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  1. Creating an API Key

    The IPS Community Suite REST API provides a way for you to remotely interface with the content of your community. To get started, you need to create API key. Log into your Admin CP and go to System -> REST API. You may be prompted to download a .htaccess file to route API requests - follow the on screen instructions until you are shown this screen: Click the "Create New" button to create an API key, and fill out the form. Warning The REST API provides a
  2. Sending your first request

    URL If you have URL rewriting enabled on your community (if you're not sure, look at the URL to a topic or other page on your community: if it contains index.php?/ you do not have URL rewriting enabled), you will send your requests to: http://www.example.com/api/ For example, to access the GET /core/hello endpoint, you will send a HTTP GET request to http://www.example.com/api/core/hello. If you do not have URL rewriting enabled, you will send you requests to: http://www.exa
  3. Understanding Errors

    If an error is encountered, you will receive a response which looks like this: { "errorCode": "3S290\/7", "errorMessage": "INVALID_API_KEY" } The error codes and messages that each endpoint may return are described in the API reference. In addition, the following global errors may be thrown: Code Message Description 1S290/A IP_ADDRESS_BANNED The
  4. Exploring the API Reference

    To see all of the endpoints available,  log into your AdminCP and go to System -> REST API -> API Reference. It will automatically show you the endpoints for the applications you have available and for the version you are running. Each endpoint will have several sections:   Parameters Shows all of the parameters you can send in your request. For GET requests, send
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