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4.2 and below: IPS Connect

  1. Introduction to IPS Connect

    IPS Connect is a cross-domain single sign on and single point of authentication system that allows login credentials to be shared across multiple web applications.  Furthermore, basic member management is also shared across those separate installations allowing you to manage users in one website and have those changes propagate to all of your other websites.  While the IPS Community Suite natively supports IPS Connect with minimal configuration from the administrator, developers can also add IPS
  2. Creating "Master" IPS Connect Applications

    Your master IPS Connect application will be required to accept API calls from slave IPS Connect applications and respond to them accordingly, and to then propagate changes from those calls to any other slaves in the network.  You must supply a unique key for your master application (which can be anything you want but must be unique to this installation) and the URL to the gateway API file that you will create to all slave applications.  The master application secret key should be kept private an
  3. Creating "Slave" IPS Connect Applications

    Slave IPS Connect applications will need to send requests for specific actions via an HTTP REST API call to the IPS Connect master installation.  This means that you will need to obtain the URL and API key from your IPS Connect master installation and supply this to your slave application, and then when a user attempts to perform one of the actions outlined at the top of this article your login routines should make API calls to the master application in order to perform and validate those action
  4. IPS Connect API

    Master IPS Connect applications will need to accept the following requests and respond accordingly with the response parameters outlined for each request.  It will also need to propagate the requests to each slave in its network, differentiating the requests with a "slaveCall=1" request parameter. Slave IPS Connect applications will need to call the following API endpoints against the master IPS Connect installation it is communicating with, and additionally accept the same API request calls (di
  5. Extending IPS Connect

    If you are using IPS Community Suite as a master application and wish to extend or change its functionality, you can easily do so without having to edit any PHP files, ensuring your customizations are retained through future upgrades.  The master IPS Connect gateway with the IPS Community Suite is found at /applications/core/interface/ipsconnect/ipsconnect.php.  You can create a new file in this same location called "custom.php" with a class inside this file called ipsConnect_custom, extending i
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