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REST API Documentation


Create a category


Name Type Description
parent int|null The ID number of the parent the category should be created in. NULL for root.
moderation int Files must be approved?
moderation_edits int New versions must be approved?
allowss int Allow screenshots?
reqss int Require screenshots?
comments int Allow comments?
comments_moderation int Comments must be approved?
reviews int Allow reviews?
reviews_mod int Reviews must be approved?
reviews_download int Files must be downloaded before a review can be left?
permissions object An object with the keys as permission options (view, read, add, download, reply, review) and values as permissions to use (which may be * to grant access to all groups, or an array of group IDs to permit access to)


Code Message Description
1D365/2 NO_TITLE A title for the category must be supplied


Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
url string URL
class string Node class
parentId int|null Parent Node ID
resourceType string Resource types category contains ('apps', 'themes' or 'languages')
permissions object|null Node permissions
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