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Mobile-friendly by default

The IPS Community Suite uses responsive design, meaning it automatically adjusts to look and work great on any device, whether it's a desktop, tablet or phone. Don't expect a crippled experience - everything works the same regardless of the device you use.

It's not just for members either - our AdminCP is also fully responsive, letting you manage your community while on the go.

No design skill necessary

Match your website by creating a new theme for IPS Community Suite - no design skills needed. Our Easy Theme Editor lets you effortlessly change colors, gradients and more simply by pointing and clicking. And finish your design by using the Easy Logo Changer to add your company logo - all without touching any code.

But for those that do...

Know HTML & CSS? Use our full template editor to make completely custom themes. Use them on your community, or offer them for sale in the IPS Marketplace.

Customize any page with draggable blocks

Customize each page within your community with reusable blocks showing a variety of information. Administrators can simply drag and drop over 35 different blocks from the sidebar and configure them in position to add new features to the community. And, if you have the Pages app, you can build brand new customized blocks from data within your community or completely custom content - great for site notices, competitions and more.

Managing blocks in IPS Community Suite

Included blocks

  • Recent topics
  • Status updates
  • Announcements
  • Member statistics
  • Top contributors
  • and over 30 others...

Or create your own using the Pages application.

Speak their language with full localization support

The IPS Community Suite has comprehensive localization support via language packs. Find ready-made language packs for in the IPS Marketplace, or create your own.

Quick Translating

When enabled, simply click any word you see to edit the translation. You can even localize the names of your content areas in the same way, like forums, page titles and gallery albums, so that users see them in their own language.

The IPS Marketplace extends what your community can do

The IPS Marketplace is the place to go for addons, themes and other extras to enhance your community. Third-party contributors have added hundreds of products available for free or for purchase, from whole new applications to small enhancements.

Check out the IPS Marketplace  
IPS Marketplace