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REST API Documentation


View information about a specific blog entry


No parameters are accepted for this endpoint.


Code Message Description
2B300/A INVALID_ID The entry ID does not exist


Name Type Description
id int ID number
title string Title
blog blog object Blog
author member object The member that created the entry
draft bool If this entry is a draft
date datetime Date
entry string Entry content
comments int Number of comments
views int Number of posts
prefix string The prefix tag, if there is one
tags array of strings The tags
locked bool Entry is locked
hidden bool Entry is hidden
future bool Will be published at a future date?
pinned bool Entry is pinned
featured bool Entry is featured
poll poll object Poll data, if there is one
url string URL
rating float Average Rating

blog object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
description string Description
owner member object If the blog is owned by a single member, the member
groups array of group objects If the blog is owned by groups, an array of the groups
pinned bool If the blog is pinned
entries int Number of entries
comments int Number of comments
url string URL

member object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Username
title string Member title
timezone string Member timezone
formattedName string Username with group formatting
ipAddress string IP address used during registration
primaryGroup group object Primary group
secondaryGroups array of group objects Secondary groups
email string Email address
joined datetime Registration date
registrationIpAddress string IP address when registered
warningPoints int Number of active warning points
reputationPoints int Number of reputation points
photoUrl string URL to photo (which will be the site's default if they haven't set one)
photoUrlIsDefault bool Indicates if the value of photoUrl is the site's default
coverPhotoUrl string URL to profile cover photo (will be blank if there isn't one)
profileUrl tring|null object URL to profile
validating bool Whether or not the validating flag is set on the member account
posts int Number of content item submissions member has made
lastActivity atetime|null object Last activity date on the site
lastVisit atetime|null object Last distinct visit date on the site
lastPost atetime|null object Latest content submission date
profileViews int Number of times member's profile has been viewed
birthday string Member birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format (or MM/DD format if no year has been supplied)
customFields array of fieldgroup objects Custom profile fields. For requests using an OAuth Access Token for a particular member, only fields the authorized user can view will be included

group object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
formattedName string Name with formatting

fieldgroup object

Name Type Description
name string Group name
fields array of field objects Fields

field object

Name Type Description
name string Field name
value string Value

poll object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
title string Title
votes int Number of votes
questions array of question objects The questions

question object

Name Type Description
question string The question
options object Each of the options and how many votes they have had
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