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Permissions & Roles

Flexible, powerful permissions

At the core of the IPS Community Suite is an incredibly powerful permissions system, allowing you to configure precisely who can see and do what. As well as global permissions per group, each content section within each application also has its own fine-grained controls. By applying secondary member groups to users, you can create incredibly fine-grained permission layers that can reflect real-world roles.

The permission matrix in IPS Community Suite 4

Staff directory

The built-in Staff Directory in IPS Community Suite makes it easy to show who is a staff member as well as information about what they do. With a choice of layouts and departmental categorization, the staff directory can describe your organizational structure far better than a simple member list.

Staff directory in IPS Community Suite 4
Choosing the layout for the staff directory

Reflect real-world roles with Admin Restrictions

With the Restrictions feature, you can choose to grant access to only necessary areas of your AdminCP - ideal for reflecting your real-world employee hierarchy. Let your billing team access billing functions, while keeping them from changing system settings, or grant your designers access to our templating tools while protecting sensitive customer data.

Admin restrictions in IPS Community Suite 4