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  1. Category Setup

    Many people will want to add their own gallery categories with the gallery, in order to correctly structure your website in the you wish. Categorisation within the gallery system is simple to achieve directly from your administration panel in IPS 4.   Creating Categories If you visit the following area within your admin CP you will see a list of the present categories.  Community>Gallery>Categories Category Listing Selecting the dropdown
  2. Gallery Settings

    Within the IPS4 gallery you can change various settings which affect the way in which your gallery works. You will find these settings within the admin cp area shown below. From here you can change the various sizes of images, change logging and RSS settings, and protect your images against copying by implementing a watermark of your own choice within your images. Settings Overview Main Gallery Settings Watermarking There may be occasions where y
  3. Group Settings

    It is important that you have control over the gallery at a member group level, in order to be able to restrict how much a user do in the gallery. In Invision Community 4, there are settings within each of your member groups for this purpose in Members>Members>Groups Group Settings Group Settings Tab From here you will see that you can add or remove limitations from member groups for things such as the ability to create albums or upload movies, in
  4. Adding Albums & Images

    Uploading to the new IPS4 gallery is done in a simple step by step wizard. You can access this by clicking the "Add Images" link on any of the gallery pages as shown below.   Choosing and creating albums Once clicked, you will be asked for a Category (provided you are not already inside a category). If album selection is allowed by your usergroup and within that category, you will then be
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