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  1. $15.00

    Unique Profile Fields

    This plugin allows you to select which custom profile fields require unique value/content when members edit their profiles. So that multiple members can not have the same profile field value.
    Select any custom profile field to require unique content. Set which member groups can be exempt from the unique value requirement. Supports custom profile fields placed on the register form. Choose between an exact match or contains match when checking fields for unique content. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  2. Free

    Pages ACP Append Field and Category IDs

    Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers.
    Here you go.
    Version 2 adds in database category IDs as well. 
    Just as useful.


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  3. Free

    Confirm Email Address

    This plugin adds another email address field on the new member registration form for the user to confirm the email address.
    On submission, if the two email fields do not match the registration will not process and the form will reappear with a message indicating those two email addresses did not match.
    The remaining fields and choices will still retain previously filled in information. The user will just need to correct the email addresses and re-submit.
    This DOES work with the register after posting feature. When the user enters their email address and post content and then hits save, they are taken to the usual user registration form with the email address field pre-filled with their entry. The confirm email field is beneath, and works, as expected.
    This validation occurs AFTER a user submits the registration form, not via jQuery live on the form after they enter both email addresses. 
    Also important: Users of IPS Commerce can require purchases of items on registration, the user registration form created by Commerce for checkout purposes does NOT get this email validation form field, and likely never will (reasons...). Feel free to lobby IPS for a built-in email validation field!
    Version 2 is for Invision Community 4.4 and above exclusively. Confirmed working with 4.5
    For 4.3.6 and lower please use version 1.
    This is a free resource, written a long while back, with the expectation that IPS would build in this feature themselves eventually.


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  4. $45.00


    Build your own forms for your members, supporting alerts for pm, email and topics. Integrate with the registration form or add forms into widget areas throughout your forum.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    Integrate with the registration form. Export displayed form logs to csv files. Toggle on and off other custom fields within a form. Optional confirmation email to let members know there message was received. Send reply emails within the Form Manager Quick preview feature for form logs. Per form option for rules or instructions for each form. Submit time wait feature, set how long each member group must wait before resubmitting a form. Per form permissions for who can view and submit to a form. And also who can view any form logs. Per member group option to bypass captcha. Per form option to send out personal messages when new form submissions are made. Per form option to send out emails when new form submissions are made. Per form option to create a forum topic when new form submissions are made.

    320 purchases   1,064 downloads

       (17 reviews)


  5. $15.00

    Profile Fields Group Change

    Set a custom primary member group during signup based on selected profile fields.

    Features: Set the member group that new members will be assigned to if a profile field is filled out. Set the member group that new members will be assigned to if a profile field field matches a selected value. Full registration form required for plugin to operate and only 1 primary group upgrade supported! Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  6. $10.00

    (NB40) Topic Description

    This plugin restore topic description
    Support topic

    50 purchases   153 downloads

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  7. Free

    Support Request Title Length

    This plugin will limit the Support Request titles to a specific number of characters of your choice.
    Places to work: Either Frontend AdminCP Number of characters


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  8. $10.00

    (NB40) Custom profile fields per forum

    This plugin will show custom profile fields in selected forums.
    Support topic

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  9. Free

    Record Image Required

    This plugin will make the image record required when submitting a record in Pages.
    Apply in databases (to choose) Apply to (groups)


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  10. $10.95

    Pre-defined Topic Fields

    IT WORKS FOR 4.5
    Lets you set up some default text that will be filled in for all new topics in specified forums. You can define the default Topic Title and initial post content. People posting new topics in forums where this is active will be able to alter this text, but it is useful to provide a common template for specific types of topics.
    NOTICE: if you have purchased this plugin for IPBv3.x drop me a pm so i can add you to the file ( Make sure you have an active purchase ).
    FOR IP.Board 3.x: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5383-pre-defined-topic-fields/

    117 purchases   296 downloads

       (2 reviews)


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