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Finishing up

We now have a complete, working database for our recipe section! Feel free to take it further - experiment with the other options we haven't used, or if you have any familiarity with HTML coding, try creating your own templates.

There's a couple of other handy features in Pages that it's worth pointing out.


Database filters

When we created the Cuisine field, we enabled the Allow Filtering option. In Pages, database filters are available as a sidebar block that you can drag and drop wherever you wish to show them. On the front-end listing screen, open the sidebar manager and drag the Database Filters block to the sidebar:


Exit the sidebar manager, and you'll now see the Cuisine field available for filtering:



Category listing

It's often useful to have the list of categories shown even when you're already in a category. There's also a Pages block that adds this feature for you. Simply drag the Database Category Menu from the sidebar manager to your sidebar to show it. Here's both of the sidebar blocks we've discussed:




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