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Get list of shipments

For requests using an OAuth Access Token for a particular member, only the members own shipments will be included


Name Type Description
statuses string Comma-delimited list of statuses - if provided, only transactions with those statuses are returned - see order object for status keys
methods string Comma-delimited list of shipping method IDs - if provided, only shipments from those methods are returned
sortBy string What to sort by. Can be 'date', 'shipped_date' or do not specify for ID
sortDir string Sort direction. Can be 'asc' or 'desc' - defaults to 'asc'
page int Page number
perPage int Number of results per page - defaults to 25


This endpoint doesn't throw any exceptions.


Name Type Description
page int The page number for the results being shown
perPage int The number of results that will be on each page
totalResults int The total number of results
totalPages int The number of pages of results
results array of order objects The results for this page

order object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
status string Status: 'done' = Shipped; 'pend' = Waiting to be shipped; 'canc' = Canceled
invoiceId int Invoice ID Number
method flatrate object The shipment method (may be null if using EasyPost)
items object The items in the shipment and their quantities
requestDate datetime When the shipment was requested
shipDate datetime When the shipment was shipped
address geolocation object The delivery address
trackingUrl string The URL to view tracking information, if available

flatrate object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name

geolocation object

Name Type Description
lat float Latitude
long float Longitude
addressLines array of strings Lines of the street address
city string City
region string State/Region
country string 2-letter country code
postalCode string ZIP/Postal Code
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