We make it a breeze to manage your users

Invision Community includes features that help you get the most out of your member base - tools to allow members to customize their account as well as tools to make using your community easier and safer.

User Profiles in Invision Community
User Profiles

Allow users to stand out with customizable user profiles

  • Users can upload eye-catching cover photos to customize their profile area.
  • Easily switch between the user's profile and a stream of everything they've contributed.
  • Status updates gives users a personal area to share their thoughts.
  • The user's community reputation and any badge they've earned is shown prominently.
  • For staff, the user's warning status is available - including any current punishments in effect.
  • See who follows whom easily, and find new members to follow too.
  • See an overview of custom user data filled out by the user.
Custom Profile Fields

Gather custom user data

Custom profile fields make it easy to collect whatever data you need from users, either as a required part of the onboarding process or later at their convenience. 20 field types are available, and each field can appear on the user's profile or only be visible to staff - great for storing administrative data about each user. And, of course, users can search for other users based on any public field value.

Custom profile fields in Invision Community
Single Sign On (SSO)

Share logins with Wordpress, oAuth2, LDAP and more

If you already manage users in an external system, Invision Community support single sign-on features that allow users to share an account between the existing system and your community. There's built-in support for Wordpress, oAuth2 and LDAP, plus social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

If you use a system that doesn't support oAuth2, custom SSO modules can be developed to add support for almost any platform.

More about custom single sign-on
Single sign-on support in Invision Community



Invision Community supports Gravatar, so that users who have an internet-wide avatar set up will see it on their Invision Community account automatically.

Letter Photos

Users who haven't yet uploaded a profile photo will get an automatically-generated colorful letter photo using the first letter of their name.


Ranks are a fun way for users to 'level up' as they post more on your community. Assign each rank a unique image that shows on user profiles.

Anonymous Logins

You can optionally allow users to sign in anonymously, meaning they won't show on active user lists or show as online. Staff can of course still see the user.

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