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  1. $15.00

    (BIM42) Easy Popup

    EasyPopup is a simple application to create the modal popups for your site. 
    Some features:
    Width/Height for your popup. Transition open/close: FadeIn/FadeOut, SlideIn, SlideUp, SlideDown, SlideBack. Transition speed. Background color. HTML content or upload image. Auto close and show timer on popup. Showing popups every page loads or every X minutes. Waiting for X miliseconds to show. Easy to determine URL where to show popups.  Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com/
    Support Topic: https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/417292-bim40-easy-popup/

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  2. $10.00

    (DP42) Attachments Center

    With this handy application you can review all your attachments on board, sort them or filter.
    Works fine on 4.1 & 4.2.

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  3. $10.00

    (DP42) CSE Google

    This plugin will display the search results CSE Google only if the user searches in 'all' content on the board. Otherwise the built in search engine will be used.
    Development of this plugin was supported by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters.

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  4. $5.00

    (DP42) Messenger Pagination

    With this plugin you can restore pagination on the computer. It's really helpfull when you have many PMs and want to search something what is for example on 25th page. Right now you must scroll down through each page to find 25th page or any other. This plugin will reduce time to do it.

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  5. Free

    Online Indicator

    This plugin places an online indicator next to usernames in posts and private conversations messages. You are able to specify the Font Awesome icon for both statuses, online and offline.
    Avatar indicator is now supported, with a bunch of settings.
    Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.4
    WARNING: 1.1 is not compatible with 4.1.19 or lower. Use 1.0.5 for these versions.


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  6. $10.00

    Attachment Watermarks

    Attachment Watermarks
    Attachment Watermarks is a plugin that allows you to apply watermarks to attachment image uploads, just as you can for images uploaded to the IP.Gallery application.
    This plugin also allows you to set a minimum width and height limit for attachments that are watermarked, that way you don't have to worry about small image attachments being plastered with watermarks that are already half the size of the image itself.
    This plugin was commissioned and has been publicly sponsored by @NoGi from ShrimpKeepersForum.com.
    Interested in sponsoring your own plugin idea? Contact me via my providers profile for more information!
    Setup and configuration
    First, install the plugin in your AdminCP by uploading the included .xml file in the Plugins page, located under the System tab.
    After the plugin has been installed, edit the plugin settings and upload your desired watermark. That's it!
    Show your love!
    Was this plugin useful to you? Show your love by leaving an honest review!
    Be sure to check out some of my other marketplace submissions as well!
    This plugin is commercially licensed, one purchase is valid for one installation. If you wish to install this plugin on multiple IPS installations, please do the right thing and support development by purchasing a license for each community!
    By purchasing the Attachment Watermarks application, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following licensing terms:

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  7. $10.00

    (DP42) Topics per Time

    With this plugin you can limit how many topics user will be able to add in specific forum. Two limit modes - single (per forum) or all forums together.

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  8. $10.00

    (DP42) Topic Watch

    With this plugin you can add a 'watch' option for selected post and add a new topic about it in selected forum. It applies for various moderation or contests purposes.

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  9. $15.00

    (DP41) Stuff Overview

    With this flexible application you can add a full stuff review in the forum view. It's a great addon on GSM boards or any other about specific type of content. It has various uses.

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  10. $5.00

    (NE) Dice Roller

    Plugin which makes an optional or required dice roller available for use within topics. Resulting dice roll cannot be edited, as it will appear outside of the main content of the post. Administrator controls.... Forum(s) within which the dice roller is available for use. Group(s) that are allowed to start topics that make the dice roller available for use. Number of dice and number of sides per dice (using comma-separated list) Content and appearance of a message in first post of a topic indicating that a dice roller is in operation. Content and appearance of the result of a dice roll. Whether a quote of the result of a dice roll can be performed. Topic starter controls.... Whether the dice roller is in effect or not (option can be edited if mistake made) If enabled, whether the dice roller is optional (poster chooses to roll dice) or required (all posts will roll the dice) Poster controls.... If dice roller is set to optional in a topic, then the poster must enable a 'Use dice roller' option prior to posting. In event that administrator has enabled 'Merge concurrent posts', this plugin doesn't adhere to that setting. As a result, multiple rolls in a row can be performed by a poster. Plugin is compatible with IPS 4.1 (tested with and IPS 4.2 (tested with 4.2.0 up to 4.2.3) Background: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/440227-rpg-dice-roller-plugin/  

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  11. Free

    Board Life Status

    This plugin will add board startup date and age at the bottom of the board index, age updates in realtime.


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  12. $35.00


    A full-featured Tutorials/Article system for your IPS Community.
    Here's a quick rundown of some of the features for this application:
    Fully compatible with IPS 4.2 (Clubs, Recommended Comments, Content Message, etc.) Unlimited categories of articles, plus unlimited depth of parent-child relationships Category Icons Ability to use comments system or support topics, or both Per-category permissions to show category, read articles, submit articles, add comments, and avoid approval queues Extra Fields that can be used per-category Quick edit (ajax) of tutorial's title on category view Preview the tutorial content when you hover the tutorial link on category view Group permissions on specifc actions Integration with the Advertisements system Integration with the Bulk Mail system Integration with ACP Live Seach (Tutorials categories) Integration with Tag system Integration with Report system Integration with Search system Integration with Share Links to share, download, or print articles Integration with Sitemap system to include tutorials in your sitemap Moderator actions on articles and comments Ability to create RSS feeds of all tutorials Ability to attach files to tutorials and comments Ability to quickly convert a forum post into a new tutorial Ability to copy a tutorial from one category to another or to the same category Friendly URLs for tutorials and categories Ability to give reputation points for tutorials Ability to rate tutorials Ability to follow categories and tutorials to receive notifications on updatesupdates Tools to create topics to existing tutorials, make tutorials of topics and rebuild support topics text if you have changed the template on Tutorials settings. And much, much more!  

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  13. $25.00

    Advanced Stats

    Show a selection of your board and members stats in much detail with graph views
    Member Stats
    Shows the registration stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the members with the most content on your board Shows a block list of the members with the most reputation on your board Shows a block list of the last registered members on your board The blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 Topic Stats
    Shows the topics created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the members who have created the most topics Shows a block list of the topics what have had the most replies Shows a block list of the most viewed topics These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Post Stats
    Shows the posts created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the members who have created the most posts Shows a block list of the latest posts on your board Shows a block list of the members who have edited their posts the most times These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Club Stats
    Shows the clubs created per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the members of the most leaders of clubs Shows a block list of the members of the most joined clubs Shows a block list of the members of the members who have invited x amount of people These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Reaction Stats
    Shows the reactions per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the topics what have accumulated the most reactions Shows a block list of the members who have received the most reactions Shows a block list of the members who have gave the most reactions These blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 Warning Stats
    Shows the warnings per day stats of your board in a graph view Shows a block list of the 'TRIGGER HAPPY MODERATORS' moderators who have gave the most warning points Shows a block list of the members who have received the most warning points Shows a block list of any banned member who recently tried to access the site These blocks can be filtered to show between 5 and 100 You can also look up topic and post stats from certain members, This feature can be set to certain member groups only in the admin panel
    Look Up Stats By Member (Topics)
    Shows the members topics created per day stats in a graph view Shows a block list of the members topics with the most replies Shows a block list of the members most viewed topic Shows a block list of the members topics with last activity These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Look Up Stats By Member (Posts)
    Shows the members posts created per day stats in a graph view Shows a block list of the members posts with the last avtivity These blocks can be filtered by a date range and also to show between 5 and 100 Other
    Each stat page can be shown or hidden to certain members groups in the admin panel except the Member Stats (although it can be hidden to guests) as it's needed for a landing page (If you want to completly disable certain group viewing of it, then you can do that via the module permissions) All graph views can be filtered to be shown 'DAILY', 'WEEKLY', 'MONTHLY' and by a date range and shown as 'LINE CHARTS', 'AREA CHARTS', 'BAR CHARTS' or 'COLUMN CHARTS' If you want to use the menu manager to add secondary items to the stats tab then there is a setting to disable the built in nav tabs in the pages You can set the default view of each graph in the admin panel You can set the default limit of stats to show in the blocks in the admin panel (users can still filter by 5 - 100) How To Install
    Go to your ACP and applications, click to install new app and install the downloaded .tar file Once installed go to admin settings, Menu manager and add a new tab selecting stats ( There is a image of the menu manager bit in the screenshots ) PLEASE NOTE
    These stats are for the front end for you and your members to view, it does have permissions for what groups can see what pages etc, But none of these stats are shown on the admin panel I will be adding more stats to this in the future like downloads etc but I need to purchase the software first

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  14. $10.00

    Statistics Page

    Are you missing useful stats on your board activity?  Statistics by @Fosters adds a new statistics page chock-full of metrics on posters, members, and forum topics so you and your entire community can see  the most popular users and topics.  Statistics includes built-in integration with the IPS Menu Manager, a Google graph of new posts that you can customize to any date range, and the top posters, members, and viewed topics.  Watch your board's activity take-off with Statistics!

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  15. $25.00

    RSS Feeds

    SPECIAL OFFER  $40 $25
    Feeds, formerly known as RSS Management Application, is an application allowing a listing of RSS/ATOM feeds of the admin's choosing, and/or import of RSS/Atom Feeds to various content types within the suite. Additionally, a widget is provided with advanced RSS Import and display options.
    Currently supported Import Content Types:
    Forums Posts(each item is a new reply) Pages Database Records Planned features:
    RSS Export More Content type options for both import and export.

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  16. $12.50

    (BIM41) Quick Search

    This plugin provides search form that will search any content with autocomplete functionility and show results with thumbnails for applications: Downloads, Forums (Topic Thumbnail required), Pages, Gallery, Videobox and Musicbox.
    Enable/Disable plugin. Permissions for member groups. Max results. Search incomplete words Find results in: Content titles only  |  Content titles and body Search Mode: OR / AND Set default search type for global page. Show category, author in search results. Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com
    Support Topic: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/428903-bim41-quick-search/

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  17. Free

    Uncheck Admin Emails on Registration

    When this plugin is enabled, the "Send me news and updates" checkbox on the registration page will be unchecked by default, to comply with certain email laws. The user can still enable it, but it will start unchecked, whereas by default it would start checked.


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  18. Free

    Theme Usage Counters

    Easily show how many users are viewing each theme from ACP > Customization > Themes and see what themes are most popular.
    This is a simple plug-and-play plugin with no settings.


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  19. Free

    (SD) Close Old Topics

    Plugin searches for topics in selected forums that have a last post date that is older than X days and closes them. In addition we can set up topic prefix.


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  20. $5.00

    Post Areas

    Post Areas brings forum stats to the profile!  Post Areas is an exciting new application by @fosters for you to track, measure, analyze, and cyberstalk your activity in the forums - or the activity of anyone else in the community!  
    Are you curious about where you post the most topics? Are you interested in finding what forums have most of your posts?    Are you looking to find forums where your online friends are most active in? The application is designed to allow you to find out the most popular boards in which a user posts.  The app lists the number of topics and posts you've made in each board in an easy-to-read table format.  The table links to the individual forums for easy access.  And all of this is available from a new tab in your Profile.  
    Buy the app now to start tracking your post areas!  
    Here are advanced scenarios where Post Areas can help your community:
    User Activity - Are you interested in the activities of a popular user, and want to find out when and where he spends most of his time?  You can use Post Areas to track where he makes the most topics and posts so you immediately follow.   Community Moderation - Did you recently promote a new moderator, but you're not sure if he's effectively spending the right amount of time greeting new members or moderating topics in a special forum?  You can use Post Areas to see if the new moderator is spending enough activity in select forums, or if his attention is directed elsewhere.   New Boards - Make a new board recently and want to test if your users are attracted to it?  Browse the profiles of your most trusted and active users, and measure their individual activity.    FEATURES
    Here are all the features of Post Areas:
    New tab on profile: "Post Areas" List of all forums with links to corresponding forums  Number of Topics and Posts Post counts are sorted in descending order Only publicly visible posts are counted POSTSCRIPT
    This app is inspired by XenForo's Post Areas, and commissioned by user who generously underwrote the initial release and funding for the app.  If you'd like to further support the app or the developer, please visit our website and see how you can request your own custom project.  If you enjoyed this app and want to give us a thumbs-up, be sure to write us a 5-star review below so other users can benefit from the app!

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  21. $5.00


    This plugin allows the Admin to add additional allowed protocols for URLS.  
    This is necessary if you need to add FTP, TeamSpeak, or Steam protocols to your navbar.

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  22. $3.00

    Default Guest Language

    This plugin allows you to define the default language for your guests. This setting will override the auto detect feature from IPS4.  After the installation you'll be able to set the new default guest language on the plugin's settings page.

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  23. $8.00

    Delete Old Content

    Delete Old Content is an application to hide or delete your old topics, based upon a variety of advanced criteria.  Create unlimited rules to manage old posts and topics, and choose multiple criteria:
    Hide or Delete  Ignore Pinned (which will keep pinned posts as active) Ignore Featured (which will keep featured posts as active) Choose categories and boards Choose X number of days without new content  

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  24. Free

    Topic Viewed by Users

    Version 2 is for use with 4.2 onward. Use older versions for compatibility with or lower.
    This plugin will record each visit made by users from selected groups to topics of specific forums.
    Record single visit: if disabled, a flood control setting will appear to set a number of minutes to avoid recording consecutive visits to the same topic Groups that WILL NOT have their visits to the topic logged Forums Groups allowed to view the visitors list List sort by and list direction Guests are not logged Important: 
    When I inherited this file there was a bug in the uninstall routine. A tiny syntax error. If you've never attempted to uninstall this file before just upgrade to the latest version and you should be fine. If you have attempted to uninstall before you may end up with problems trying to reinstall this ever again. You can try to clear out database elements (many places) and clear your IPS server directory of the plugin files and that may help or maybe it won't. All I have to go on is someone's very broken IPS installation and honestly I don't even think this plugin was ever the problem but it did get caught up in the mess.
    This file is unsupported!
    Supported version is $5 and includes better display options!


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  25. $19.99

    (GS) Server List

    With this application administrator can add the game servers, voice servers to table with servers, server list can be placed on each page as widget.
    Servers are refreshed automatically with using System Scheduler by IPS, so it reduces the load on forums. App uses native sockets for UDP handling instead of stream sockets.
    Demo/Always current version and future versions: http://gs-dev.com.pl/
    Supported Game Servers
    7 Days to Die Age of Chivalry Aliens vs. Predator America's Army 3 America's Army: Proving Grounds Alien Swarm ARK: Survival Evolved Arma3 Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead All-Seeing Eye Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 2 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield Hardline Brink Call of Duty Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty: United Offensive Citadel: Forged With Fire Conan Exiles Counter-Strike 1.5 Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Source DayZ Standalone DayZ Mod Day of Defeat Day of Defeat: Source Days of War Enemy Territory Quake Wars FarCry Fortress Forever GameSpy Server GameSpy3 Server Garry's Mod Grand Theft Multiplayer GRAV Online Halo Half Life 2: Deathmatch Hurtworld Insurgency Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Killing Floor Killing Floor 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Life is Feudal Lost Heaven Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Spearhead Minecraft Multi Theft Auto Natural Selection 2 Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Quake 2 Quake 3 Server Quake Live Red Orchestra 2 Rust San Andreas Multiplayer The Ship Soldat Source Server Space Engineers Squad StarMade Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Star Wars: Jedi Knight Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 Teeworlds Server Terraria Team Fortress 2 Tshock Unreal 2 Unturned Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2004 Unreal Tournament 3 Warsow Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory World Opponent Network Wurm Unlimited Zombie Panic! Source Supported Voice Servers
    Mumble Teamspeak 2 Teamspeak 3 Ventrilo Requirements
    PHP 5.4.14+ ( tested in PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 & HHVM ) Sockets extension for UDP handling and AF_INET* constants ( compile PHP with --enable-sockets flag ) ( http://php.net/manual/en/book.sockets.php ) cURL extension for HTTP handling ( required for some protocols ) ( http://php.net/manual/en/book.curl.php ) Bzip2 - Used for A2S compressed responses( compile PHP with --with-bz2 flag ) ( http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.bzip2.php ) Required permissions for guest group for TS2 & TS3 servers:
    b_virtualserver_info_view b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list b_virtualserver_client_list b_virtualserver_channel_list b_serverinstance_version_view - not necessarily  

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