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Setting up Shipment Rates


When selling physical items in commerce, you may want to ensure that you pass shipment costs on to your customers. Invision Community Suite provides functionality to do this, both as a standalone item, and with integration through EasyPost if you wish to integrate with a 3rd party shipping provider.

Setting Shipment Rates

Shipment rates can be set up from within the commerce system in the following location of your ACP

Commerce -> Payments -> Shipments

When visiting this area, you will see any items awaiting to be shipped on the first page. Select the Shipping Rates button in order to add and edit shipping rates on the system.


Shipping Rates

In this page you will see all shipping rates which are currently set up. You can set up as many of these as you like within the system by selecting "Create new" in the top right.

Shipment Rate Settings

Shipping rates are added to products based on locations and either price, quantity, or weight. In the top half of the page you will enter a name and the relevant location in which this shipping rate can be used.


Location Setup


In the bottom half of the page you will see that you can add either by Invoice subtotal, Weight, or Number. Below are 3 examples showing the 3 different types you can choose.



By Number of Items


You will see that you can add as many lines as you like to make the shipping values that you wish, so for example below I have set 0 to 5 items, 5 to 10 items, and 11 onward (denoted by the any value flag) to be different values.


By Weight

When adding weights you can choose the measurement of weight that is used in lb or kg


By Subtotal

You will want to ensure that you have covered all scenarios, and there are no gaps within the shipment methods you set up

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