Main menu  Enable |Disable Enable mobile device mode  Use custom theme color Set menu height Background and Link color Hover color (Background and link color) Logo Enable | Disable Set logo image Set alternative text Set image padding Set link Submenu Submenu width Distance  between main item and submenu container Background color Link color Hover color (Background and Link) Shadow Border (width | color | radius) Item height Item separator Animation type(fade, zoom ,...) Animation timing (ease, cubic,...) Animation duration RTL supported Mobile device supported Adding the MORE button Automatic management of directions Icon management Enable | Disable Icons Specify icon for MORE button | Enable | Disable Enable placeholder [empty space for items with no icon] Enable | Disable Mobile navigation icons General Menu items supported Account items supported
    Show language and theme items in the navbar on mobile device
    Ability to add the theme and language icons at the topbar [Desktop mode]
    Ability to add the theme and language icons at the userbar [mobile devices] 
    Move the mobile menu icon(Hamburger icon) to the menu bar Ability to set the navigation position: Default  Fixed Sticky when scrolling up Enable/Disable the header Add custom Font awesome icon Use Sticky navigation on top in desktop mode Align the title on mobile devices Show/Hide the Breadcrumb  [Mobile devices] Add label to the menu items to make them stand out Enable | Disable Multilanguage text font color font size background color RTL supported Mobile devices supported You can see and try DEMO.

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  19. $18.00

    Overlay Live Quick Search

    Overlay Live Quick Search enhances your search form by applying an AJAX search, allowing you to see search results without needing to redirect to a results page. 

    Features :
    Main Default Theme Search Button Label Overlay Page Title Overlay Page Title Link Result Container Label Close Tooltip Advanced Tooltip Placeholder Text Min Characters to start search Enable Autocomplete Multilanguage RTL supported Color Search Button Color Background Color Text Color Form Background Color Placeholder color The background color of the search result section Font size Search Button Font size Input Font Size Theme & Style Enable the default theme and color 2 styles Adjust padding  

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  20. Free

    (NE) No GIF autoplay

    A (not so) simple plugin which will stop GIFs autoplaying in the main content areas, applying a 'Play' button which will allow you to view the GIF in your own time (replacing the lightbox functionality)
    Note the following:
    This is not a "play/pause/play from paused position" solution. Support is strictly limited to me fixing issues which I spot while this is running on my own site No new features will be added, unless it's a feature I think of that will improve the plugin's use on my own site.  


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  21. Free

    Back 2 Top

    New version of the good old Back To Top, but rewritten and with additional features, as there are ...
    Themechooser - You can now choose where the plugin is active, if themes already bring a similar feature.
    Icon selection - Choose from 5 "standard icons", or use a Font Awesome icon of your choice.
    Color, size, transparency and positioning are also freely selectable.
    Note: This is a whole new plugin, no upgrade of the old one.


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  22. Free


    Adds a Portal application to IP.Board. Based upon IP.Board Portal by IPS. Please be sure to direct all support questions or suggestions in the discussion topic rather then at IPS. The Portal is currently exclusive to the IPS Marketplace, I do not support this application elsewhere.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.



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  23. Free

    Extra Footer Links

    With this plugin you to add unlimited custom links to the footer of your site without having to manually place them in the templates of each theme. 
    Optionally, these links can also be displayed in the mobile navigation.


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  24. Free

    FX News Lite

    FX News is an extension for Pages to create great looking news sites, similar to what we are using on InvisionFocus or the Invision Community Blog.
    It comes with layouts for Featured Articles, Article Listings, the Article Display itself and two customizable block templates for your records. And yes, this means your existing records, you can use this with all the databases and content you have already created.
    Also it's equipped with lots of useful settings to customize almost everything and make it fit to your site ...
    Templates with two- or three-row layouts for all your databases. Use thumbnails or original images (loading speed vs. quality). Chose the size of the images and how they are displayed. Optionally use image zoon on hover or an individual effect you have created by yourself. Select additional info shown in the article cards like author avatar, category or comment count. Set the height and behavior of the headline and lenght of the truncated preview text. Choose if you want to use the uploaded image above the article, inside or hide it at all. Ability to set individual image dimensions for desktop and mobile view above the articles. And these are only a few of the settings, just take a look at the uploaded screenshots for more.
    Additionally to an advanced Accordion block similar to what is used almost everywhere on Invision Community and many third party applications, it comes with it's own very mighty Flex block that you can use to populate whole pages... or simply show some news above your forums too, if you don't like the accordion style 
    Both blocks pull their content (a.k.a. shown articles) from your databases and you can of course use all standard blocks settings to filter. Not only the latest articles, build blocks based on selected categories, features, ratings or even tags.
    Sounds good so far? Why don't you just give it a try, it's free and you can break nothing. Your databases and records itself are not affected by this plugin.
    A big thank you for beta-testing and feedback while Pre-Marketplace stage goes out to our members, especially @Dukenand pushpendra 
    Note: You need the Pages application to use this plugin.


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  25. Free

    Mobile Menu

    Mobile first! This is not only Google's motto, more and more people are online with their smartphones these days. Therefore, it is very important to have a fast and easy navigation on your pages especially in the mobile view.
    Nothing is more annoying than having to open a sidebar first and then navigate to sub-items to get to where you want to look up something quickly.
    And that's where this plugin comes in. You can configure up to 10 buttons with whatever you want, they are always and everywhere visible at the bottom of your pages, there is no need to scroll down. Also the appearance can be easily adapted to your design.
    Among other things, you can set ...
    Color and size of the icons, which can be selected individually from Font Awesome. Optionally display a text below the icons (also with color of your choice). Background color of the menu including transparency effect if desired. Even a choice of themes in which the menu should be displayed is possible. The now superfluous IPS navigation below the header can be hidden if desired. What URLs you assign to the buttons is up to you. Instead of board functions, you can also create quicklinks for your social media sites or Discord servers.
    There are also two small settings for fine-tuning if you use more complex themes or footers. The only thing that seems to be missing is a visible copyright 
    You can see it live in action on our site. So what else is there to think about, your users will thank you for it 


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