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Up your community-building game by focusing more on your physical and mental health! The world is in a weird spot right now; let's use this as an opportunity to lean on each other for support, give advice, ask questions and share your health wins in Invision Community's new Health Club.
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  2. We love this time of year, right? Well, maybe not all parts of it.🀫πŸ₯΄ Shorter days, extra mindless snacking, less self control and family time can all have its good and bad moments, but….I like to focus on the positives and what I’m thankful for. Anyone else? πŸ™Œ 🍁 My November recap πŸ‚ : Family paint night and Thanksgiving Turkey trot and celebration were a hit! My apple danish, the mimosas and the generous spread of food was extra tasty this year! Christmas tree is up and already wearing matching grinch jammies with my daughter. Still enjoying Barre class because maybe it’ll keep me in check despite the holiday snacking! πŸ’ͺ Excited for more holiday fun this month. I love the festivities! πŸŽ„πŸŽ… What do you like about this time of year? Would love to hear what is bringing you joy. Cheers!
  3. I've been enjoying these already this holiday season. πŸ™Œ Holiday snacking has my heart! Any other holiday treat gems that we want to spill the beans on? πŸ˜…
  4. I love Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream! Great for intense chocolate lovers.
  5. Oh, I have been rather naughty, haven't I? I've stuck with a regular yoga regime and got my 10,000 steps each day You'll notice a big jump in the penultimate entry: we went on holiday on short notice, so got plenty of steps in. Unfortunately, that break came at a price: we couldn't do any yoga, and I put on weight. We resumed our yoga when we came back and found out that the gains we'd made had quickly disappeared, so now we're having to play catch-up. There's something approaching muscle memory at play, though: it's easier to make progress this time around. I think the wheels are likely to come off as we head into December, since diet is going to suffer.
  6. How is one to live vicariously through others when they go silent on us?
  7. Mine will depend on whether I'm being at least moderately sensible, or going all out Sensible day for me will be Halo Top, which is a lower calorie And there there is this, which is basically sugar, and lovely πŸ˜„ If you are interested, for the same size tub its the difference between eating 300(ish) and 1000(ish) kcal
  8. I'm strictly plant based, although don't call myself Vegan given I wear leather etc, so choices are limited. California rolls, almond milk, carrot juice - all do it for me. We also make burgers out of pea protein, which taste gorgeous - but a real mess to make and clean up! Oh yeah, love this
  9. I'm always carrying a niggle or two. Currently suffering from a pulled tendon in my upper leg following a ski erg session. It's recurring and I should get it fixed but have been told it's 6-8 months in total. But there's always something crutch unfriendly in the diary, so I've lived with it for a while now. Luckily I have a Wattbike, C2, Smiths etc, so can work other areas and rest the offending parts. I should know better though. No excuses other than being well past retirement age.
  10. Very pleased to see mental health given a mention here. I believe we all suffer in one form or another, the difference being that many feel they need to keep quiet about it, or not seek help, when needed. Whilst here a big shout out to those unsung heroes that help their other halves through tougher times. I'm convinced that for many the difference between a visit to the docs or worse, or being able to deal with issues at home, is in many cases down to the loving support and understanding of our partners.
  11. A friend recommended these, I love them. https://knucklelights.com/
  12. I've been eating these "protein" cookies recently. 😩 Gotta love good marketing.
  13. @Ocean West Your new oven looks great and wow, the food looks...yumm! Meals that look pretty on the plate bring me such joy! Enjoy!! πŸ˜‹
  14. 10 minute mile pace. We'll have to get together some time for a run and I can show you how incredibly slow I am LOL πŸ˜„ Well done guys
  15. So, let me start out by saying this is not going to be your usual motivational speech about how I trained hard, reaped the rewards, and will now be continuing on in my success to bigger and better things. It really is not. I like to take on exercise from a realistic point of view. Things just don't always work out. Last Sunday, I completed the Virtual London Marathon. This is something I have been planning for a while now, and is in my long term fitness goal of bike (100 mile), run (1 marathon) and swim (100 length). All of which I could not do. I did the bike and loved training for it. Loved getting to the point I felt I could make it and beyond, and loved the thought of doing another. However not with this. I started running in 2019 for the first time. I had never even run a mile at that point, let alone run a marathon. I got to the point of running 5 day by using the C25K (Couch to 5k) app on my phone. I felt really good about myself, and felt I had achieved something I never thought I would, because Im not a runner. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But once I had done it, I had the bug. I went on, in a pretty short space of time to get to 10k. I was running this once a week with a friend, and doing a couple of 5k distances early morning during the week. All was well, and I was enjoying it. Going from this, I really wanted to get the marathon done. So I aimed for half marathon in 12 months. Since I did my 5k in July, I aimed for half marathon by July 2020. I built myself up a mile at a time, and eventually did that. But it was hard. It was quite a long way, and a reasonable length of time. From there, I did one of these each month, apart from times when I was ill or injured, to keep up my fitness. Now on to the marathon. So I went for the marathon distance last week, as mentioned. To get to this takes a lot of training. A lot of hurting yourself, too much time out of the day, and quite simply is taking time I could be doing other things. LOL. I feel a huge sense of achievement in doing the marathon, and I'm really really glad I can say I completed one. But I can also certainly say I will never do one again. Without doing marathon training, I can happily train 6 times a week, cross training different things. I can do a 5k distance in a morning, and be back, showered, and sat at my desk in a way you really cant when you need to run 3-4 hours at a time. So there it is. I absolutely love running. I really, honestly do enjoy it. But I will not be running that distance again LOL πŸ˜„ Would love to hear if anyone else has run one, and how they felt about it once it was done.
  16. I had missed this topic, but I can very much empathise with this. While I do run now, which is a good thing to have gotten myself into, I do go through ups and downs with other exercise and nutrition. The more exercise you do, its also easier to over eat. You feel like you are easily burning off what you eat, when often that's not true at all. I've gone through people saying I look quite healthy, to now feeling like I don't look very healthy at all. Which seems insane to me given I did a marathon last week. The only thing I can say is having a structure of exercise and nutrition that comes first helps for me. If I'm eating out at some point, I plan for it. If I'm going for a drink, I plan for it. Every week, and every day is planned, because if its not down on paper or in my calendar, its not happening. But I really try to get some middle ground or I think it would just drive me insane. A mans gotta have a drink now and then, right? πŸ˜„
  17. Thank you! We did :] I was running at around a 10-minute mile pace. Not my best tbh, but it was a pretty fun run. Some pretty big uphill sections too which was a fun surprise. πŸ˜…
  18. It looks like you guys had a great time. What position did you finish/come in the race?

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