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  1. Introduction to Blogs

    Blogs is a convenient way to share information with others in a more 'blog' like format. You can see an example of blogs within our community forum, in which we use for IPS news.   You can have more than one block, created by different people on your site. All of which contain one or more entries. On our news blog, you may also notice this is a group blog, and so can be managed by multiple users.
  2. Setting up and permissions

    Before you let people loose on creating blogs on your site, there are various settings that you will want to ensure are set up to your liking. Basic Settings First of all, you can set up some global settings for the blogs within the following area in your admin cp. Community>Blogs>Settings This will then allow you to set up whether or not to allow RSS imports
  3. Types of Blogs

    Blogs can be created in a few different ways, and there are few different types of blogs to consider, depending on their use. Basic Blogs Creating a blog from the front end can easily be done using the Create Blog button on the blogs page.   Once this is selected you will note that you can create a blog that everyone can view, or you can selectively create a blog t
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