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Up your community-building game by focusing more on your physical and mental health! The world is in a weird spot right now; let's use this as an opportunity to lean on each other for support, give advice, ask questions and share your health wins in Invision Community's new Health Club.
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  2. Yesterday's steps: 21k Not much today: a truncated treadmill session because I had to be out the door to work away. I had a short stroll at lunchtime but ate at a pub in the village, which isn't going to be healthy. 150 copies of my new book turned up at the office in the afternoon, so I've spent a few hours exercising my hand: I didn't make it home until fairly late, so we went out for a celebratory meal, since my commissioning editor next-dayed her own copy to my house, which means I finally have one of my own. Not a healthy day but not the kind which will come around often either!
  3. Can my posts in this club be deleted?
  4. Yesterday's steps: 13k A good day, although it didn't get off to the best start when I checked my yoga app to confirm what our plans for the week would be: That "missed" is yesterday's tiring 40-plus-minute workout. Really, really deflating, and I found myself, after the frustrations of accessing the program in the first place (which, it turns out, is a UI/UX issue), emailing their support to say that I think we need to have a conversation about a refund. I don't want to give up on this: we've both taken to it much better than I thought we would, so that was a conversation that I was really reluctant to have. It turns out that this is another UI/UX issue. Once the video completed yesterday, leaving us with the end screen, I disconnected my laptop from the TV, then stowed it. What I should've known to do was to close the video frame, which would've brought up another one asking me to score the exercise for difficulty. And then I should've scrolled down this iframe to locate a button "Complete". I somehow managed to add the same session on to tonight's program (again, no instructions on this), so we did it again. Already we're noticing improvements from yesterday. Clare, who has never done anything athletic in her life besides powerwalking in the mornings on her treadmill, bent down and touched her toes to demonstrate it to me! I went through the routine at the end of this, and: Phew! Much more rewarding! I haven't really got much work today because of interruptions: this included taking the car for its annual check-up, necessitating a 30-minute walk home in the rain, and then that walk in reverse to collect it later. I hadn't thought things through: because of the rain, we did a second treadmill session instead of our after-lunch stroll: given that I was walking home from the garage in the afternoon and then heading back there, I could've dropped that session and got some work done instead. Some good news: the second children's book I've translated (and third pageset) recently turned up today. That's all three in this batch now. It looks great! I also got some news on my "proper" book, the advanced textbook I've been working on for a couple of years and which is due to launch on Thursday: owing to an oversight, my publisher hasn't sent me my own copies. By way of apology, the senior commissioning editor is next-day-delivering her own to me. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'm not going to see it: I'm going to be in the office tomorrow taking delivery of our own stock, and then signing the pre-orders for those who requested that I vandalise their copy. (That's going to be hard: a few years ago we used to send postcards to our niblings when we were overseas, and I would get cramps from just that: I'm not used to writing with a pen!) Anyway, I feel positive for today. This yoga has really helped, and I love seeing Clare making progress when she's really out of her comfort zone. She also dropped below a certain weight threshold for the first time since May, so things are coming together for her like this. Not quite the same story for me but I understand that slow and steady will win the race.
  5. Yesterday's steps: 12k A much better day today! Back to the routine, so I got my morning treadmill session in. Our yoga subscription is now working, so we did a 45-minute session this evening, learning the 12 main moves which we're going to need in the various training sessions coming up. Some of them are going to require some extra work but we're looking forward to it! Not everything's as good as it could be: a children's book I'd translated and pageset was posted to me first class on Friday. That means it should've been with me on Saturday. It's still not here today. Worse, though, is the advanced textbook I've been working on for a couple of years. It's due out on Thursday, and I still don't have my own copy: people have been sharing today, though, getting confirmation emails that their pre-orders have been despatched, which is quite deflating: I don't think any author works so hard anticipating that members of the public will have a copy of his book in their hands before he does.
  6. One winter day when the roads were all ice, I did a 10 mile treadmill run. I felt great, except for a minor ache on the outside of my hip. Turned out to have a week tendon there that made its way down to my knee. With a couple of months of PT it was a lot better. Took a couple of years for it to be 100%. Workout related injuries are frustrating. The biggest key is to stop doing things that hurt and get them looked at, at least at 57. I'm not 20 anymore where I can suck it up and work through it.
  7. I know this all too well. Sorry about the foot injury, @Marc Stridgen! Back when I was a competitive gymnast, there were too many instances I would be injured and would push through. Ended up being injured longer because I didn't listen to my body. It's a lesson I've been learning as an adult with CrossFit as well. I tend to be like this: Give your foot some tlc until the big day. You got this!
  8. Started my morning with 45 min of mobility work. Not being able to run when training, but as Matt said, you've got to keep going.
  9. I started my Monday at 5:45am with a head torch run. The darker mornings are less fun but you've got to keep going. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  10. When it comes to keeping up fitness, I don't think there is anything else I can think of that is common across all the different ways you can keep fit, as dealing with injuries. Whether you are a cross fitter, a runner, rower, lifter, cyclist, or champion tobogganist, we will all at some point in time end up injured. Personally, I have been training to do my first marathon on 3rd October. However, with 4 weeks to go I started having some issues with the top of my foot. It got worse, caused more issues in my ankles, and it seems I have tendon issues. This means with 3 week to go, I cant do any long runs at all, and probably should try and avoid the short runs if I can. In the meantime, we make do with what we have. My plan is to stretch those areas several times a day, ice them, roll them, and do anything I can do help get them to some kind of shape before the day. To keep my fitness up I am going to visit the local pool a few times between now and then, and do some pool running (I have no doubt it will look ludicrous). I can squat, possibly lunge if I am careful, do some core work and going to see if Im ok on the rower to keep my fitness levels up. But in reality, its driving my head insane and I cant wait to get moving again properly. So, what about you? Have you had injuries that have affected events you are doing, or day to day life, due to training? How did you cope with them?
  11. Yesterday's steps: 10k I failed. I checked my email at about 7, noticed there was some feedback on yesterday's work, so sat down "for a few minutes" to make some changes. By the time I'd finished, it was about 11:20, giving me 40 minutes before my 12 o'clock meeting. I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill, then had a shower. That 2-hour meeting stretched to three hours. I'm the cook in our house, so lunch was very late today, though large enough to count as dinner too, and afterwards I worked on an article that a publisher would like for tomorrow ahead of my book launch on Thursday. So now it's 21:33, and I've not achieved anything at all this weekend: no rest, no exercise. I'm currently at 9000 steps, so I'm going to do the missing 20 minutes of this morning's treadmill session so that today isn't at least a total write-off.
  12. Yesterday's steps: 11k Eh, not good today because I broke my routine. For some reason I couldn't sleep, and so woke up at about 3. By 5, I was at my desk: I've got stuff to do, I may as well do some whilst I'm idling in bed, right? Except I worked straight through until 3pm, so missed my morning treadmill session, and left lunch until very late. It's now a touch past 7pm and, with the exception of a 40-minute walk in the afternoon, I haven't achieved anything. The money has now been taken out of my account for yoga, about ten days after I made the payment, so there's that. Except: The house still feels unbearably hot upstairs, a combination of the hot temperature earlier in the week and the fact that two of us (plus two cats) are in here for work constantly, with applicances on, including a huge striplight above my head. We'll be eating at about 8pm. I feel sluggish and unmotivated (and tired, for some reason), so I don't think I'm going to wind up doing anything today. Tomorrow might not be much better: I've got a two-hour meeting at 12, and I need to get an article to a publisher for Monday morning. I haven't started writing it yet. I hope I manage to sleep properly so that I can keep to the routine rather than end up missing my morning treadmill session because that seems to set up failure for the day.
  13. Ecco is a choice for that maybe? Good quality - not sure they sell them over there..
  14. So I upgraded my electric oven to this bad boy. And been cooking with MarlySpoon for a while, easy meals and nice variety. joined_video_72c45b1f774b45bbaabcbaf0edd77b50.mp4
  15. My guilty pleasure… After finding out about Graces Perfect Blend (KFC Recipe in Ireland). I revisited my childhood go to meal. Chicken Burgers, but with cheese and hashbrowns. For those from the UK, will know about Morley’s Chicken, Chick Cottage, etc (basically the cheap chicken shops). I’m not ashamed. 😌
  16. Finally, someone who knows what a real and of course the best biscuit is… πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» They make a great banoffee base too, if you buy the condensed milk. Or cheat, and buy the caramel version to save time from Tesco. Thank my later. 😌
  17. Yes!! And I love chocolate cake! πŸ˜‹ My list is long....all in moderation, right? πŸ˜‰
  18. Sticky Toffee Hobnobs - best biscuit ever to be released. Those plus Picnic bars, but man have they shrunk in size. Ohh yah! πŸ™‚
  19. Any suggestions for walking shoes that look dressy? I am looking for things I can walk long distances in when when I am wearing normal clothes.
  20. Btw, did anyone catch all my food-related mentions in our latest blog post 😏
  21. Yesterday's steps: 12k Today got off to a dispiriting start. Remember this? I've somehow managed to put a pound on in the two weeks since. The deflating start was soon compounded: the fan which Clare uses with her treadmill broke a couple of days ago, so I ordered a replacement, whilst she made do with a couple of small ones. I received a notification yesterday that it was available for collection, so decided to get up early so that I would have it set up when she started her session. What I didn't factor into the occasion was that just because the shop was open, the collections desk wasn't necessarily. I thought I'd do some shopping whilst killing time, and only realised at the point I was approaching the self-checkout that since I was wearing my gym shorts and hadn't actually come out to buy anything, I didn't have my wallet with me. Cue the humiliating spectacle of retracing my steps putting the items back. I was therefore very late getting back and ended up missing my own treadmill session before it was time to start work. I've enjoyed that part of today, compounded by an advance copy of a children's book I'd translated and pageset turning up, which we've celebrated with a meal out. We would've done some yoga but ... well, I'm sure you can finish the rest. What a backward's business model. "We're not going to start processing your order whilst you're in the trial period. And then you'll have to wait some indeterminate period of time for the payment to complete." In the meantime, we're in limbo. I'll get my steps in today but it's just through old-fashioned walking.
  22. I think the same too btw. There is no such thing as bad or good when it comes to food imho. Ice cream and pizza are my favorite too. And chocolate as well, lots of it πŸ˜„ During the week days I try to eat as healthy as possible. But when the weekend comes my diet is ruined. And I swear that next weekend I will be strong, but I never am πŸ˜„

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