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Importing RSS Feeds

You can optionally import contents of RSS and Atom feeds from external sources into your Forums. This allows you to create topics from external sources such as news organizations which might prompt your members to engage in a discussion.

Creating a new feed

You can create a new guide from the following location within ACP at the following location.

Community -> Forums -> RSS/Atom Feeds

To create a new feed, select the "Create New" button at the top of the page. Enter the URL of the feed itself, along with the authorization if this is needed. In most cases this will not be something which is required, and can be left blank.


Step 1

Once you have done this, click on continue, which will give you a preview of the data that will be imported into your site.


Step 2

Import Options

After clicking continue from the preview, you will then be given options for the importing of the RSS content. While most of these are self explainatory, here is an explaination of each option for clarification

  • Forum - Select the forum in which you wish the RSS feed to import its items
  • Author - This will be the user who is shown to post the items. Many will tend to use either an admin user, or a dummy user set up for this purpose
  • Text to use for link - As a preview is shown in an RSS, there will be a link to the full content at its source. This is the text that will show as the link to this content
  • Topic Open/Closed, Hidden/Unhidden - Default state of the topics that are created
  • Topic Prefix - You can add a prefix to the topic title that is used. The subject will be used as the title by default, however you may want to add something to denote where its from. For example you may add "BBC: " which would then show "BBC: Joe Bloggs to run for President".
  • Automatically follow - If you are using a genuine user to post such as yourself, you can set to automatically follow that topic, so you receive notifications from any replies.


Step 3

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