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  3. please switch off timezone detection,provide option allow users to set their own
  4. Points draw. As an administrator I can draw, and users cannot. The whole circle is spinning.
  5. I think both ideas would be good, having control to remove it would be hand for any such case. For one of the trophy’s I was testing member shop with a random trophy.
  6. ipsfocus themes always seem to use custom elements and css throwing IPS out of the window, I only ever has issues with them themes and 95% of my elements with match IPS css, I send you a message I can send you a custom.css code probably to add to that theme Each block has a unique ID now too so you could only add the css edit to that block only and not all other blocks what use the same elements body[data-pageapp="landingpage"] div#block_39.landingpage_blocks > aElementAfterThe.landingpage_blocks { your code } body[data-pageapp="landingpage"] div#block_39.landingpage_blocks > aElementAfterThe.landingpage_blocks > maybeAnotherElementAfter { your code } with the block_39 being unique to that block
  7. This shouldn’t happen. What criteria didn’t work for you? no there’s no way to remove it, I guess this would be handy for such cases. what about a Trophy rebuild feature, which would check it for every user and remove the trophy for everybody who doesn’t meet the criteria. This way the criteria from existing trophies could be changed and then the rebuild triggered. i actually like this a lot.
  8. I do back up my invoices regularly and keep them elsewhere, but when dealing with users on the website it's obviously far, far more convenient to have the information at-hand when logged in to the adminCP. Your privacy points are well-taken, although I'd assume (following Brandon) that keeping the user name in this case (for followup, customer service etc) would be a perfectly legitimate reason (especially since the address and other information is kept on the invoice when the name is deleted). But I don't claim to be an expert on GDPR.
  9. If your images are squashed with the carousel try adding to custom.css /* Landing Page */ body[data-pageapp="landingpage"] .ipsColumns > *:only-child{ flex: 1 1 1%; } I have a custom theme from ipsfocus and was having a similar issue.
  10. Not filling every impression is not great. AdSense (or if they are large, AdX) should always cover your fill.
  11. How about if in the editor place a button (condensed and expanded) as Advanced Editor Mode(that contains more buttons)? Right now I have to configure it for 3 devices, desktop, tablet and phone. I would like have the powerful editor buttons in phone mode, but at the sametime compact view in normally use of scene. If I configure it for compact phone mode I could've forged the powerful editor features.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello, At the moment some areas of pages sidebar areas seems to be within same scope. For example, I add side block of categories in index template and I see it in categories listing and record display. However, if I will add record related sidebar block in record display view then it does nto display on higher views. It would be better to make the sidebar areas independent for each view type, so we can have better control where to display what.
  14. For pages is it for all databases or can you select one?
  15. Please note that Remember Me on log in has to be checked to use a CDN. can you give me an option to check it by default or force it to be on with no option?
  16. Another bug with this update, longer titles are not truncated. And the issue with the image url As you’ll see it’s not showing as it should. Just found another CSS issue with topic blocks with images? (mobile view iOS)
  17. Hi there. I seem to be having an issue with approvals. My members' permissions show them as not able to auto-approve. And yet, when they post an item, it gets approved automatically. Thoughts? Did I miss a setting somewhere? Thanks all!!
  18. Images are all squashed vertically. I’ll give you a message tomorrow.
  19. Good thoughts, thanks Davyc... for the advice and the words of support. I'm going to continue to mull this over. The structure may indeed change before I fully roll it out.
  20. With Stratagem 2.0.1, I am getting an error message - the index page is also not displaying properly. Will PM you details. If you could take a look for me, I would appreciate it @CodingJungle
  21. the members need to check / claim their winning tickets in their my tickets page Understood. He did check, which was how the reply to the topic was made, and the entry into the Lottery Payouts log... Still, his personal points were not updated.
  22. What you could do to make it easier for people interested in specific types of sports is to break your long list into categories, such as indoor sports, track and field sports, niche sports, etc that way people interested in a specific category can get to it quickly. If you create a landing page you can divide the page into sections that link directly to a specific category. It will make the search process much easier and will break up the forum page into more manageable chunks. This is what I did on my site which you're welcome to look at and if there's anything you like there feel free to copy it over. https://startrekgate.co.uk Good luck, I believe what you are doing is very worthwhile. 🙂
  23. the members need to check / claim their winning tickets in their my tickets page I'll look into it
  24. Hello, I'm a new user to Members Shop and Lottery. Site is 4.4.10, lottery 2.0.0, Shop is 2.0.2. Had my first winning ticket claimed yesterday. Reply was created perfect to the draw topic. However, when I looked at the member, it was clear that the points were not applied to their account. I waited a day to be sure that there wasn't some automated process that would add them in at a later time, and a short while ago manually updated the points on the members account. So, only ONE instance thus far and it failed to complete the transaction... and I am not talented enough to know why.... so I seek assistance please. Reading over the support forum, I found no issue matching this one, but I have experienced other issues stated, such as purchasing a ticket sometimes remains on same page, sometimes returns to home page. Checking a ticket will at times do the same thing. Additionally, as we all like to "automate" as much as we can, it would be nice to create recurring events for draws or at a minimum have the ability to duplicate/copy. Thanks!!
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