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  1. $10.00

    (MIX) Advanced Forum Geolocation

    The plugin allows you to display advanced geolocation of members in forum topics (not in comments). In addition to the standard built-in IPS geolocation, several popular third-party geolocation services are supported, such as ip-api.com, ipstack.com (ex. freegeoip.net), geoip.nekudo.com, sypexgeo.net. This first allows you to use geolocation mapping with an inactive license, second, for example, it extends the geolocation settings in part of the locale display language.
    Additional options allow you to change the display of geolocation, in the form of an caption or a flag, or both versions together, as well as the standard geolocation is hidden in the mobile version, this plugin has the option to display the flag of the members country in the mobile version.
    You can also configure which groups can see the geolocation, and for which groups geolocation will not be determined.
    Supports work with versions IPS 4.2.x, 4.3 and 4.4

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  2. $50.00

    ©️ Veilon copyright & branding removal

    Plugin that permanently removes copyright for any themes from Veilon and retains support. 
    Plugin owners receive priority support.
    All ownership rights to themes remain with Veilon.
    By purchasing this product, you make a huge contribution to the development of our Studio and products.

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  3. $25.00

    Advanced Stats

    Show a selection of your board and members stats in much detail with graph views
    Features Member Stats
    Shows the registration stats of your board in a graph view Shows the member count per group in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the members with the most content on your board Shows a block list of the members with the most reputation on your board Shows a block list of the last registered members on your board The blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 Topic Stats
    Shows the topics created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the topic count per forum in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the members who have created the most topics Shows a block list of the topics what have had the most replies Shows a block list of the most viewed topics These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Post Stats
    Shows the posts created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the post count per forum in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the members who have created the most posts Shows a block list of the latest posts on your board Shows a block list of the members who have edited their posts the most times These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 IPS Downloads ( This is not a requirement if you don't have it installed it just won't show in the ACP or front end )
    Shows a graph chart with the amount of uploads over a time period Shows the file count per category in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block with a list of members with the most uploads Shows a block with a list of the most downloaded files Shows a block with a list of the highest rated files These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Club Stats
    Shows the clubs created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the member count per club in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the members of the most leaders of clubs Shows a block list of the members of the most joined clubs Shows a block list of the members of the members who have invited x amount of people These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Reaction Stats
    Shows the reactions per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the reaction count per reaction in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the topics what have accumulated the most reactions Shows a block list of the members who have received the most reactions Shows a block list of the members who have gave the most reactions These blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 Gallery Stats
    Added the gallery app to the stats Shows the images uploaded per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the images count per album in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the members who have uploaded the most images Shows a block list of the members who have the most albums Shows a block list of the most viewed images These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Warning Stats
    Shows the warnings per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows the warning point count per group in a nice 3D pie chart Shows a block list of the 'TRIGGER HAPPY MODERATORS' moderators who have gave the most warning points Shows a block list of the members who have received the most warning points Shows a block list of any banned member who recently tried to access the site These blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 You can also look up topic and post stats from certain members, This feature can be set to certain member groups only in the admin panel
    Look Up Stats By Member (Topics)
    Shows the members topics created per day stats in a graph view Shows a block list of the members topics with the most replies Shows a block list of the members most viewed topic Shows a block list of the members topics with last activity These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Look Up Stats By Member (Posts)
    Shows the members posts created per day stats in a graph view Shows a block list of the members posts with the last avtivity These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Widgets
    Shows a block with a list of members with the most content posted Shows a block with a list of members with the most topics created Shows a block with a list of members with the most posts created Shows a block with a list of the most reacted to topics Shows a block with a list of members with the most warning points All widgets have a setting for how many you want to show in the blocks Other
    Each stat page can be shown or hidden to certain members groups in the admin panel except the Member Stats (although it can be hidden to guests) as it's needed for a landing page (If you want to completly disable certain group viewing of it, then you can do that via the module permissions) All graph views can be filtered to be shown 'DAILY', 'WEEKLY', 'MONTHLY' and by a date range and shown as 'LINE CHARTS', 'AREA CHARTS', 'BAR CHARTS' or 'COLUMN CHARTS' If you want to use the menu manager to add secondary items to the stats tab then there is a setting to disable the built in nav tabs in the pages You can set the default view of each graph in the admin panel You can set the default limit of stats to show in the blocks in the admin panel (users can still filter by 5 - 100) How To Install
    Go to your ACP and applications, click to install new app and install the downloaded .tar file Once installed go to admin settings, Menu manager and add a new tab selecting stats ( There is a image of the menu manager bit in the screenshots ) PLEASE NOTE
    These stats are for the front end for you and your members to view, it does have permissions for what groups can see what pages etc, But none of these stats are shown on the admin panel I will be adding more stats to this in the future like downloads etc but I need to purchase the software first
    Copyright / Branding ✔
    Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔

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  4. $30.00

    Slider Maker

    Slider Maker is an application that allows you to create professional sliders, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. You can manually build your sliders by adding images, videos, content, animated layers. Or adding slides automatically from Clubs, Forums, Downloads, Calendar, Gallery, Pages, Videobox.
    It’s focused on performance, stability, accessibility to providing the best experience for user experience in mind. Providing a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP and a smooth experience for the end-users.
    Back-end features:
    Create and manage sliders with a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP. Customize the slides with different layers: Heading, Content, Image, Video (Youtube & Vimeo). Sort slides and layers with a simple drag and drop. Easy remove or duplicate a slide. Auto builds a slider from content items (supports Clubs, Forums, Pages, Downloads, Gallery, Blog, Calendars, Videobox). Auto generates random CSS backgrounds for content items that have no images. Export and import allow you to create backups or move sliders between installations.  Preview all your changes directly in the ACP. Breakpoints to change the configuration of the slider depending on screen size. Permission to view sliders. Front-end features:
    Fully Responsive Touch swipe Transition effects: Fade & Slide Carousel layout Animated and static layers Full Width and Full Window Full screen Auto Height Infinite scrolling Keyboard navigation Thumbnails Lazy loading Video support (Youtube and Vimeo). Different sized images JavaScript breakpoints Display slider in IPS widget (top, bottom, sidebar), or using slider's code to templates to display it everywhere. *NEW* Viewing content in a popup (supports Downloads, Forums, Pages, Calendars and Videobox) Examples:
    http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example1.html/ (Gallery with animated layers and thumbnails) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example2.html/ (Slider with animated layers) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example3.html/ (Carousel) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example4.html/ (Auto get contents from Forums) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example5.html/ (Auto get contents from Videobox) Download version 2.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  5. $15.00

    Featured Content Pro

    Beautiful responsive Sliders or Gridview for IPS
    Fully responsive - will adapt to any device. Flexible customization for sliders: horizontal/vertical random mode, autoplay, speed, duration, button,... Gridview *New* Auto gets contents from IPS applications: Pages, Forums, Gallery, Downloads, Clubs. Auto gets contents from Videobox. Auto gets contents from RSS URL. Add custom contents manually, easy manage them, drag & drop to sort the contents, click to edit the title, upload image, link, Auto creates and saves cache for thumbnails. Support widgets, easy to drag and place them to your site. Lazyload (IPS 4.4+) *New* Viewing content in a popup (supports Forums, Downloads, Pages, Videobox) *New* Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com/featuredcontent.html/
    If you need more features for professional sliders, take a look Slider Maker

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  6. $8.00

    (BIM) Required Info

    This is a plugin that will remind users to update their information before browsing the website. 
    Enable/Disable. Choose which groups have to fill the required information. Select required info from: Photo Cover photo Signature Profile fields Download version 3 if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  7. $15.00

    (BIM) Quick Search

    This plugin provides search form that will search any content with autocomplete functionality and show results with thumbnails for applications: Downloads, Forums (Topic Thumbnail required), Pages, Gallery, Blog, Calendar, Videobox, Musicbox .
    Enable/Disable plugin. Permissions for member groups. Max results. Search incomplete words Find results in Content titles only  |  Content titles and body Search Mode: OR / AND Set default search type for all pages Show category and author in search results. Display Quick Search in mobile & tablet *NEW* Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com
    Download version 4.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  8. $15.00

    (BIM) Easy Popup

    EasyPopup is a simple application to create the modal popups for your site. 
    Some features:
    Width/Height for your popup. Transition open/close: FadeIn/FadeOut, SlideIn, SlideUp, SlideDown, SlideBack. Transition speed. Positions: Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right Background color. HTML content or upload image. Supports advertisement tag in the HTML code: {advertisement="key"} Auto close and show timer on popup. Showing popups every page loads or every X minutes. Waiting for X milisecond to show. Easy to determine URL where to show popups.  IPS Member Filter System to show popups. (filter by groups, content count, joined date, last posted, last visited, reputation, member of the day....) Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com/easypopup.html/
    Download version 3.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  9. $20.00

    External Links Rich Embed

    External Links Rich Embed from @A Zayed
    This plugin makes use of Parser class to make a preview for the posted external URL inside the editor.
    When an external link is pasted into the editor, it is automatically expanded into a preview of the content, usually with an accompanying image, allowing users to click through to that content if they are interested.
    Plugin features:
    Supports a variety of external url contents (Media, news, communities... etc.) Option for Simple/Rich embeds. Control what content to display (Title, URL, Host, Favicon, Description, Image) Option to exclude urls from being retrieved. Control which users groups that can use it. Display options: Show/Hide wrapper. Width of wrapper. Image height. Title truncation. Description truncation. demo.webm demo.webm

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  10. $20.00

    Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching

    Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching is a simple plug-in which helps improve cache performance on compressible, cacheable CSS and JS files (Theme Resources) that you store remotely on AWS S3.

    Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching provides:
    Increased Caching Performance - Helps reduce page loading times. Increased Caching Efficiency - Helps reduce server load and bandwidth. Potential to boost SEO performance, since Google favours faster loading websites. Low cost provides a high value Cost to Benefit ratio. Includes compatibility updates for current major version of IPS, for as long as Afterburner renewal is active.  Easy to install. Starts working immediately in conjunction with IPS background tasks. Fire and forget - just leave enabled, requires no additional configuration in AdminCP. After installer/updater completes, simply run the Support Tool to rebuild your theme cache at S3 with additional headers. Works on all installed themes JS/CSS resources stored within your S3 bucket, both official and third party themes, with no limit on number of themes. Adds additional Expires Request Headers automatically to each relevant, publicly cacheable, compressible IPS theme JS/CSS file. Works silently in the background, whenever IPS Community Suite exports theme resources  to AWS S3. Even if you install a new theme. Improves the individual Vary: Accept Encoding PageSpeed test score at GTMetrix, and therefore overall GTMetrix score. Improves the Add Expires related YSlow test score at GTMetrix. Helps maintain A(100) GTMetrix Pagespeed score on your Amazon S3-hosted IPS Theme JS and CSS theme files in the background. (If you also have other third party compressed files hosted elsewhere, such as Google APIs etc, they are beyond our control but Afterburner will still boost the test rating for your relevant IPS Theme Resource files that you host at S3). Requires working AWS S3 or S3 compatible storage bucket. Works either with or without an optional CDN such as Cloudfront, Cloudflare etc.  
    What's it for?
    This plugin was created for IPS Community admins who use S3 storage buckets and in particular seek increased caching performance and a higher GTMetrix score. After a lot of research, trial and error trying to identify the reason for Amazon S3 hosted, compressible IPS4 theme resources failing tests at GTMetrix, I realised it was because S3 needs to have additional Expires headers as well as the Cache-Control headers IPS sets by default.
    You are hosting your IPS4 Community's Theme Resources at AWS S3, but as a result your community is scoring lower than expected for GTMetrix.com's Pagespeed and YSlow tests as shown below. You could add the extra headers identified yourself to every file, but really you need to automate this process because every time IPS Community recaches either by itself or manually via the Support Tool, it will overwrite your modified files.

    Due to the frequency that those resource files get regenerated, re-cached and re-uploaded in the background to your S3 bucket, it can quickly become a time-consuming and repetitive task as it requires the admin to keep manually replacing the additional headers via the Amazon S3 Management Console (sometimes multiple times a day, depending upon the circumstances).
    Therefore, a plug-in to automate the process of adding the additional headers would seem an ideal, alternative solution compared to say, writing and maintaining an Amazon Lambda script to inject the necessary headers.
    So how does it work?
    Afterburner S3 Caching automatically adds Expires headers to each .gz file which are set automatically expire after 8 days, sufficiently long enough to pass the relevant GTMetrix Vary: Accept Encoding test.
    Afterburner S3 automatically works via Curl or Socket type IPS file transfers by hooking into both, depending upon how your server is configured.
    Afterburner S3 therefore helps improve caching performance on those S3 hosted theme files, which in turn helps reduce page loading times throughout IPS Community Suite, whichever apps or third party add-ons or themes you have installed it doesn't matter.
    Thanks to BFarber for suggesting alternative HTTP hook-points.
    How do I use it? Does it have any adjustable settings?
    This version requires no further configuration after installing. The necessary caching headers it creates are pre-set to expire after 8 days. Afterburner doesn't alter anything other than theme JS and CSS files in transit to your S3 bucket.
    This is my first plugin for IPS. I'm intending to add admin configurable Settings etc, so you can tweak the caching performance to suit your individual needs and add new version available notifications soon.
    Compatible with latest IPS Community Suite 4.4 series. Developed on 4.3 and tested on all current versions of 4.4, and 4.3.6. Users must have paid the renewal fee in order to download the current version. Requires a pre-configured and properly working Amazon AWS S3 storage bucket (Versioning mode recommended), correctly set up in IPS Community AdminCP to host your Theme Resources (Files > Storage Settings under Theme Resources).  See the IPS Help Guide for more.  
    How do I install Afterburner?
    After downloading the plugin, install the Afterburner XML file via the AdminCP > System > Plugins > Install New Plugin facility. 
    IPS Community will install the plugin and enable it, and Afterburner will then inject the relevant additional caching headers to your js.gz and css.gz files when they next upload to your pre-configured S3 bucket used for Theme Resources (under Files > Settings). Run the Support Tool to do that sooner.
    I do recommend running the AdminCP Support Tool after installing/updating the plugin to re-cache and upload ALL relevant files rather than waiting for the next scheduled task or manual action that will update them.
    If you are also using a CDN such as Cloudfront, Cloudflare etc, I also found it useful in testing to clear/invalidate Cloudfront/Cloudflare afterwards, instead of waiting for them to update themselves when they next routinely check for updated files and send to their respective Edge locations.
    How to update to a newer version of Afterburner?
    To upload a newer version, just use the usual Upload New Version button next to Afterburner S3 in your list of plugins.
    Does it work on cloud hosted IPS Communities (CiC)?
    I don't see why not, as long as you have S3 hosted theme resource files, but I only have self hosted IPS sites myself.
    Cool! How do I know it's working?
    There are a few ways to test!
    You can benchtest your site at GTMetrix before and afterward installing. Look out for the Vary: Accept Encoding Pagespeed test score.
    You should see a A(100%) score for the test after installing Afterburner (unless your site also uses other external cacheable compressed files etc which you and Afterburner don't have control over, such as any Google APIs etc).

    If you then look at the Waterfall tab of your test results, and choose a gzipped JS or CSS theme file hosted in your S3 bucket, you should see similar to this:

    Alternatively, another way to check is at the source, use the Amazon S3 Management console to view the Meta headers on the actual stored gz files, as seen in the screenshot below:

    Another way to see if the Expires headers have been added to your S3 hosted cacheable JS/CSS files, is to use the developer console in your Chrome or Firefox browser (hit F12 and reload the page):


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  11. $5.00

    PDF Viewer

    PDF Viewer is a special "CK Editor" button, created for Invision community platform. with this editor button you can display "PDF files" through links in your posts or any other places that works with CKEditor throughout your community.
    Installation: In ACP go to Customization > Editor > Toolbars and click on Add Button > Upload "pdfview.zip" and Save
    Important Note: Usage of this plugin require to grant "post HTML" permission to user groups.

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  12. $15.00

    (DP44) Moderator Logs

    With this mod you can allow your members to view moderators logs on the front page. Various options:
    enable/disable, choose groups which will be able to see the logs, optional allow moderators access even if they won't in the allowed groups, live sorting, live searching.

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  13. $15.00

    (DP42) Business Hours

    With this plugin you can allow topic owners in selected forums add their own open hours for their 'topics' - those could be their businesses, private lessons and any other kind of services which they are providing.
    It will show if they are 'opened' now or not etc. It's great addon for a beautician, mechanic, plumber, computer service etc.
    If you want to add new place where the status open/closed should be displayed - let me know. I'll see what I can do with this and try add it.

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  14. $10.00

    (DP43) Grid View per Forums

    With this plugin you will be able to enable grid forum view in selected categories only.

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  15. $8.00

    (DP41) Parse Announcements

    This mod will parse URLs in the announcements in widget with them.

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  16. $10.00

    (DP44) Mod Action Notify

    With this mod you can inform your members about taken action on their content. For example: topic locked, hidden, unhidden, deleted, moved, post approved etc.

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  17. $10.00

    (DP44) CSE Google

    This plugin will display the search results CSE Google only if the user searches in 'all' content on the board. Otherwise the built in search engine will be used.
    Development of this plugin was supported by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters.

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  18. $10.00

    (DP43) No Index Topics

    This mod counting all words (at least two chars per word) belonging to a topic.
    When the topic is posted:
    if more than XXX words: INDEX if less than XXX words: NOINDEX After it was posted, if the topic was marked NOINDEX (and only if, it doesn't count again for already INDEX topics), it counts again when somebody replies to it, then same thing:
    if more than XXX words: INDEX if not, no change  Working fine for exists topics too.

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  19. $10.00

    (DP42) Exif Forum Attachments

    With this plugin you can remove all exif data from uploading attachments on board.
    no settings required. Works globally. no removing existing attachments files apply, support images only.

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  20. $15.00

    (DP41) Stuff Overview

    With this flexible application you can add a full stuff review in the forum view. It's a great addon on GSM boards or any other about specific type of content. It has various uses.

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  21. $10.00

    (DP42) Topic Watch

    With this plugin you can add a 'watch' option for selected post and add a new topic about it in selected forum. It applies for various moderation or contests purposes.

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  22. $10.00

    (DP41) Custom Member Management

    With this mod you can manage easily members and move them to selected groups.
    It has various uses.

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  23. $10.00

    (DP43) Topic Notes

    With this plugin you can allow specific groups to add special topic notes. Only selected groups will be able to view, edit or delete these notes.

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  24. $25.00

    (DP44) Advanced Regexp

    With this fancy app you may earn money by changing and modyfing the affiliate urls adding by members on your board! 🙂
    It maybe isn't beatifiull app but it's very good and brings new opportunities.
    For example Amazon affiliate urls contain "tag" parameter which may be modified by adding your own value for that parameter or simply added into url.
    Application is flexible so you may define your own affiliate parameters - "refby", "referredby" etc.
    You may also delete specified parameters from urls or keep any.
    You may also create custom CSS class and highlight any urls you like by your own CSS look.
    Someone post this url:
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01WSEEFBA/ref=gw_fr_desk_h1_sh_slp_apos_0079?pf_rd_p=565456y3-f7d5-4b98-a4e5-72ff4fdd68f6&pf_rd_r=9RY38PVVHBF63YEEXE It would change to that (with tag parameter):
    Another example (with tag parameter):
    https://www.amazon.com/photo-TV-mp3-Hifi-GPS/b/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&node=6547&linkCode=sl2&tag=tectes-31&linkId=cb76a59714b8493b75a565404838885c00e&language=fr_FR It would change to:

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  25. $15.00

    (DP44) RodoGDPR System

    With this plugin you may add at least four new checkboxes during guest registration process and in the notifications settings for members.
    If any checkbox is required then guest must check it before he will be able to register an account. Also for members this required checkbox won't be available to disable.
    These checkboxed would be displayed beetween standard checkboxes "Send me news and updates" and "I agree to the Terms of Use" with a "Check All" option to easily select all fields in one click.
    P.s. "RODO" in this plugin name is from Poland. It's our Polish translation of GDPR shortcut. ?
    P.s.2 - Polish version is also available and it's included.

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