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REST API Documentation


Edit a calendar

This endpoint is only available for requests made using an API Key or the Client Credentials Grant Type, not using an OAuth Access Token for a particular member.


Name Type Description
Required title string The calendar title
color string The calendar color (Hexadecimal)
approve_events int 0|1 Events must be approved?
allow_comments int 0|1 Allow comments
approve_comments int 0|1 Comments must be approved
allow_reviews int 0|1 Allow reviews
approve_reviews int 0|1 Reviews must be approved
permissions object An object with the keys as permission options (view, read, add, reply, review, askrsvp, rsvp) and values as permissions to use (which may be * to grant access to all groups, or an array of group IDs to permit access to)


This endpoint doesn't throw any exceptions.


Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
url string URL
class string Node class
parentId int|null Parent Node ID
permissions object|null Node permissions
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