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    Developer Tools

    These files are required to use developer mode in IPS Community Suite.



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    IPS UTF8 Database Converter

    NOTE - Always run a backup of your database before performing any upgrade or conversion - do not skip this step please! 
    Please note that if you are on IPS Hosting you do not need to worry about this, it will be taken care of for you!
    UTF8 Database Converter
    This tool will convert your IP.Board 3.x database to UTF8 (with a collation of utf8_unicode_ci).
    This tool has a web interface and a CLI interface which is preferable where permission allows. The download zip contains full instructions inside the "readme.html" document.
    Your original data is not overwritten until you confirm that the conversion has been successful so you can test this out as many times as you like.

    Reporting Bugs
    If you do spot any bugs, please post it to the bug tracker.
    Please note that the UTF8 Converter has the following requirements:
    Minimum of PHP 5.3
    Minimum of MySQL 5.0.3



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    Get Ready For IPS 4

    This script will check if you are ready to use IPS Community Suite 4.x
    Please note that if you are on IPS Hosting you do not need to worry about this, it will be taken care of for you!
    Simply upload the script either to the directory where your current IP.Board 3.x. installation is (if you want to test if you're ready to upgrade) or anywhere else on your server (if you want to test if you can perform a fresh install) and run it in your web browser.
    The script will check your PHP and MySQL versions against what is required and what we recommend. It's important to note that the recommendations are just recommendations for optimum performance for IPS 4. If you're still running IP.Board 3.x then we recommend that you stay on the PHP and MySQL versions you have currently.



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    IP.Board 3.4.9 Tools

    Tools that allow for various technical access to your install.



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    IPS4 Dark Theme

    A simple dark variation of the default IPS Community Suite theme. Changes are made entirely with theme settings and in the dark.css custom CSS file, for easy upgrading of your site when we release new versions of the suite.
    Theme designers are welcome to use this theme as a starting point for their own dark themes.
    Please note: we do not provide official support for this theme.



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    IPS Converters (IP.Board 3.4.x)

    This download is for users converting from third-party software to IP.Board 3.4.x, for more information about our converters please visit http://www.invisionpower.com/convert/

    Please refer to the change log for information on what has changed in the converters.
    NOTE: This converter script is for version 3.x of IP.Board. It will not work with Suite version 4.



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    IPS GDK for IP.Board 3.2 & 3.3

    This GDK contains the images used in the IP.Board 3.2/3.3 default skin. It is pre-sliced for easy exporting. It should work in any version of Photoshop greater than CS1.
    Some additional icons used in our software are part of the Glyphish icon set, available at http://www.glyphish.com/



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    IP.Converge allows you to link several IP.Board installs to share logins. Note that IP.Converge will be discontinued with IP.Board 3.4 and its functionality replaced with built-in functions as of 3.4.

    Requires Ioncube.



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    IPS Communities App GDK (iOS)

    The IPS Communities GDK for iOS enables you to edit the images the app will use when users visit your community with the IPS Communities app, allowing you to provide a customized experience for your users.

    Photoshop CS1+ is required.



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    IPS GDK for IP.Board v3.0-3.1

    This GDK contains the graphics used in the default skin for IP.Board 3.0 and 3.1.

    It is pre-sliced for easy exporting. The GDK requires Photoshop CS1 or higher.



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    IP.Converge Modules 1.0.1 Documentation

    Here is a copy of the documentation you can find in the downloads themselves, this PDF file outlines how to use the modules and what they can accomplish.