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  2. Why can I not access Client Area

    Maybe but doesn't solve the original issue as should not happen in first place so does it mean a 'bug' somewhere (when using IE11) or am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  3. #1 Delete your browsing history and start fresh. #2 Try another browser.
  4. Requesting a password reset should clear that lock wait time.
  5. Is anyone else having these issues accessing Client Area, as after entering my details (which are 100% correct) it tells me have been locked out for 29 minutes. This is really silly and annoying as have reported it but am getting absolutely no response Also, why should I have to enter my details when am already logged in on the forum, should they not work together ? Am using IE11
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  7. Pages SuperGrid support

    It's a standard setting for any field within a database. Pages > click on Fields where it appears under the relevant database > pencil icon for the relevant field. It's an option on the second tab, which contains listing and display settings.
  8. Linkfavicon - Supporttopic

    After the installation I have unfortunately only a blank page. What could that be?
  9. Referrals - Support topic

    A new bugfix release is available fixing the broken ACP Log Page pagination.
  10. New: Promoting Content

    I can not find anything related how to setup facebook application in facebook developer that can avoid the following error Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons. To post to a Facebook page, you first need to grant the following permissions: 'manage_pages' and 'publish_pages'.
  11. Hello, As far as I can see, Public Clubs won't require anything. people can see them, enter and participate in their Contents. That feature means there is no need for in-clubs-restriction ... like create topic and ... So that doesn't make sense we have choose these type of club topics for Auto generated topics? Auto generation topics like in Pages categories, Files categories ... There is a Forum setting for these type of categories and Club Feature is not included in forum list. that make sense Clubs Topics are not included in these lists but for Public Clubs, I think it different and they might be included. Pages also doesn't support with Clubs and public clubs can be a good choice for Admins to make relation between a Club and a Pages DB/Category.
  12. CLUBS: Open, letting all see thread titles, but not content.

    How so? Or are you saying it's not but should definitely be? =)
  13. This should be doable.
  14. Doable? I'd love for people to see how active it is, but not be able to join and participate unless approved...
  15. iAwards

    No ideas! But I would like to inspire the author to integrate these features for a coming update please: exact sorting of individual awards -> not by date they were received a.s.o., but by user's choice. Users should have complete control, which awards are displayed and also the exact order in row 1, 2, 3... sorted display by category -> maybe in a separate container, but even more important is, that awards from different categories won't get mixed up -> This way: CAT A, B, C, D or A, A, B, C, C, C, D -> Not this way: CAT B, A, D, A, C... My awards are colored by category (A = red, B = black background) and it would look a lot better, if identically colored awards are placed next to each other. usage of both display containers -> show important categories/awards in member post bit below avatar, less important ones below the signature.
  16. iAwards

    No ideas?
  17. Clubs Enhancements

    You can probably hide it in your install by using a CSS trick in custom.css.
  18. Clubs Enhancements

    Is it possible to remove the Members tab? If not, is it possible to move it to the end of the tabs?
  19. 下一次新版本的中文語言包, 就PM給我, 我將告訴您方法

  20. Yesterday
  21. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Nice job with the moving background Very well done website, My only suggestion is to improve your logo. No white / blue background. You can't read the "repertorio, studio, approfondimenti." Focus only on the guitar image and your name.
  22. IPS 4.2 observations

    @Lindy thanks for taking the type into consideration and if you do implement something like this for membership subscriptions, please include a way to easily move from product to subscription without any major disruption for past purchases. My concern would be that anyone that has subscribed by purchasing a product type using a gateway such as PayPal would be disrupted causing a new subscription start or something funky. I could be wrong though.
  23. Thanks for Easy Mention!  

  24. Links Directory

    Yeah thumbnail generation is not working, and when it is there are loading issues with trying to fetch images and failing. I've switched to manually uploading now. So it's ok
  25. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    I do not see anything new in this release
  26. IPS 4.2 observations

    Invoices are necessary to serve the varying needs of Commerce and its clients - I'm unsure where you've been shopping where you don't deal with invoices in some form -- some may call them "orders" but ultimately, they're invoices. They can be transparent to the client in Commerce as well. If you want to allow no grace period and change settings to focus more on instant transactions and you needn't mess with expirations, etc. Please understand, it's an e-commerce product. The entire system relies on some form of valid currency and changing it to use a unapproved currency would be an expansive undertaking, for a rather niche use-case. If you're trying to sell points, you could perhaps consider the account credit feature, a custom field, or similar? It's not that we're trying to just make it simple for you in terms of knowing where to deliver the product. If you pay via credit card with PayPal, an address is required. Most merchant processors - auth.net, etc. are going to require an address. 2checkout, at last check, requires one. If you're handling physical products, you're most likely supposed to be collecting tax based on the customer's location (which you wouldn't know, if you didn't get their location), fraud screening won't work properly, fraud rules in Commerce won't work properly. I understand you have an edge case... from my experience, not requiring an address for physical products is, by far, the exception, not the norm. It may seem "simple" to just allow people to do whatever they please with the product with no engineering limitations at all, but we do have an obligation to maintain the integrity of the product, keep support minimal and try to avoid issues the client may not have considered (ie: "I don't require addresses and I've gotten 30 chargebacks!", "I don't require addresses and now the revenue service is auditing me.", "I don't require addresses and I can't get PayPal to work if the user is using a credit card.") etc. We allow you to ignore all of that for non-physical products if you really, really want to - but the extremely limited cases where you'd even be able to sell a physical product online without knowing who your client is at all, do not warrant the potential ramifications. Nonetheless, I will investigate the ability to have a power user setting - no promises. In the interim, if it's a sticking point for you, then I suppose you could try (I've not tested) editing the language strings for the address fields and instruct them to put "n/a" if they don't want to provide an address if you're ok with that, you're using a payment processor that doesn't require addresses and you're not using fraud rules. If you'd like to PM me, I'd be happy to review your shop and make suggestions. Commerce shouldn't be difficult for end-users, if you can articulate further feedback, we would be happy to review. I like this idea a lot and will log it internally. Subscriptions is, by far, the most common usage scenario for Commerce, so I would agree making it easier to add and manage would make total sense. On it! @Colonel_mortis - I just want you to know, why perhaps irrelevant now, we've not ignored your feedback on PayPal billing agreements. We have been working with PayPal and have made changes to the gateway for agreements in 4.3. As for the original invoice concern - are we good on that?
  27. Pages SuperGrid support

    @opentype Where I can find this setting?
  28. Total Time Spent Online

    I totally agree with the light hearted humour there. Would having a "Last updated" time stamp in there be useful at all? My thinking on this is that the last updated time stamp would be the last time the number of seconds was updated; if the number of seconds exceeds the time stamp (after putting in a margin of error of say 10 seconds or something) then it won't record. That way when a first ten minutes is added on with the time stamp, the next ten minutes can't be possible because the time stamp says it was last updated a second ago. Or is that not possible?
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