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Social & Promotion

Integrated with leading social networks

IPS Community Suite has built-in support for a number of the leading social networking and sharing sites, allowing users to share any content within the community to the wider web (depending on their permissions, of course), and sign up for your community using their existing social networking accounts.

  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Digg
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon

Social Sharing

The IPS Community Suite makes it easy for users to share content to a wide range of social networks with just a couple of clicks, helping to give your community exposure and draw in new users. It's even easier for Facebook & Twitter - users don't even need to leave the page if they've already linked their accounts!

There's also the ability to automatically share new content as it's posted. Users simply check a box on the posting screen, and their content is added to Facebook and/or Twitter immediately.

Social Login

The IPS Community Suite enables users to register and sign in using one of several social networking accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. By bypassing the usual registration steps, taking part in your community is an almost one-click process for new users, boosting signups, participation and retention.

Keep users in the loop with Bulk Mailing

The Bulk Mail tool in the IPS Community Suite enables you to send newsletters, promotions and other mass-messages to your users, right from the AdminCP. Filter by a range of parameters to target only the members you want to contact. With built-in Mandrill by MailChimp integration, sending bulk email from your community is fast and very cost effective.

Using the Bulk Mailer in IPS Community Suite

Stay up to date with RSS syndication

IPS Community Suite 4 enables users to find content in your community that interests them, even if they haven't visited in a while. Users can subscribe to community RSS feeds, which can be created for a range of content types. Whether it's forums, calendar events or custom content databases, users stay up to date with your latest content.

An RSS feed from the IPS Community Suite 4


With the Referral features available in the Commerce app, members can earn real credit by promoting and encouraging others to sign up and make a purchase. Fine control over referral rules allows you to award different credit for different kinds of purchase, and earned credit can be used towards anything in your store. You can even create promotional banners that members can use when promoting their unique referral link.

Available with the Commerce application.

Rich Microdata Snippets

The default theme provided with the IPS Community Suite has been designed with rich microdata for search engines in mind. What does that mean in practice? It means when visitors see results from your site in Google and other search engines, your result may show additional relevant information based on the data available from your page. It's proven that rich results encourage users to click through to your site, and the IPS Community Suite is designed to make that happen.