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Rich Text Editing

Backed by one powerful editor

The rich text editor in IPS Community Suite 4 is central to all content creation. It's a highly capable, extensible, "What You See Is What You Get" editing environment that helps users create the best content.


Use rich formatting you're used to in your word processor, and see it identically in the editor and in your post.


Notify other members by typing their name to mention them - the perfect way to ensure a member sees something they might otherwise miss.

Automatic Embedding

Links from services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram will automatically embed a rich preview in the post. Links from your own community will also show an enticing preview to encourage clickthroughs.

Drag'n'drop Uploading

Attach images and files simply by dragging them into the editor upload area. Images will appear right in the post while files will show as a download link.

The Rich Text Editor in IPS Community Suite 4

Auto-saved drafts

The editor auto-saves each and every post you write, so that if you come back later you can continue right where you left off.

Easily add new features

Find a plugin on CKEditor.com, and simply upload it to the AdminCP to use it. Or, create your own with simple HTML for custom formatting.

Flexible permissions

Configure exactly who can use which editor button where. Tie in with premium subscriptions to offer more formatting options to paying members.