Surface the most compelling content

With a number of powerful tools to help users discover new content, Invision Community increases the time users spend interacting with your community.

Activity Streams in Invision Community
  • Activity Streams

    New content on tap

    A high-level view of the community

    Activity streams are the primary way to see everything that's happening in an Invision Community. Create filters based on tags, read status, content type, author and much more.

  • Default feeds to highlight content

    Create default streams available to all users, using any of the built-in filter options.

  • Custom user feeds

    Each member can create and save unlimited streams of their own, and set their own default view. Some example streams:

    • All unread content in the community
    • Content posted by staff members
    • All content tagged 'product'
    • Content from the areas you follow
    • Topics posted by everyone you follow
    • And much more!
Our Picks in Invision Community
Our Picks in Invision Community
Promoted Content

Curate content with Our Picks

Hand-pick the best content from across the community and promote it on the Our Picks page. Choose eye-catching images to attach and add an engaging message to encourage click-throughs. Promote hot new content, or choose hidden gems from the archives to bring to a new audience.

Your curated content can also be automatically scheduled to post to your site's Facebook & Twitter accounts for easy cross-promotion!

Content Search in Invision Community
Search Engine

Precise searching Updated

Invision Community includes a comprehensive search engine, enabling users to find content from across the community. With a wide range of filters available and the ability to drill down by content type, finding relevant content is simple.

It's convenient too - the quick search box is available on every page.

We support Elasticsearch

Discover related content with Tags

With community-wide support for tagging, it's easy for others to find more content on the same subject. Tagging can be open (meaning users choose their own tags), or closed (where they choose from a predefined list). Tagging also helps with content promotion - when viewing content in the community, similarly-tagged items can be highlighted in the sidebar to help users find other relevant posts.

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