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  1. Custom actions for Commerce packages

    IP.Nexus for IP.Board allowed each Package to specify a "Custom module" - a PHP script which could specify custom code to run when purchases of that package were made, expired, cancelled, etc. In IPS Community Suite 4, it is possible to overload any class in the suite, so this is no longer a specific option for packages. But it is easy to recreate.   Step 1: Create a Plugin You will need to create a plugin, which requires you to have developer mode enabled. We strongly advise
  2. Using the License Key API in Commerce

    Products in Commerce can generate license keys. A simple HTTP-based API is available to interact with license keys.   Basics For each of the endpoints, you will send a HTTP POST request, and a JSON object will be returned. The URL you will be posting to is: http://www.example.com/applications/nexus/interface/licenses/?ENDPOINT ...where example.com is your own URL, and ENDPOINT is one of the calls listed below.   Configuration Before you can use the API, you m
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