Precise, powerful access management

Invision Community ensures that you always have full control over who can access what within your community, with a comprehensive permissions system that's easy to configure.

Permissions in Invision Community
Group Permissions

Permission flexibility built-in

Invision Community has dozens of permission controls for member groups. Configure exactly what each group can do - post polls, upload attachments (and how big they can be), rate content, use tags and a whole lot more.

Content areas have their own permissions too. Decide exactly which groups can see, read, post, rate or review content within it. Want a forum just for your most active members, or a gallery category only staff can post in? No problem.

Layered Permissions

Reusable permission configuration

Creating a new team within your company to work on a super-secret project? Invision Community supports unlimited secondary groups, allowing you to layer permissions with fine control.

Create a new group with permission to post in the Super Secret Project forum, and assign it to all the team members. They keep their existing role permissions, but now get access to the secret forum too!

Admin Restrictions in Invision Community
Administrator Restrictions

Reflect real-world roles in Control Panel access

Staff can be granted access only to areas of the Admin Control Panel that are essential for their job duties - ideal for reflecting your real-world employee hierarchy. Let your billing team access billing functions, while keeping them from changing system settings, or grant your designers access to our templating tools while protecting sensitive customer data.

Premium Subscriptions

Elevate permissions for premium members

Invision Community's permission system is at the core of the premium subscription functionality. Set up multiple groups with elevated permissions and sell upgrades to those groups, right from within your community. Offer more storage space, access to new areas, reduced limits - and more.

Private Communities

Built-in support for private communities

Building an intranet community, or just don't want anything to be publicly viewable? Invision Community supports private communities by optionally requiring users to sign in before being able to see any part of your site. You can also review registrations before enabling the account, or disable registrations entirely if you want more control over who can get in.

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