First-class moderation tools reduce staff load

Invision Community includes a suite of moderator tools designed to reduce the time staff spend dealing with problematic users and content - meaning they can spend more time on things that matter.

Warning System

Keep tabs on troublesome users

Invision Community includes a comprehensive warning/infraction system that allows moderators to efficiently deal with troublesome users.

Warning a user in Invision Community
  • Issue Warning Points

    Issue a number of warning points for each infraction, based on the severity. Points are logged in each user profile for easy staff review.

  • Get Acknowledgement

    Leave a note for the member, and optionally require them to acknowledge it before being able to contribute to the community again.

  • Time-based Warning

    Automatically remove warning actions after a set period of time, or make them permanent - moderators have the choice.

  • Take Action

    Define actions to be taken based on the number of points issued, from a simple message sent to the member all the way up to a permanent ban. Or, optionally let moderations choose their own punishment.

  • Keep Staff in the Loop

    Add private staff notes on each action to keep your team in the loop, and for future reference.

  • Easily Review Infractions

    All moderator warnings and actions are logged in a user’s profile, clearly showing which punishments are in effect.

Inline Moderation in Invision Community Inline Moderation

Easy-to-access tools

Easily deal with multiple pieces of content at one time with inline moderation tools. Move, split, merge, delete, feature, approve or hide - check the pieces of content you want to work with, then use the contextual floating toolbar to take action quickly.

Saved Actions in Invision Community Saved Moderation Actions

Repetitive workflows made easy

Moderators frequently find themselves performing the same repetitive actions on content - close this topic, add a reply, and move it to the support forum. With Saved Actions, you can set up one-click processes that moderators can apply to content in the Forums.

Content Item Messages in Invision Community
Content Item Messages

Call attention to content

Staff can add contextual public messages to content within the community, each styled appropriately for the message conveyed. Whether you want to praise the community for a job well done or let members know that staff are keeping an eye on a controversial topic, Invision Community makes it easy.

Report Center in Invision Community
Moderator Control Panel

Moderator tools in one place

The Moderator Control Panel provides staff with a dashboard allowing them to easily review content and perform actions. Check out reported content and review content awaiting approval in a simple, seamless workflow. Manage members, restore content that has been deleted, post announcements and more.

Report Center

Have users be your eyes and ears

Moderators can't be everywhere at once. But with the Report Center, users can help out by flagging content they think should be reviewed by staff, and leave a note explaining why. Reported content is gathered in the Report Center for easy review, and staff can discuss it in private before deciding what, if any, action to take against the content or the original poster.

Reactive or proactive moderation styles

Each community has a different audience and moderation needs, which is why Invision Community supports both reactive and proactive moderation. Whether you want to take a hands-off approach and deal with problems as they come up, or avoid problems in the first place by proactively screening new content and members before they show up on the site, we ensure your staff have the tools they need to keep the community running smoothly.


Bad Word Filters

Automatically filter undesirable words from content, replacing them with asterisks or other words. Select groups that can bypass the filters, and optionally put content into the moderation queue when a filter is triggered.

Delayed Deletes

Optionally keep deleted content in a 'trash can' for a specified period of time, so that it can be restored later in case of accidents or an overzealous moderator. Restoring deleted content is a one-click process.

All Actions Logged

Moderator actions are comprehensively logged, allowing staff to review what actions were taken on each piece of content. In the case of edits, previous versions of content can reinstanted at the click of a button.

Link white/blacklisting

URLs can be whitelisted or blacklisted, allowing you to control how users link to external websites in your community. You can also require content linking to certain URLs to be approved by a moderator before being visible.

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