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  1. Global Forum Settings

    General forum settings There are a few settings in the AdminCP under the Forums app you might want to review. These are global settings that apply to all member groups. RSS feeds enable a feed option for members to subscribe to get updates on activity in your forums. The popular now option allow for intelligent flagging of topics that are popular right at that moment. Rather than relying on historical replies the system keeps track of number of posts in a topic within a certain
  2. Archiving

    Under the Settings area for Forums you will find an Archiving option. If you have a very large site, it can be beneficial to reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archiving topics is an alternative to deleting which allows them to still exist and be viewed as normal, but moves them to a separate database table. Some example options: Archived topics cannot be posted in or edited, and will not show in search results. You can unarchive topics after they've been archived if
  3. Importing RSS Feeds

    You can optionally import contents of RSS and Atom feeds from external sources into your Forums. This allows you to create topics from external sources such as news organizations which might prompt your members to engage in a discussion. Creating a new feed You can create a new guide from the following location within ACP at the following location. Community -> Forums -> RSS/Atom Feeds To create a new feed, select the "Create New" button at the top of the page.
  4. Saved Actions

    On an active community you will find yourself often doing the same moderation actions or posting the same reply quite often. Problems might be: Members often posting topics in the wrong forum Locking a topic with a reply of "resolved" when you fix an issue Adding a prefix or suffix to a topic that's important There are many timesaving ways to use Saved actions and a whole list of options you can select:  
  5. Widget Options

    The Forums app contains several special widgets that can be placed in the header, footer, or sidebar. The popular now widget references the popular settings option in the Forums app. The topic and post feed widget are particularly powerful as they let you create a customizable feed of forum activity anywhere you might like to place it on the Suite. You can place these widgets on any area of the Suite - not just the Forums app. So you might choose to put a feed of topics on your G
  6. Categories and Forums

    The first thing you are going to want to do in the Forums app is create the overall structure of your discussion areas. You can create categories, forums, and any number of sub-forums or sub-categories. Tip Try not to create too many sections especially on new communities. It can make your site look empty and not very inviting. You can always add more later as your community grows! Visit Forums in the AdminCP and you will see the list of existing categories and forum
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