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Community Publishing

Drag, drop and click to design new pages

Easily build new content pages in your community using the visual page builder in Pages. Create blocks of reusable content - choose feeds of data from within your community like top members, recent forum posts, popular gallery imags and more, or start with a blank slate and add something custom. Then simply create your page choosing one of our built-in layouts, then drag and drop page elements.

Create custom database apps easily

With the Database feature in Pages, you can create custom data-driven applications without touching a line of code.

Custom fields

Create any number of custom fields, choosing from a wide range of field types like text areas, rich editors, upload fields and more.

Built-in community features

All databases & records inherently support features you'd expect, like commenting, reputation, rating, follows and more.

Integrates with permissions

Databases use our precise permissions system, meaning you can restrict who can access content, or sell access as a subscription.

Massive scope to customize

For those with programming or design skills, database templates can be freely edited, allowing you to build completely customized interfaces for your application. You can also create reusable per-field display formatters.

Cross-post to Forums automatically

You can optionally choose to have new records automatically cross-posted to a forum, ready to accept discussions. You can even choose to have comments on the record be automatically added as replies to the topic.

Integrated with the community

Databases integrate with the community just like any other kind of content. Search content within them using the global search tool. And content posted by users appears in the Activity Stream as well as their own profile.

Get feedback with Polls

Users can easily attach polls to their new topics - great for seeing what the community thinks! Forum polls have many of the features you'd expect from standalone poll software - public/private polls (allowing the topic starter to determine whether votes stay anonymous or not), multiple choice or single-choice only, and whether replies to the poll are accepted. As administrator, you can choose which members groups may start or vote in polls, too.

Available with the Forum application.

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