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Deal with troublemakers effectively...

When users cause grief, moderators can turn to the User Warning features to deal with the problem effectively.

Warning a user in IPS Community Suite

Issue warning points

Issue points for each infraction, based on the severity.

Keep staff in the loop

Add private staff notes about action taken to keep your team in the loop, and for future reference.

Get acknowledgement

Leave a note for the member, and optionally require them to acknowledge it before being able to contribute to the community again.

Time is a healer

Automatically remove points and actions after a period of time - or make them permanent

Take action

Define actions to be taken based on the number of points issued, from a simple message sent to the member all the way up to a permanent ban. Or, optionally let moderations choose their own punishment.

Review infractions

Easily see current punishments in effect in the member's profile

...and deal with content efficiently

IPS Community Suite 4 has been designed with moderators in mind, with efficient workflows for handling problematic content.

The Approval Queue in IPS Community Suite

Approval Queue

The new Approval Queue offers a simple way to step through each piece of content awaiting review, wherever it might exist in the community. Once reviewed, approve or delete it with one click and automatically move onto the next.

The Inline Moderation toolbar in IPS Community Suite

Inline Moderation

Easily deal with multiple pieces of content at one time with inline moderation tools. Check the pieces of content you want to work with (or use the selector to automatically select particular kinds of content), then use the floating toolbar to take action.

Saved Actions configuration

Saved Moderation Actions

Moderators frequently find themselves performing the same repetitive actions on content - close this topic, add a reply, and move it to the support forum. With Saved Actions, you can set up one-click processes that moderators can apply to content in the Forums.

Available with the Forum application.

Let users be your eyes and ears

Even with the best of intentions, moderators can't be everywhere at once. But with User Reports, users can help out by flagging content they think should be reviewed by staff, whether it's offensive, in the wrong place or spam, and they can also leave a note explaining why. Reported content is gathered in the Report Center for easy review, and staff can discuss it in private before deciding what, if any, action to take against the content or the original poster.

Warning a user in IPS Community Suite

Moderation styles to suit your community

The tools in the IPS Community Suite allow you to choose a moderation style that bests suits your style, audience and goals. Whether you want to take a hands-off approach and deal with problems reactively, or avoid problems in the first place by proactively screening new content and members before they show up on the site, the suite facilitates it and ensures your staff have the tools they need to keep the community running smoothly.

Warning a user in IPS Community Suite