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  3. Sorry, don't know what happened to my last post! Autocorrect i guess. Yes, I do click finish from the block manager as soon as you refresh the page the widgets come back. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin nothing seems to work.
    Thank you for this application. Sorting groups, Member List, Group Icons, allowing members to choose the groups, everything out of the box with this application, and last but not least, the permission matrix is my favourite feature.
  4. Once removed it need click finish from the block manager.
  5. Yes, I have something like that I'll try I'll see. First point yes, I have more options for this
  6. Yesterday I received the invoice for another term of Classifieds but I will be holding off paying any more money on this addon whilst the menu system for it is so stuffed besides I think there is now another Classifieds addon available (although in its infancy stages) but includes Auctions as well...over to you @InvisionHQ on whether you give the menu system an urgent fix in the coming days before I decide whether to pay any more money for this
  7. Lmao. Is it possible to set it so members can't react to their own pms?
  8. File is the content item from Downloads. It was designed to work only with it.
  9. Does this work for subscriptions too? We have been looking for something that allows users to purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else. Thanks!
  10. Man, the recent Docker update breaks my dev badly as Nat driver no longer exists, breaking a lot of things which I had to deal for the last 2 weeks with bridge network. Somehow I manage to get further as I pull my hair out trying to figure out how to get different container communicating each other in isolated bridge network. There is still tournament issues I need to debug to fix the registration. It will be on next demo if I get it working though. But comparing to last demo, I had made a lot of progress as you can look of game play of diversity of poker type as I test them. Til then, here you go for an another work in progress preview. It's getting there ... [YouTube]
  11. 1. If ips can't transform the Commerce app as multi stores app, why not offer some multi stores marketplace integration? E. G. Cs cart, Arcadier, Wix etc. 2. By now, how I can meke my ips website with multi stores features? I would like offer to my members the retails stores ability.
  12. Yesterday
    This has been an excellent plugin for my Membership Site as I use Wordpress/LearnDash for my Courses and iPBoard for my community. This means all my Wordpress members profiles need to be able to sync with IPBoard and with this plugin this works perfectly. Has worked flawlessly since I started using it back in 2016 with the exception of one configuration problem in the beginning I over looked which the developer quickly helped me to fix. This plugin also has the ability to remove access to the Forum from Cancelled Members of my Wordpress Membership site. With the role mapping function it's very easy to accomplish this. Without this, members who are currently not paying will still have access. Thanks for a great plugin!
    Does exactly what it should do Whenever a member joins our program, they are automatically synced with the forum. No more missed people or having to add people manually. I did have a minor issue during set up (my own mistake) but I messaged the plugin designer, and got it resolved asap. Great product and support!
  13. Is there a live demo of this yet?
    The latest update shocked me. I didn't expect support for CKEditor. Step in the right direction! I recommend the app! Now we are waiting for the choice of forums for groups.
  14. That would be brilliant. That would explain the problem. I may have carried out an upgrade I'm missing a step so but the database was never converted. That would mean that if I could tell you which version I've got installed on the live site , if you were able even just to give me a copy of the the next version which actually carry out the conversion, then we would be good to go for the rest. In fact I've just checked and our live site is using 3.1.8 which is working fine. on the basis of what you say if we move directly to 3.2.6 we would be missing out on the necessary conversion step and so the whole thing would fall over again. If you could let us know which version included the conversion routine and let us have a copy then everything might start working. They might not even be any need to write a conversion script
  15. it will only copy the project columns, not the cards. there is a future update that will copying of cards. not currently, but its an idea i've been thinking of adding in a future version. they are in the wrong format. originally they were stored in a comma delimited list, now they are stored as a json array (one of the updates converted them, but i don't recall which one). i'll write you up a conversion script and test it on the database you sent me.
  16. Update 1.1 - New ACP theme customized to be in line with principal style of template - New secondary color.
  17. Could you add: Statistics on renewal (membership) products. Basically, data that businesses can use to track performance. This is lacking in the current offering. Average length of memberships Monthly churn vs new customers Added MRR etc... Enhance the subscriptions feature to include things such as Discounts/coupons Option of varying renewal terms (1 month, 6 months, 1 year...). Currently you have to create separate subscriptions to achieve this effect, which is not practical Maybe my second point is territory you don't want to venture in (changing/enhancing functionality of existing product), but my first point would definitely make sense as part of your offering in my opinion.
    Before you decide whether or not to invest in this application, I suggest that you look very carefully at the support topic right from the beginning and understand the patterns of problems which occurred and the quality of the support which has been provided over a period of 18 months since the application was first introduced into the marketplace. it seems to have got quite good ratings so it probably works for some people – but it never worked for us – right from the beginning. We were refused a refund
  18. 10 years later, and here we are - NOTHING. it’s pretty obvious that Invision developers and product managers, simply said, just don’t care about providing an effective and functional ignore function. This is most likely the case because none of them run their own forums, and thus (as usual) don’t actually have any clue as to what functionality is useful for a forum. There is a plug-in from Adriano Faria (thank you @Adriano Faria), “Disallow Ignored Members From Replying in My Topics” which does a great job allowing forum members to keep their threads clean of members they ignore - though the ignored members still see the topic, they can not reply or post in it. This is a great start. I guess the only way to get a proper reciprocal ignore feature is to commission a developer to create it - I’ve asked around, and quoted prices range anywhere from a couple of $100 to nearly $1,500. Might be worth it, seeing as how this will never happen from Invision.
  19. I've literally replied to you within minutes asking you to provide me with login credentials so I can look into the issue and have it resolved for you and you refuse while simulataneously saying I'm offering you no support. I'm not sure how me asking you to just let me access your installation so I can fix the issue for you is too much effort, but if that's the way you feel I can't do anything about it. However, it does not mean I am not providing support. The only reason you're not getting support is because you're refusing to let me offer it. My offer still stands. If you want help, my support line is open. But if you're just going to sit here and insult me and say I'm not offering support when I clearly am trying to, I'm not going to respond any further. Sorry we couldn't work things out. Be safe and have a nice day.
  20. I'm sorry it's just too much effort. When we pay our money, we expect to have an application in reasonable condition and fairly well supported. That's not happening here. I've been running a big forum for 15 years and I'm very used to getting third-party applications and I understand about the quality of support I can expect. I'm going to let it go. You won't give me a refund – there's nothing I can do about it – but if you have any sense of "what is right" you you should take the money and give it to somebody connected with the George Floyd issue as a charitable gift. I'm sure they will need it more than you do.
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