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  1. Category Setup

    Many people will want to add their own gallery categories with the gallery, in order to correctly structure your website in the you wish. Categorisation within the gallery system is simple to achieve directly from your administration panel in IPS 4. If you visit the following area within your admin CP you will see a list of the present categories.  Community>Gallery>Categories Selecting the dropdown at the side of any category will give you more options including the ability to customise permissions for access and uploading to that category. Clicking on the + at the side of any existing category will allow you to add a sub category. To add a new main category you can click on the "Create New" button provided. You will then be provided with a variety of options you can set up for the new category, including the setup of comments, ratings, allowing albums and more. On the rules tab you can enter rules for uploading to that specific category. These will be displayed to the user when uploading images. You can also customise the error message that is recieved when a user cannot view images within that category. This can be handy if you have other usergroups who can access the system in which people need to gain access.    Permissions Once you have created the categories that you wish to have in your gallery, you will want to set up permissions for these. If you select the dropdown at the side of any category, you will see a permissions button which will take you to the permissions screen for that category. Once selected, you will be able to select  the required permissions for each one of your groups, for that category.
  2. Gallery Settings

    Within the IPS4 gallery you can change various settings which affect the way in which your gallery works. You will find these settings within the admin cp area shown below. From here you can change the various sizes of images, change logging and RSS settings, and protect your images against copying by implementing a watermark of your own choice within your images. Community>Gallery>Settings
  3. Group Settings

    It is important that you have control over the gallery at a member group level, in order to be able to restrict how much a user do in the gallery. In IPS4 there are settings within each of your member groups for this purpose in Members>Members>Groups From here you will see that you can add or remove limitations from member groups for things such as the ability to create albums or upload movies, in addition to restricting the amount they can upload. When switching on some of these settings, you will have other options that will appear, giving you yet more control over what your members can and cannot do within your gallery. In the example below I have checked the "Can create albums?" option which has now given me more granular settings in this area.
  4. Adding Albums & Images

    Uploading to the new IPS4 gallery is done in a simple step by step wizard. You can access this by clicking the "Add Images" link on any of the gallery pages as shown below.   Choosing and creating albums Once clicked, you will be asked for a Category (provided you are not already inside a category). If album selection is allowed by your usergroup and within that category, you will then be asked to either select an album or to choose an existing album You will see from the above that you can select ownership and album features. The ownership setting will allow you to set who owns the album. People with the relevant permissions can easily create an album on behalf of another member. Album features will allow you to select the sort order and whether or not to allow ratings on the images. You may also have another option here of Privacy which  you can see below. This can be allowed on a member group basis, and will allow members to select who can see the contents of the album you are creating.   Uploading images On the next step you will be able to either drag/drop directly onto the page to upload, or choose files to upload if you wish. These may be images or videos if permissions allow.   Adding information Once you have uploaded your images, you can then edit the information associated with the images you have uploaded. You will see a screen similar to the below. You will see you can add copyright to an image using the buttons either below the individual images, or for all images as appropriate. This will allow you to enter a line of copyright text when clicked. You can also do similar for credit if you are giving credit to another copyright holder or another site for example. Clicking on to the next stage will then create the album (if you created one) and add the images as appropriate to your gallery.