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  1. Introduction to Calendar

    Calendars are of course a great way of holding date based information on your site. Within IPS4 we have provided the ability to add events in many ways, from single and simple diary entries, to ranged events with images and attendance tracking. Throughout the following guides, we will discuss how to set up calendars, add events and generally set up your calendar for you own use.
  2. Creating Calendars

    You can create multiple calendars on IPS4 from within the admin CP. You would so this by visiting the following location. Community>Calendar>Calendars When visiting this area, you will see a page similar to the below image. Select "Create New" to create a new calendar.   Once the "Create new" link is selected, you can enter a name for your new calendar, along with with your preferred options   After selecting save,  you will then be given the option to set and save the permissions required for the calendar you have just created. Tip You can get back to the permissions menu by selecting the lock icon in the calendar list. You will find this is the case in many areas of the IPS4 products.
  3. Events from Calendar feeds

    With the new calendar application, you can create calendar events from iCalender feeds should you wish to do so. You would do this from the following location. Community>Calendar>iCalendar Feeds Once you go to this location you will be presented with the following screen.    You will notice from this screen that there are 2 ways in which to add feeds to your calendar. The first of these is by selecting the "Upload iCalendar File" button, which will allow you to simply select a file, a calendar, and a member in which the entries will appear from     The second method of adding these is from a calendar feed which you can add using the "Add iCalendar Feed" button and filling in the details requested.
  4. Calendar Settings

    There are various over all settings on the calendar application that you can set up to your liking. You can find these within the following location on the admin CP Community>Calendar>Settings From here you can set up various different items, such as the format of dates on event, the way in which your calendars show (month, week, day, stream) and more
  5. Creating Events

    Creating calendar events is quite a simple process, yet also feature rish. You can create a new calendar entry by selecting the "Create Event" button as shown in the image below   Once selected, you will be shown the Event creation screen, which I will explain in stages.  At the top of the page, you first need to add in the date, or date range for the event. You will notice below that there is only a single date on the left. This is because "Single day event" is selected. If you unselect this you would get 2 dates. Similarly, if you select the "This is an all day event" checkbox, the times will be removed. Tip You may also notice in the bottom right, you can select a timezone. This is handy if you have an event going on in another part of the world, and you are not currently in that location. You can change this so it shows correctly to the correct people.   You will see you can select "This event repeats" in the checkbox above. This will show you options to repeat an event. As you can see in the image below, this can be quite powerful and you can create these in many different ways.   Next you will fill in the basic details of the event such as its name, any tags required, and a description of the item being entered. Additionally you can add a cover photo, which will show on the event itself if you wish.   Finally at the bottom of the page, you can optionally add the location of the event and an album which shows images of the event. When adding the location it will show a handy map of the location in which the event is located.  You can also allow people to RSVP the event to say whether or not they are attending.   Below is an example of the map showing on a new test event.