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  2. Videobox

    After upgrading, go to Dashboard you will see a Background progresses, you need to wait until they all complete.
  3. Referrals - Support topic

    yes sending in PM Sent
  4. Referrals - Support topic

    Seems so:( Could I please get ACP access to take a look at this?
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  6. Referrals - Support topic

    Ok, so i have updated new version to the v1.0.14 i have 3 pages worth of referred members in the acp Referrals settings But when i go to click the 2nd or 3rd page, a error comes up saying "sorry we couldn't find that" is this a bug or something else?
  7. Random Quotes - IP.Board 4.x

    @wmarcy Does this plugin still work in 4.2 as it hasn't been updated in a couple of years?
  8. How do you mean it isn't working as expected? Do you mean the intention is that they are two separate counts, but it includes both within the same count?
  9. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    This would be 2 separate criteria ( 1 for topics and 1 for posts ... and topic creation aka 1. post wouldn't count) BUT to be honest.... This feature is causing a lot of headaches because it's not working as expected😥 We're planning to remove it from the 1.2.0 release and include it as soon as we fix all the bugs, instead of delaying the 1.2 release any longer. All the other features passed our testing stage and it would be a shame to waste another 1-2 weeks because of this.
  10. Just further to this, are topics and posts counted separately? For example, does it count creating a topic as making a post? So if I had an award for your first post and one for your first topic, then I created a topic, would the expectation be I receive one award (for creating the topic) or would I get two (one for the creation and one for the post, given my post count, would be increased by making the topic)
  11. New: Promoting Content

    If you go to the Social Media Promotion part of ACP, select Facebook and click on Setup Facebook application, there is detailed document linked to the Help button in the upper right corner which shows how to do it. There is a similar one for Twitter too.
  12. Linkfavicons - Supporttopic

    That looks awesome!!
  13. New: Promoting Content

    I need a clear topic showing us how to setup Facebook app to use promote to our Facebook page why there is no clear help in this ?
  14. Links Directory

    Not sure what you're requesting. What issue are you having? Still not generating thumbs? WebThumbnail is working right now. Sneak.pw don't:
  15. Videobox

    Thanks OnlyME. In addition, profile activities also disappeared
  16. Linkfavicons - Supporttopic

    Exactly what I was expecting!
  17. Liva 4.2 & by IPSMake

    Very nice theme in general. I still deeply customize it, but to be honest I bought it for the additional AdminCP features above all. I am pretty satisfied by the general aspect and the features! Let's go with a few inconvenients and suggestions: - The saving of parameters is long, very long. Takes like 10 seconds to update the setting, which is not so practical when one makes quick changes to see the live version. Maybe you could do a saving for each part of the theme panel instead of saving the whole parameters of the other sheets? - I would suggest to add customization for the secondary colors of the forums. It's strange that you can update the main color of forum lists, but the remaining color of zebra and the color of blocks & announcements fields are unreachable (except by finding it directly in the templates), it would be much easier to customize with just these 2 colors!
  18. Anyone know a similar theme like this one?

    It works on 4.2.
  19. Linkfavicons - Supporttopic

    Now you can even see it;)
  20. Linkfavicons - Supporttopic

    Not approved yet but I can already feel it!
  21. Quick Topic - Supporttopic

    Thanks. I have fixes this for the next Release Actually, not sure about this one. My first attempt didn't work and I can't see how to fix this properly. Will revert my change and keep an open bugreport for this till i find a solution.
  22. Quizzes

    Ok, will try in next version.
  23. Quizzes

    I wasn't but could work, if there was a divider and under 20th place where it would display for example 27th and my score
  24. Post Anonymously in Forums

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've asked support - fingers crossed It does't feel right to ask for a refund, it's my fault for not reading the description fully, although in my defense I haven't seen a plugin that needed an upload for a long time.
  25. Quizzes

    So you're suggesting to show your position below the others IF you're not in the top X?
  26. Quizzes

    I know its in leaders ranking, I've shown the top 20 but if I didn't make the top 20, I can't see my score. Didn't know if my score could fit into quiz information at the side Wasn't sure if you could take the placements 1,2,3 in each quiz and give 3 points for number 1, 2 for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place. If its not possible then no problem
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