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Content Discovery

Easily find new content

It's tough to keep up with all the content that is posted to an active community. The IPS Community Suite automatically remembers what a user has seen, so that unseen content can be highlighted for them when they return. Even if they view content and come back later, the content will be highlighted for them if there's new replies.

The New Content area shows an overview of all unread content from right across the community, with filters to customize what's shown. It's the perfect way for members to find fresh content.

New Content area
The time filters available in the New Content area

Discover related content

With community-wide support for tagging, users can add tags when creating content, making it easy for others to find more content on the same subject. Tagging can be open (meaning users choose their own tags), or closed (where they choose from a predefined list), to suit the community's individual needs. Tagging also helps with content promotion - when viewing content in the community, similarly-tagged items can be highlighted in the sidebar to help users find other relevant posts.

Tagging content