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Member Engagement

Reputation identifies key contributors

With the powerful Reputation system in the IPS Community Suite, users can award points for content they like, giving recognition to the original poster.

Award badges

Automatically award badges to a user when they reach certain reputation levels.

Highlight users

Call out the top community contributors with the Top Contributors sidebar block.

Popular content visibility

Highlight posts in forum topics when they reach a defined number of points.

Two reputation methods

Choose between the "Like this" or up/down rating reputation systems.

Incentivize contribution with Group Promotion

Encourage participation by automatically upgrading a member's group when they reach a predefined number of posts or have been a member for a specified period of time. By combining Group Promotion with our highly configurable permissions system, members can see real benefits to being an active contributor. It's also a great way of handling new members - give your new signups limited permissions to start with, but automatically open up the community to them when they've proven themselves.

Group settings and group promotion in IPS Community Suite

Designed to drive user onboarding

The IPS Community Suite 4 encourages users to sign up and becomes members at every opportunity. The registration process is streamlined and simple for minimal friction. If a user reads content as a guest, they are prompted to sign up or sign in to contribute - and with social network sign up, it takes seconds.

Plus, with fine-tuned permissions, you can allow guest users to see what content is available, but require registration to see each item.

Onboarding prompts in IPS Community Suite

Notifications ensure new content is never missed

With Follows and Notifications, users never have to miss new content posted in the community.

Weekly & Daily Digests

Users can choose to receive digests of new content posted in their followed areas - a convenient way of getting an overview without being overloaded by email.

Notification Options

Users choose exactly what kinds of notifications they receive, and how - on the community or via email. Admins can also configure the default options for new users.

A digest notification email from the IPS Community Suite

Profiles are the home for user content

Users can upload gorgeous cover photos to customize their profile area.

Easily switch between the user's profile and a stream of everything they've contributed.

Status updates gives users a personal area to share their thoughts.

The user's community reputation and any badge they've earned is shown prominently.

For staff, the user's warning status is available - including any current punishments in effect.

See who follows whom easily, and find new members to follow too.

User profile