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  1. Free

    Default Photo per Group

    This plugin will set a default photo for members who have yet to select one. Each group has your own image. If a photo of an specific group is not found, the defult photo from theme will be displayed.
    Uploads the xml plugin file into AdminCP > System > Plugins (it insert 3 default image: default_photo_6.png for moderators, default_photo_3.png for members, default_photo_4.png for administrators) Go into Themes > on right Menu > Manage resources > Add Resources, follow this istruction: Location: global Folder: plugins Application: System Resource, file name must have this format: default_photo_ID.png (replace ID with group id of the group that must have uploaded photo) news 1.0.1: you can define the allowed extensions, png is the default. I have uploaded also a .psd file for customize as you wish the photo and three image included on xml file.



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  2. $10

    Gender Groups

    This plugin will move/add users automatically to certain group based on their gender. 
    To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file.
    To configure it, go to the plugins page and click the edit icon of the Gender Group plugin. There you can enable/disable it, select the gender profile field and the gender groups.
    The text in the male/female gender field, must match precisely that of the gender field that you have set up. In the plugin by default it is set to Male and Female, which is how I have set it up. For example, if you have those field set to Man and Woman, then that is what you should enter. 

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  3. $5

    (SD) oEmbed

    Plugin allows to add custom oEmbed like from own wordpress page

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  4. $10

    Personal Photo on Sign Up Form

    This plugin will allow users to choose a personal photo during the registration process. Available photo types:
    Upload a photo Import a photo from a URL Gravatar photo Permissions:
    Upload a photo will appear only if the group set as member_group on your conf_global.php (usually Members) has permission to upload a photo. The Maximum profile photo storage size and Maximum profile photo width/height values will also come from this group. Gravatar photo will appear only if the Gravatar is enabled. Setting:
    Make personal photo required when creating the account Compatibility:
    IPS 4.2 IPS 4.1

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  5. Free

    Go To Top - Posts Controls

    This plugin places a "Go To Top" button in the posts controls both for forum posts and private messages.
    Edit the language string "goToTop" if you want to modify the Font Awesome icon.
    Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.1


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  6. $15

    (SL) Email actions

    Many users has bad email: account deleted, user suspended, no space in mailbox etc. Your mails to this users back to you with errors.
    This is advanced version of (SL) Force users to change email
    Make users unapproved until they did not change their email address To users with bad emails did not send any emails Approving emails by users Move users to selected group Log all actions All you need for work is bad emails list.
    How to get users list with bad emails?
    1. Manually: see your mailer-daemon letters
    2. You can use special services
    2. Auto: in mail error.log
    i am doing like this:
    #BAD EMAILS cat mail.log|grep "user is terminated\|No such user\|account is disabled\|The email account that you tried to reach does not exist" >mail.log.badmails cat mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f1,2|uniq -c >mail.log.badmails.stats sed -E "s/[[:space:]]+/ /g" mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f7|sort|uniq -c|sort -n -r|sed 's/to=<//g'|sed 's/>,//g'|sed 's/ //g' >mail.log.badmails.to.stats sed -E "s/[[:space:]]+/ /g" mail.log.badmails|cut -d " " -f7|sort|uniq -c|sort -n -r|sed 's/.*to=<//g'|sed 's/>,//g' >mail.log.badmails.list You get file mail.log.badmails.list where all your bad mails listed.
    Just copy-paste into config. Thats all.
    Tested with 4.3!

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  7. Free

    Disallow From Buying My Files

    This plugin will add a new option in IGNORE settings to disallow specific users from buying your files.
    Downloads app Commerce app Integration between Downloads and Commerce enabled


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  8. $5


    Post Comments is an app, which adds possibility to comment posts on your forum.
    - Adding comments under posts (full editor)
    - Hiding/unhiding comments
    - Deleting comments
    - Reporting comments
    - Reactions
    - Setting access to application
    - Number of comments is added to "Total Posts" in default widget "Forum statistics"
    - In activity of user we can check in which topic he added a comment
    Demo: https://mcadmins.pl

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